Barrett’s Esophagus (Esophageal Cancer) | Tom’s Story

Barrett’s Esophagus (Esophageal Cancer) | Tom’s Story

There was a time in my life where I
was beginning to have heartburn on an almost nightly basis. I didn’t know what to
do other than to take, over the counter medicines
like Rolaids and Tums. I had lived my good part of my
adult life was not being able to lay down flat,
anytime I would lay down flat, I could feel the acids begin
to enter my esophagus and cause the damage which
became Barrett’s esophagus. I live here in Kent Island and
I love fishing. I love everything
about the island life. I live here with my girlfriend,
Lillian. We also have our dog,
LJ, here with us. It’s been 16 years since I was
diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus. I’ve been through
multiple treatments. It wasn’t until three years ago
that I was introduced to Dr. Canto with Johns Hopkins.>>I met Tom because he was being
treated by another physician for his Barrett’s Esophagus. When I started taking care of him, he actually had already
developed invasive cancer. And so, I had made a plan with him
to essentially save his esophagus. Part of that therapy involved
piecemeal resection, which means cutting out
the cancer from inside, using endoscopic techniques,
and treating the rest of the Barrett’s with other techniques
that we use, called ablation. [MUSIC] The ablation involves treating
the cells where they are without removing them. And typically nowadays,
it would mean freezing or burning or lasering the unwanted tissue.>>Dr. Canto suggested I try
to have a surgical procedure. Almost immediately,
there was a lifestyle change. I was able to lay down flat, and
begin to sleep much better at night. One of the positive
things work with Dr. Canto, was she allowed me to
enjoy my hobby of fishing. So, we were able to schedule my
procedures around my fishing trips. That was wonderful. It gave me a chance to get away and
enjoy what I really enjoy doing.>>So, Tom, when he was
referred to me, he actually understood that I was committed
to doing the marathon with him. I told him it might take some time. I couldn’t promise when we’d be
done, but we would be done and we would be successful.>>I just can’t express my
gratitude for Dr. Canto. And this is after, if you can
imagine, after 13 years of other attempts with other doctors. And it’s like all of
the sudden I meet Dr. Canto and she just had
such a positive attitude. She looked at my situation,
she analyzed everything, she sat down with me,
she said I can cure your problem. Are you ready to go
down that long road? I said, yes, I’m ready. And today, I’m cured. [MUSIC]

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  1. I HAD Barrets but on my last Edg, they said it was not showing up. What I did was try to eat an alkaline diet the best way that I could. I would eat a little meat here and there but not every day. I make sure I drink a spinach , Kale, Chard smoothie for breakfast in the mornings, add a little piece of lemon for taste. Some mornings I would eat some oatmeal no sugar but add fruit or a little honey for taste. For lunch I will maybe eat some fruit: watermelon, cantaloupe , or just a bag of grapes. For dinner, I would eat maybe a piece of salmon, broccoli , steamed zucchini, squash and for my drink, a spinach and kale smoothie with a pinch of lemon in it. When I make the smoothies , I usually do not add ice, remember I am not eating for taste but for health! I do not drink nothing but water, when I can I drink alkaline water. NO Coffee, Teas, Sodas, or any other beverage. Water only. I try my best to snack on pecans, walnuts, and some seeds. I cant lie people, sometimes I also snack on a small bag of chips maybe twice a month, I HUMAN okay! The chips are NOT recommended. Try your best to stay away from the sugars , pies, cakes, honey buns, cookies, candy ect.. it is enough sugar in your fruits. NO pork, No processed meats, and try to stay away from bread if possible.

    Note: You will drop off the pounds, maybe look like you did when you were in high school. Your blood pressure will be lower, and usually your energy will be high depending on what other medications you take.

  2. please God my father is a stage 3 we have been fighting for about 4 months & I need this woman please find me & help us I need help Lord you know my heart.Dr.Canto if you see THIS msg I'm begging you to find it in your heart to save my family by helping our ROCK AMEN.🙏🙏🙏

  3. I was diagnosed with Barrett's I've been getting a lot of chest pain burning in my chest all the doctors giving me is meds for The Reflex I don't know if I should get a new doctor or what I'm very scared

  4. Great video

    Here is a link to a ‘Bonus Monday’ video on tumourfreetim that details my 5 biggest cancer setbacks that slowed my recovery from stage 4 lung cancer.

  5. Barrett's Esophagus is not synonymous with esophageal cancer nor does it mean you will for sure get esophageal cancer. Please change the title.

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