Batman Needs Therapy – Studio C

Batman Needs Therapy – Studio C

♪♪ – House is clean,
laundry folded, and I can finally
sit and read my– Man:Alfred, Alfred!– [sighs] Commissioner Gordon? – Where’s Batman? The Joker’s gonna
blow up Gotham Bank. – Did you try the Bat-Signal? – It’s been on for two hours. – Let’s check the study. Sometimes he gets so
enveloped in his work that– – I love you, Dad. Animatronic Voice:
I love you too, son.
Throw me another
perfect spiral.
– Okay, Dad! Go long! [screams] Father! Why?! It’s all my fault! It’s always– [whispered]
Don’t be afraid, Bruce. – What are you doing? We’ve got to tell him
about the Joker. – He’s not to be disturbed. – Look, I know it’s awkward,
but people’s lives are at stake. – [sighs] Well I suppose
you’re right. But he’s only trying to cope. – Exactly. – Nothing to be ashamed of. – Not at all. [audience laughing] – Here comes the Batwing! [laughs] Ah! – That one’s harder to justify. – Agreed. But the Joker has hostages. – [sighs] Wh– How many hostages? Because if it’s only like 10– – Alfred! – Maybe, just, if it’s
less than 10, then I’m– – No, listen. – Fine. – Open the door, Alfred. – Fine. I’ll just go in there and pretend like there’s
nothing going on. – Okay. – Okay? – Don’t ask me to choose,
Batman! Harvey Dent may have
half a face, but you have half a heart! [gasps] How dare you! [smacks] – No, I can’t. I can’t. – Why is he playing her
and she– I have so many questions. – Why don’t we just
hop in the Batmobile and take on the Joker ourselves? – No, look. We’re on a path now. – Please. – You and me. We have to know
what happens next. – Please. – It’s okay. – It would be embarrassing. – Just open the door. [piano playing] – ♪ Rachel. ♪ ♪ Rachel doll. ♪ ♪ You love me ♪ ♪ despite my flaws. ♪ – What are you doing? – Live streaming this. – Wh– How could you? – It’s the live stream
Gotham deserves. – I suppose he’s got
no secrets left. – ♪ I’ve got so many secrets,
I can’t keep track. ♪ ♪ Like an Alfred tattoo
on my lower back. ♪ ♪ The worst one, ♪ ♪ now that’s something
I can’t defend. ♪ ♪ I just wanna be
Joker’s friend. ♪ He’s misunderstood! – Heaven help Gotham. – Oh, wa– I think he doesn’t
want to be his friend. That can’t be true. Man Over Radio:The Joker
has escaped with a hostage.
We don’t know where he is!Over.– We’ve got to warn Batman. – I just watched
your live stream. Hoo! Friends? Did you really mean it? – Every word. – I think I finally
found something that can heal these scars. Both: [chanting]
Best friends, best friends. We are best friends! Yeah! – Wait, no, I can explain! It’s a– [stammering]
Don’t be afraid, Bruce. [audience cheering] – [as Batman] Thank you for
watching that sketch! Make sure to like the sketch. – And subscribe to Studio C. – [as Batman] And comment below about where you would like
to see Batman next. – I’m Alfred. – [as Batman]
Yes, very good, Alfred.

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  1. My older cousin convinced three of the younger ones that she was Batman. It's been two years, and they still believe her.

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