Ayurvedic Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases – An Ayurvedic Perspective

Hello welcome to Planet Ayurveda. We are a doctors team from Planet Ayurveda. Today we will talk about autoimmune disease. As there are number of autoimmune disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, Psoriasis, Alopecia areata, and many more. According to modern science in autoimmune disorders the immune system of our body starts working against our body. Normally our immune system works as a defense mechanism to protect us from infections or other harmful agents. So when this immunity starts working against the body then such diseases are called autoimmune disorders, means when it stops distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy cells then such issues arise. Now we will come on Ayurvedic perspective. In Ayurveda it is mentioned that our defense mechanism is never wrong in autoimmune diseases. What happens in our body is that Ama formation starts that are undigested particles. Those people who have weak digestive system, there is always issue with their digestion like constipation or indigestion. So in such patients Ama starts to form, which makes their immunity that is also known as vyadhi kshamatav. It is also called as OJA which is an essence of all the Dhatus present in our body. This Oja maintains the overall health of the body. When this Ama accumulates in any organ or tissue then our immunity attacks that particular part to remove the ama during which the nearby healthy cells also get affected which leads to the development of autoimmune disease. For example, when we burn damp woods then it produces more smoke as compared to heat or fire which blocks the nearby chimneys like that ama also blocks channels of the body. As Ama is a not properly digested particle like smoke. Immunity is of two types one is innate and other is acquired. The one which is there at birth is innate and acquired is developed during lifetime through various immunization programs for infants to immunize against some dreadful diseases. So in these diseases one is rheumatoid arthritis which is also called Aamvata, diabetes mellitus and IBS are also there. So such patients have very low immunity and catches cold and fever very easily. Parkinson’s disease is also among these diseases which happens due to Vata and kapha dosha and in it patient’s digestive fire gets weakened and leads to accumulation of ama. So all these diseases have a one common reason which is Ama. Patient with Ama has symptoms like weakness, fatigue, and other symptoms will develop according to disease. Like in Arthritis there will be pain in joints with stiffness, in ulcerative colitis there will be bleeding, mucus in stool, pain in abdomen. So symptoms will depend upon the disease. The causes of autoimmune diseases will be as we discussed previously. The digestive fire gets weakened and leads to the formation of ama. It can be due to various reasons like incompatible diet, like there are some eatables which should not be taken together as if they are taken together lead to the formation of toxins in the body. So such foods like junk food, cold drinks etc lead to impairment in digestive fire. This causes indigestion and leads to formation of Ama. Excessive smoking, and alcohol intake are also the causative factors. When one organ gets affected with that all other organs also get affected. So all organ functions are correlated to each other and if one gets affected, it will affect the whole body. So doctor explain how can we cure it in Ayurveda? As many patients come to our clinic and they are prescribed medicines according to their disease and symptoms. So we at Planet Ayurveda have Autoimmune Care Pack which is prescribed by Dr. Vikram Chauhan to the patients. It includes Curcumin capsule, Giloy capsule, Immune Booster Capsule, which contains giloy too and other herbs which increase the immunity. With this colostrum is also present in it as it also enhances the immunity. Ghee can also be used as it works as Rasayana and increases the ojas in the body. It also rejuvenates damaged cells. In Ayurveda, every person or patient has his own individuality. Treatment is also based on the individuality of the patient. Patients are treated according to their body type and dosha predominance. Patients diet and lifestyle are also based on the dosha predominance and symptoms. With these Curcumin, giloy and immune booster capsules and other herbal medicines are also given to the patient related to the disease and with this if they follow the proper diet and lifestyle they can get cured through Ayurveda. So with proper treatment, diet and lifestyle also play a major role in the treatment and if not followed properly can further increase the problem. So all this help in maintaining healthy Agni functions (digestive fire) so that ama formation can be stopped. Like Curcumin capsule has anti-inflammatory properties so it is helpful in rheumatoid arthritis and is blood purifier too. It works in psoriasis too. It is also used in our kitchen in the form of turmeric. We can take it with milk too. We are using it as a supplement and all what we are discussing is to maintain strong immunity. So this was all our information related to autoimmune disorders, and hope this will be useful for all patients either who visit here or not. Thank you.

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