Ayurvedic Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis | Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Real Testimonial

Ayurvedic Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis | Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Real Testimonial

Hello Sir! I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Center. Sir, I would like to know your good name. My name is Binod Wagle and I have come from Nepal here. Okay. Sir, what health problem made you to consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I have problem of ulcerative colitis from last 2 to 4 years. Whatever symptoms I was facing, could correlate with ulcerative colitis. I had words with doctor over phone, via mails and did watch YouTube videos also. Ordered medicines to have. I have better relief now. Sir, when it was diagnosed as ulcerative colitis for you? One to one and half year ago. As I live in U.S.A so done with my check up there in hospital. Doctor advised to have medicines for rest of entire life. Later I did watch you tube video and got medicines from doctor and feeling better now. Sir, how severe was your this health problem? What and all difficulties were you facing because of this? Well, this disease is very harmful for all. I used to go toilet 4 to 5 times. Had abdominal cramps and there was indigestion problem too. Food was not digesting properly…I was in tension. Sir, what kind of reports you have, please show us. This is my old report of U.S.A, where I had my checkup. This is colonoscopy report. Here is prescription with steroids which has so many side effects and still I am having skin allergy. Okay. Where and all you went for check up with this disease? I had consultation in U.S.A only once where doctor said that there is no treatment for this in allopathic science. Also you need to take medicines lifelong. So, later I started taking ayurvedic medicines. How did you get to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I watched the videos of Dr. Vikram Chauhan on internet and got to know about him. How did you contact Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I mailed him and got quick reply from other staff also. I got reply mail with address which helped me to reach here. Sir, from how long you are taking ayurvedic treatment? It’s been 3 to 4 months I was taking. Now it’s over. I came to Nepal from U.S.A and then Chandigarh to meet doctor. I am taking medicines from here. Sir, did you continue your medicines for 3 months? What were the medicines? These were – Vatsakadi Churna, Kutajaghana Vati, Pitta Balance… Sir, please show us prescription by Dr Vikram Chauhan. This is the prescription by Doctor and I am still having them. Arjuna Capsules, Vatskadi Churna, Pitta Balance Capsules, Kutajaghanan Vati & Vasaka Capsules. Thank you sir! Thank you! Sir, how much relief are you feeling at the moment during this treatment? I am feeling 50 to 60 percent relief as compared to earlier. Yes Sir, how long you have to take these medicines yet? Doctor was saying to have for 3 months at least and later it will be relieved. Sir, many people are watching this video. What message would you like to give them? I would say that those who are taking allopathic medicines, must consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan for ayurvedic medicines. He treats so well and ayurvedic medicines give good relief. I would ask them to come here for treatment. Sir, Thank you for visiting Planet Ayurveda and conveying a pretty good message! You are welcome.

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  1. dear vikram sir, muze operation nahi karna hai..mumbai me to apka clinic nahi hai..to mai apse kaise cunsult le sakti hu..plz help me sir.

  2. dr.. sahab mujhe pet or kamar dard rehta hai bahot ilaaj karwa liya magar faayeda nahi ho raha sonography me abdomen inflammatory bowel aya hai to dr.. ne kaha aanto me sujan or pani bhara huwa hai lekin ilaaj se koi fayeda nahi aaa raha pliz help doctor…??

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