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Namaste Sir and Ma’am. Welcome to Planet Ayurveda! First of all, I would like to ask all of your names? My name is Shubhlakshan Singh. My wife’s name is Jaswinder kaur. My name is Rajinder Thakur, I am from Plant Ayurveda’s Nangal branch, Distt- Rupnagar, Punjab. Who is the patient amongst you? Lady – I am the patient. So you all have come from Nangal to Planet Ayurveda. Yes. What is the disease that you are suffering from? Ok, I will tell you about her problem. She is taking medicines for fever since many years, lastly when we came to Planet Ayurveda then only her problem was diagnosed, when we came in contact with Mr Rajinder thakur from Planet Ayurveda. Earlier, she took treatment for typhoid for around six to seven years. Every time the doctor gave her the medicine, she was relieved but as soon as she stopped taking the medicines, the fever used to come back. Then, one day, one of my close friends advised me to visit Planet Ayurveda’s Nangal branch and get my wife thoroughly examined. There, your wife will get appropriate treatment and medicines. When did this discussion take place between you and your friend? It was around 3 years back. Before that, we were taking treatment for my wife for the last seven years. Ok, this is how you got to know about Planet Ayurveda, three years back? Yes After that, I met Mr. Thakur, and asked him straight away that please treat my wife only if you can assure that her health will surely improve. He assured me that there is nothing to worry about as we are well versed in managing patients having similar complaints as your wife. He then, got a few tests done on my wife. Then he sent my reports to Dr Vikram Chauhan on email. Dr Vikram then prescribed these five medicines to my wife. These are:- Cap. Flaxseed oil, Total heart support capsules, Arjun Saar, Madatyahar churna and Arjun Tea Mr. Thakur then told us to repeat the tests. We then got her all tests done after a month of taking these five medicines regularly. In those reports, her disease was clearly identified. Then she took these medicines for another six months. As per the reports, what was her possible diagnosis? Mr. Thakur – Her main problem was that her heart was weak. Three years back, she had big black spots of pigmentation around her eyes that covered the whole of her face. As you can see, the pigmentation has now reduced to moderate dark circles around the eyes. Three years back, her face was totally black and the body language was totally negative. Her health was deteriorating day by day and she could not manage to stand even for a little while. When she came to me she could barely stand and sat down on the chair complaining of vertigo. Mr Bedi (Shubhlakshan Singh) has been to many a places looking for the right treatment of his wife. When he came to me for the first time, he told me that, in the last five years, my wife has never told me that I am in good health. I assured Mr. Bedi that we receive patients who have gone to numerous doctors and hospitals but have not got the right treatment for their condition. We at Planet Ayurveda, can assure you that you will get positive results, but only if you trust the treatment. If you maintain faith in our treatment, you will surely be benefitted. Then he agreed to take Planet Ayurveda’s treatment for his wife. I then asked to get a few blood tests like L.F.T, Lipid profile, Hb, C.B.C and E.C.G and a few others done. Since, Planet Ayurveda’s Nangal branch is constantly supervised by Dr Vikram Chauhan, all cases from that branch are handled by Dr Vikram through online consultation. So, I forwarded Mrs Jaswinder Kaur’s reports to Dr Vikram and he advised her to take these five medicines to get maximum relief. So, I recommended these medicines to her, some three years back. We stopped all her treatment after one and a half year as she had no health complaints at that time. Now, she is not on any kind of medicines for the last year and a half. The rest you can also ask her about how she feels now? Ma’am, please tell us, if you have any kind of health issues since the time you stopped taking these medicines? No, I am perfectly fine now. Mr. Thakur – I would like to add that, she was perfectly fine for the last one and a half year, after that she did not manage her dietary habits well. She has been taking around 5 cups of tea per day. Because of which, she started experiencing minor symptoms for which we have started giving her appropriate medicines again. Ok, when she became lenient with the diet only then did she require medications again? Yes I advise all my patients to stop taking tea all together. Instead, start replacing your regular tea with Arjun Tea. I have recommended Arjun Tea to many of our patients in Nangal and they all experienced great improvements in their health. Arjun Tea is the first research from Dr Vikram’s Planet Ayurveda. I ask everyone to take Arjun tea on a daily basis. So, she has started with these medicines again? Yes So ma’am, how much relief have you experienced in these seven years? I am very much relieved now. What other dietary measures did you take during the treatment apart from leaving milk tea? All kinds of fried food. Mr. Thakur – I asked her to stop taking all kind of fried foods, bakery products like biscuits, Namkeen etc. Her complexion has greatly enhanced since, the time she started with these dietary precautions and medicines. Earlier, people used to get scared seeing the huge dark pigmentation marks on her face. But she kept faith in the treatment and with the blessings of God and Dr Vikram’s guidance, she is totally fit and healthy today. If she sticks to her dietary routine, I am sure she will stay fit for a very long time to come. Ma’am, what message do you want to convey to our viewers who are interested in taking Ayurvedic treatment? Mr Singh -My message is that ma’am, if the patient takes regular treatment and proper precautions, he will surely get results. I myself have some problem in my brain for which I have come to take medicines today from Planet Ayurveda. I have been taking treatment from Ludhiana for the last three years. I fall down suddenly while walking. I have got this prescription from Dr Vikram Chauhan today and I have full faith that I will get cured for my health problem also. So, you have also started taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda? Yes I would like to tell everyone that if you take the medicines from Planet Ayurveda and follow proper diet routine, you will surely get results. This is great Ma’am, that you have experienced such great improvement in your health. I will say that whosoever has faith in Planet Ayurveda and its treatment will surely see positive results in his or her health. We have many patients who were not taken by tertiary health care centers on account that they can no longer be treated. They all took Planet Ayurveda’s treatment and are in good health today. Mr Singh – Ma’am, I want to add that, had I not come in contact with Mr. Thakur and taken treatment from Planet Ayurveda, I may have lost my wife today. She was in such bad shape at that time. It is good to hear that she is in good health now. Thank you very much for visiting Planet Ayurveda!

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