Baker’s Cyst Treatment – What you need to know!

Baker’s Cyst Treatment – What you need to know!

A baker’s cyst is a particular form of
bursitis found normally toward the back of the knee. The normal space inside the
synovial joint contains just enough fluid to allow the surfaces to glide
across each other with very little friction. However due to injury and resulting inflammation a sac filled with fluid forms and can become extremely painful. This condition is medically known as
baker’s cyst, and may result from; a sudden impact or
other trauma to the joint. A repetitive stress or overuse of a joint. An age-related weakening of the
joint or one of many other underlying conditions, such as osteoarthritis. The OSMO Patch has been developed as a 100% natural alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs steroids and other painful or invasive procedures such
as draining the area with a syringe. Let’s now take a look just how easy the
OSMO Patch is to use for the relief of swelling and pain
associated with a baker’s cyst. Just before you go to bed place the OSMO Patch directly over the area of inflammation or pain. The patch can then go to work while you sleep. Firstly the tourmaline in the OSMO Patches stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, which then induces sweating under the patches.
We call this activated sweating. Highly absorbent natural materials inside the patches quickly take up the sweat from the skin and into the patches before it has the chance to evaporate. Therefore blocking the thermodynamic
cooling effect from taking place. This means that while the OSMO Patch
remains in place when you sleep the patch will continue uninhibited throughout the night to induce vascular fluid loss in the area
directly under the patch. It’s here where the natural benefits of
osmosis can now begin. This very loss of water through sweating leads to a reduction in the vascular volume and subsequently increases osmotic
pressure below the area of the patch. It is the increase in vascular osmotic pressure that now initiates the natural process of osmosis. You see in order to re-balance the
changes in this osmotic pressure, fluid must first shift from an area of low osmotic pressure to an area of high osmotic pressure. Therefore the accumulated interstitial
fluid having low osmotic pressure is subsequently removed from the swollen edematous tissue in and around the baker’s cyst, and back into the local vascular system
where there is high osmotic pressure. This transition of fluid occurs via the
micro vascular bed. As the patches are worn throughout the night they will continue to induce uninhibited activated sweating, leading to the reduction in vascular
volume and increase in osmotic pressure. This causes the re-balancing of the osmotic pressure by shifting interstitial inflammatory fluid from, the affected tissue back into the vascular
system via the natural process of osmosis. This loop can then continue throughout the night until the patches are removed and discarded in the morning. The OSMO Patch takes advantage of this completely natural and non-invasive processes found in nature. It’s this constant naturally induced removal
of fluid from the affected area which, results in the reduction of your
swelling and associated pain. So if you’d like to relieve swelling and the
associated pain due to a baker’s cyst… Then it’s time to discover
the OSMO Patch!

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