Ayurvedic Treatment for Parkinson’s in India | Dr.Binu Paul & Priyanka Jose | Tharavad Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Treatment for Parkinson’s in India | Dr.Binu Paul &  Priyanka Jose | Tharavad Ayurveda

Namasthe. Myself Dr. Binu Paul, Namasthe. I am Dr. Priyanka Jose We are working at Tharavad Ayurveda retreat. From 2011 onwards, we have started treating Parkinson’s disease We are doing Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments for Parkinson’s Late Ashtavaidyan Alathiyoor Narayanan
Nambi, is the the man who led us through this path. We have treated patients
from more than 14 countries like Russia, USA, Lithuania, Switzerland, UK, Germany Parkinson’s is a neuro degenerative disease. The deficiency of dopamine in the brain cells is the main cause of this Parkinson’s. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter whose main action is in the muscle movements. So the persons who gets Parkinson’s disease are affected mainly in their motor skills. The causes of Parkinson’s disease are… first one, genetic mutations and their possible influences but, these are mostly unknown Other causes that we generally see are people who works with chemicals, pesticides and those had head injuries with
severe blood loss. People who takes psychotropic drugs for long term are more prone for Parkinson’s and can go through the symptoms of Parkinson’s. For treating purpose we have divided the Parkinson’s into 3 categories first one is, Tremor predominant Parkinson’s and second one is Stiffness predominant Parkinson’s and third category is both Tremor & Stiffness Parkinson’s Other than Stiffness & Tremor other symptoms are stooping posture, excessive tears from eyes, excessive saliva from mouth, posture instability, body imbalance, muscular weakness. These are the common symptoms, along with that constipation will also be another symptoms in Parkinson’s disease Constipation is very important factor because of the relation of gut and brain. Gut can also be called as a
second brain. A bacteria in the gut which produces a protein called alpha synuclein some recent researchers are telling that in case of Parkinson’s disease the aggregation of these protein in
the brain is the main focus of treating Parkinson’s. that means gut and brain is always inter related The treatment aspect of Parkinson’s disease is mainly based on gut-brain relationship to correct the gut brain relationship we have to go through the concept of Agni (the digestive fire) The digestive fire is of 2 levels First one is of macro level and second level is of micro level the macro level is the digestive function of the stomach and micro level is the Dhatwagni in the level of cell metabolism.

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