Ayurvedic View of Alcohol- Healthy or Harmful- Charaka Samhita Shlokas

Ayurvedic View of Alcohol- Healthy or Harmful- Charaka Samhita Shlokas

In our previous video on Ayurveda, we saw
how Acharya Charaka, in his book Charaka Samhita, dedicated an entire chapter towards alcohol,
it’s use, and misuse. In this video, we are going to see that Acharya
Charaka, doesn’t take a moral or a pessimistic stance over the consumption of alcohol. He looks at it, as a scientist, listing down
various properties of it, and the positive and the negative effects caused based on how
one consumes it. Before we get into the topic, I’d like to
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sanskrit sources. Getting back into the topic, Chapter 24 of
Charaka Samhita, is titled madaatyaya, or intoxication. Infact, Shloka 9 ,praises alcohol for it’s
positive qualities, shOka arati bhayOdvEga nAshinI yA mahAbalA
yA prItih yA ratih yA vAk yA pushtih yA ca nivrttih this literally means, This powerful liquid, destroys grief, restlessness,
fear, and tensions. It causes pleasantness, involvement, eloquence
and strength. But at the same time, he adds a word of caution
in the 10th verse, saying tAm surAm vidhinA pibEt
which means, this alcohol, should only be drunk, with the right preparation. Shloka 27, says
vidhinA mAtrayA kAlE hitairannairyathA balam prahrushtO yah pibEnmadyam tasya syAd amrutam
yathA || which means, alcohol is like nectar, to one
who drinks it following the prescribed steps, in the right amounts, along with the right
kind of food and the right kind of approach. But, for one who drinks whatever one gets
his hands on, and with improper physical care, alcohol acts as a poison. this is said in shloka 28, as follows:
yathOpEtam punarmadyam prasangAdyEna pIyatE ruksha vyAyAmanityEna vishavadyAti tasya tat He then goes on to describe various specific
processes that one should follow, depending on one’s own body type,the ingredients used
in the alcohol, and the type of food consumed, to avoid the negative effects of intoxication. In upcoming videos, we will look at the further
shlokas of this chapter, which describe different stages of intoxication, the effect of alcohol
on ojas, which is the subtlest form of energy that food transforms into , and the steps
one can follow based on one’s body type, to enjoy intoxication, without a hangover. I hope you enjoyed this video. Sanskrit Language, has a vast treasure of
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37 Replies to “Ayurvedic View of Alcohol- Healthy or Harmful- Charaka Samhita Shlokas”

  1. Its such a wonderful video. Unlike getting from the outside our rishis focussed on the inside and were able to deduce so many well balanced phenomenons.

  2. Namaskaram.. bhai
    How can I look within myself, as all spiritual leader say this one common thing to start spiritual journey.
    i request to you please make a guide video on how to start self realization.

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this writing… and not just about alcohol … anything else from this writing you want to share. It is a great fountain of knowledge.

  4. you sir , are doing such a great work , explaining us sanskrit sholkas , which directly tells us how great, rich and vast was our bharat in ancient times

  5. Hi , I really like ur pronunciation of verses , your videos are good and informative , can be bit longer and detailed as well

  6. Please give us specifics, you just told things about alcohol in Sanskrit literature
    We don't know Sanskrit to a level on which we could read Sanskrit books.
    So please explain the specifics like what food should be consumed depending upon body type.
    You may give a PDF link to read about it in description
    I know people will misuse but they do it right now

  7. This is really well done. Although I'd love to see the diet/food recommendations to apply alongside Alcohol use.

  8. What about misunderstanding created by west& others on "Kamasutra" a book on desires, kama meaning Desire not lust/sex.
    Make a video on that, as many pervert souls are using it selectively to justify lust. As Kamasutra is book, on music , love, sex as divine etc.

  9. Man you are literally doing great work keep this type of quality even after you achieve subscribers in millions!

  10. My blood type discourages me from drinking alcohol. I have noticed that the drinking culture of the nation where I live is not psychologically mature and getting wose with the addition of designer illicit drugs. Yet I shall say dhanyavad for introducing me to knowledge denied called Madaatyaya.

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