Ayurvedic treatments for Carpal tunnel syndrome Dr Hasitha Kothalawala

Ayurvedic treatments for Carpal tunnel syndrome Dr Hasitha Kothalawala

Today we are going to talk about the two most common disorders in our current society , I hope especially these information will be very valuable to women Most women are experiencing wrist pain & numbness and tingling, in the thumb when doing day to day activities It is important to understand the reasons/causes of these symptoms /disorders and consult a specialist to take medicine The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway on the palm side of your wrist made up of bones and ligaments. The median nerve, which controls sensation and movement in the thumb and first three fingers, runs through this passageway along with tendons to the fingers and thumb. When it’s pinched or compressed, the result is numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain in the hand, called carpal tunnel syndrome. In western medicine patients are advised to do a surgery for this condition During open carpal tunnel release surgery, the transversecarpal ligament is cut, which releases pressure on the median nerve and relieves the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. An incision is made at the base of the palm of the hand. … After the ligament is cut, the skin is closed with stitches. In Ayurveda, externally applied medicines (oil/balm types) will be used to do the treatments for this condition Some people are mistakenly understood the Finger Numbness as carpal tunnel syndrome which is incorrect Finger Numbness can also be caused by Spinal cord issues which needs to be diagnosed correctly and take proper treatments Elbow joint pain is also one of the most common disorders especially among women Tennis elbow is a condition in which the outer part of the elbow becomes sore and tender at the lateral epicondyle. (Most common in Srilanka ) Golfer’s elbow causes pain and inflammation in the tendons that connect the forearm to the elbow. The pain centers on the bony bump on the inside of your elbow and may radiate into the forearm. Tennis elbow – The forearm muscles and tendons become damaged from repetitive overuse. This leads to pain and tenderness on the outside of the elbow recovery time could be more than 6 weeks for the Tennis elbow condition (to go away the pain completely ) In Ayurveda externally applied medicines (oil/balm types) will be used to do the treatments for this condition It is important that you consult an experienced specialist to take treatments You should not take the pain killers to get rid of the pain temporary instead you should look for proper treatments All these conditions can be cured using Ayurvedic treatments Please Subscribe to our you tube channel for more video like this

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