Ayurvedic Treatment For Hepatitis B, Liver Cirrhosis & Ascites – Alternative Treatment

Greetings Sir Greetings You both are welcome to Planet Ayurveda centre. And what are the names of both of you, sir? My name is Dev Dutt. My name is Ram Swaroop Thanks, both of you. What kind of health problem you were facing that you need to contact Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda? Sir I had cirrhosis of liver along with Hepatitis B. I was suffering from Hepatitis before, about which I never knew and slowly it damaged my liver. Water started accumulating, my foot swelled Sir and I acquired Jaundice. So when did you come to know that you have Hepatitis B? About a year and a half ago, I got to know. At that time what was the viral load? Initially it was around 1.5 crore and I did get the treatment from allopathy, but it couldn’t control it, it elevated to 2 crore, water started accumulating in my abdomen and along came many strains like fever. You have faced all the symptoms and complications. Yes Sir, for 1 and a half month to 2 months, I was being treated by allopathy but didn’t get the desired result also took Ayurvedic treatment, got little relief and I knew about this doctor. Both of you belong to Mathura? Yeah. That means when you started getting the treatment from here, your viral load was 2 crore. Yes Sir, I came here in December. In December, 2018. Yes Sir in December 2018 on 25th or 26th date. I brought my test reports with me and Sir prescribed me the medicine and said that currently he will prescribe less medicines and he will see the results after a month that how much you have healed. Then I, got tested after 4 months, again in April and my viral load had come down to 1,36,000. So after 4 months treatment it had come down from 2 crore to 1,36,000. Yes sir, water doesn’t accumulate in my abdomen, anymore. So, your Ascites and Edema has totally been cured. Yes and my appetite has also increased, the only problem is that fever comes occasionally, otherwise I am fine Sir. And sir what was your viral load? When I came here for the first time it was 93,400 and I took this medicine for 2, 3 months and it will come down to 25,000. So now it is just around, 20 to 25 thousand. No, right now it is just 2066. And it has come to 2066. But I did stop taking this medicine for some time. So you had stopped, show us your report. Sir this is the first one. OK 4779, this was the viral load earlier, and what about the current. Here is the current one. Here, it has come down to 2066 and Ram Swaroop ji, this is your prescription about the medicines prescribed by the doctor and these are some old prescriptions for which your treatment is going on, from here. OK. Ram Swaroop ji, did you had any other problem, except Hepatitis B? Yes, I was suffering from loss of appetite, my stomach used to bloat. The symptoms were the same or did you face any serious complication like liver cirrhosis, ascites, nothing like that? No nothing like that. Your viral load was quite low, that why you didn’t face any complications. Sir will you show your old & new reports. Here it is Sir. This is the first one when viral load was above 2 crore and this was on 28th December 2018, can you see it sir? Yes Sir 28th December, 2018. Yes Sir and here is my current report, I came here on 23rd March and it came down to 1,36,049. From 2 crore it came down to 1,36,049 and currently it has gone more down? Now the doctor had restricted me from doing that, asking what will happen, you are getting the results, better get it done, once this dosage is over. Yes Sir, your viral load will reduce gradually. And these are your prescriptions, how you were treated and here is the diet chart that is provided by the doctor Sir! Yes, this is the diet chart. And, you must have got a new diet chart today, as every time your diet chart gets updated and you get a new one, with some changes. Yes, these are the medicines, which I am taking continuously and I came here on 21.12.2018. OK, What is your opinion about allopathy? How was your treatment in allopathy? Sir when I was taking allopathy medicines, my viral load had increased. Means when you were taking allopathic medicines the viral load rose from 1.5 crore to 2 crore. Yes Sir, and water also started accumulating after taking the medicines. Initially, you didn’t had ascites problem? Nope, I never had such problems and with that I had fever and pain in the stomach. Whatever are the symptoms of Hepatitis B? Up to 4-5 months after taking allopathic medicines, my health deteriorated further. Since when did you start the treatment from here? The last of December in 2018, you just take it that it began in January 2019. And Sir yours? Since, when did you start the treatment from here? He had made a gap between the treatment? Yes Sir, he had stopped midway, had a gap of 6-7 months earlier, but from February, he is taking regular treatment. Ok. What kind of food did both of you avoid? Anything fried or packaged food was totally restricted, and milk & its products were forbidden and whatever is mentioned, we just ate that. Simple food. Yes, simple food that is not fried, non-spicy, gruel, wheat flour chapattis, there were some fruits like papaya, we just eat this food. Sir, we have our viewers watching this video, what will be your message to them, through this video? Sir, my condition was like, if I had gone for allopathic medicines, I would have been killed by now, or my liver would have been transplanted. Yep, liver transplant is the last hope. But Sir, I was born to live another life. My message to all viewers is that if you have a problem, come here, meet Sir and take medicine. In such cases of Hepatitis B, even the liver transplant is not beneficial as the virus didn’t vanish from your body completely, it will remain in the blood and with Ayurvedic medicines, and your viral load is decreasing. Virus load is decreasing, sir. This a good and your ascites has been healed, liver cirrhosis is improving, physically how do you feel, now? A lot better than before, now due to liver, occasionally I do get fever and the doctor has said that gradually, it will go away when my viral load reaches a normal position, which will take some time. Don’ worry Sir, I hope, it will be negative soon and we have some patients have gone negative, and those who have followed these medicines honestly, Hepatitis B will become negative. Thank you, Sir, both of you gave time to Planet Ayurveda, gave time to our viewers and gave such good information. Thank you so much. Thank you Sir.

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