Back to School Blues

I wanted to share with you three remedies that can help just smooth over that that transition especially more for the emotional support that your your children may be meeting this time of year the first remedy is called Silcea and it is is a great remedy that you can use to support your child if they’re just feeling a little shy a little timid maybe some anxiety about you know being back at school and and how to interact with their friends and how to you know if there’s a test coming up or any sort of expectation of them they may be feeling nervous or anxious about that silica could be a good remedy to give them to support them through that other indications for silica there may be like I mentioned exam fear nervousness or anxiety about that and just just feeling like just not maybe ready to be back in the swing of things just feeling a little timid or yielding and not quite ready to be back the second remedy is gelsemium and this remedy is a great remedy to give for support especially if there’s any sort of just feeling very overwhelmed or there a lot of weakness about just getting back into the swing of school the school works the school schedule and all the school work and they’re just not feeling up to the task this is a great remedy for stage fright so if you have any budding actors or actresses out there and they get a little nervous about getting on stage Gelsemium is a remedy you could consider but they just made right now as schools back in session they just maybe you feel really just like I can’t handle it they can’t cope it’s just too much so if that’s the state going on in your house gelsemium eight would be a good remedy to consider and then the last remedy is arsenicum album and if you’ve watched any of the other videos it’s one that I’ve talked about before for sleep but it’s a really good remedy to help calm the nerves of the little and anxious someone that’s really anxious you know going back to school it’s a whole new schedule expectations and so for a child getting arsenic um that might be very you know they may be very nervous about that I’m just getting back and they like the order and they like the structure but just just kind of getting back into that man make them anxious they may have trouble sleeping and maybe that right now I’m going to sleep at night is not is not happening easily they might be thinking about the next day they might be worried about being away from you so with our Sena come there’s a little more anxiety some restlessness just that kind of you know adjusting to the to the to the new school schedule may be tough for them so we love talking about homeopathy and we love helping you with homeopathy please subscribe below to our youtube channel and give us a call or check us out on our website for more info and welcome back to school thanks you

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