Ayurvedic Treatment of Sarcoidosis Disease | Herbal Remedies – Real Testimonial

Namaskar Sir. Namaskar Ma’am. Namaskar. I welcome you both here in Planet Ayurveda center. First of all I would like to know your name. My name is Ravi Shrivastav (Male). Mam yours name? My name is Illa Ravi Shrivastav. Thank you. From where have you come? Basically we have come from Greater Noida. Sir, what was health related problem for which you contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Initially I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis problem. I saw video of Dr. Vikram Chauhan on Youtube for the treatment of Sarcoidosis. So I personally visited Planet Ayurveda. Doctor started the treatment for 2 months and again revised the treatment for 2 months and it gave me a great relief. Initially there was opacity in chest, right parahilar lung, which has eliminated in current chest X-ray and there is much improvement in my health. There is no physical difficulty till now. Sir, how old is yours this problem? It was diagnosed almost a year back. I started with allopathic treatment but I went through so many complication. I went for LFT (liver function test) of liver and found that there was high increase in the level of ALT and AST (SGOT and SGPT respectively). There was loss of appetite, weakness and vomiting etc. which made me to stop allopathic medicines. They wanted to give steroids then but instead of taking allopathic we shifted to Ayurvedic treatment. Sir what kind of medicine Dr. Vikaram Chauhan prescribed you? Dr. Vikram Chauhan gave me Ayurvedic medicine along with some changes in food, which provided great improvement. Please show your prescription. This is the prescription Thank You. Sir do you have any reports that patient can see. Basically we got to know through x-ray only at first. Right Parahilar opacity noted in September test and this is the current report in April, where, both the hila appear normal, everything is clear. Both lungs field are clear. Place where there was opacity is clear now. Everything is clear. Sir what kind of diet changes doctor told to make in your food. Doctor told me to stop consuming milk and milk products like curd, buttermilk. Sweets. Sweets and all kind of packed foods which include preservatives, he asked to stop them completely. Apart from these he asked to stop eating outside spicy and oily food, junk food and street food etc. that benefit me a lot. Sir there are some viewers who are watching this video, and there might be some patient who are suffering from sarcoidosis problem, what kind of message would you like to give them. If anyone is diagnosed with sarcoidosis and if they are going to start allopathic treatment or already taking it, then I would personally suggest them instead of going for allopathic treatment they should visit Dr. Vikaram Chauhan’s clinic, meet him and personally discuss your case. They will surely get benefit with it. Actually when we started allopathic treatment, they told that sarcoidosis is such kind of disease, which remain for longer period and may or may not be cured, no surety. When we came to Dr. Vikram Chauhan‘s clinic, he told that it can be cured and in very less time. After 4 months everything is clear now and even there is no physical problem. Reports are also clear and you are also physically well. Thank you Sir/ Mam, you came here and gave such useful and important information to our viewers. Thanks to Planet Ayurveda that whatever treatment we had was beneficial and all health issues were sorted. Thank you very much. Thanks Sir.

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