Battle for Azeroth Fishing | BFA Profession Review

Battle for Azeroth Fishing | BFA Profession Review

Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re
talking about fishing in Battle for Azeroth. If you walk away from this video with one
thing, it’s this: in the first week of BFA, if you fish up and sell 2000 coastal saltwater
fish, you won’t have to worry about gold for at least half of the next expansion. Now, fishing and fishing guides are pretty
boring to watch so I’ll try to spice this guide up with some explosions here and there. [explosion] If you’ve been watching the
rest of this profession overview series, you’ve noticed two trends from blizzard when it comes
to professions. First, in BFA there’s a divide between the
two factions. Each faction has their own continents, leveling
experience, and profession recipes. Fishing’s no different. Great Sea Catfish is everywhere, but the alliance
have three fish unique to their continent Kul’Tiras and horde have three fish unique
to Zandalar. [explosion] The next trend, and this is something
that’s been happening since Legion, is that everything is simplified, Blizzard has removed
unneccessary conversion while maintaining depth of gameplay. What do I mean? There’s no heavy stonehide leather, scribes
just use raw pigment, and smelting moved from mining to blacksmithing. But the professions have added depth with
the rank system. In Battle for Azeroth, they’ve removed smelting
entirely, gotten rid of first aid, and they’ve cleaned up how fishing works. Rule of thumb for fishing from Cata to Legion
was that there was one fish found found everywhere, and then each zone had it’s own appropriately
named rare fish with a 20-25% catch rate: Highmountain Salmon is in Highmountain. Stormray is in Stormheim. There are pools for these rare fish. In BFA, this mindset is gone. Ehnnn…kind of. Great Sea Catfish is the freshwater inland
fish for every zones. All three of the zones in the alliance continent
Kul’Tiras also drop Tirasgarde Perch. For coastal fishing, saltwater, there are
two alliance fish, Frenzied Fangtooth and Lane Snapper. You’ll get these about 50/50 and all four
of these spawn pools. So, the concepts of “rare fish” and zone
targeting are gone. The horde have the same split. Freshwater gives you great sea catfish and
redtail loach. I didn’t know what a Loach was. Here’s a picture
For horde saltwater, all coastal fishing yields sand sifter and slimy mackerel. Horde did get shafted a little because Vol’dum
is a desert. And I don’t mean like Uldum or the barrens
where there’s a happy little oasis in the middle. This is a desert. There is no freshwater here. Ok, so let’s just knock out some commonly
asked questions. How long does leveling to 150 take? Well like all BFA professions, everything
is seperated by expansion, so to start off, even if you don’t know fishing yet, just
go talk to a BFA fishing trainer, and you’re set.. I gave a little misinformation in my mining
guide. Where I said everything is 1-100 except for
the 1-150 for BFA and a cumulative 1-300. That 1-300 isn’t cumulative, that’s just
the how many levels vanilla professions have. So thank you for the correction. But to answer the question for kultiran fishing
and zandalari fishing, it takes about an hour and a half to go from 1-150. I had a weird bug where on my premade character,
I was getting 1 level every 2 casts. and on my copied character from live with max fishing,
it was every 4 or 5 casts. 200 vs 500 total casts to level. Again, probably a bug, but expect somewhere
in that range. What about the Underlight Angler? You can still fish with the angler. The pools don’t give barrels, of course,
cause those traits are specific to the legion fish. The golden dragon traits of waterwalking and
all that still work. The undercurrent abiltiy only works for Legion
pools though. Oh no! No Undercurrent abiltiy?! How am I supposed to teleport between pools?! Don’t worry, we gotchu covered. In BFA, there’s a 2-3% drop rate rare fish
called the Midnight Salmon. This guy is only available between 8:30 PM
and 6:30 AM server time. He’s available for both factions, in pools
and open water, and is a cooking ingredient for the feasts. When you use them directly from your bags,
it teleports you to the nearest fishing node. Honestly though, I don’t know why Blizz
keeps pushing this abiltiy, I only used it like, twice in legion. I love the night fishing aspect of this and
it’s rare enough that it feels great when you get it, but it doesn’t do anything and
that makes it feel like junk. These are going to sell for 100-500 gold each
as cooking mats, so I don’t want to sacrifice 500 gold for a 20 yard teleport. The ability should be cool enough that you
consider using it. Any other cool stuff we should know? Yah, there a cool water mount. This is a recolor of the Darkmoon Skate. It’s got orange eyes. It’s pretty. You get it from coastal fishing, and you do
not have to do pools, so when BFA launches, I recommend you just head to your nearest
ocean and fish until you get this. I got it on Beta after 100 casts. If in 45 days people start raging in the comments,
then I’ll know I was a little lucky on the drop rate. Last cool thing is Aromatic Fish Oil. At the start of this guide, I said that they
simplify but add depth. This is where that comes in. Every Battle for Azeroth fish can be used
to make aromatic fish oil, a reagent for the desert cooking crafts. These deserts are part of the raid feasts. So let’s break one down. Maxed out each Bountiful Captain’s Feast
uses 15 Redtail Loach, 15 Frenzied Fangtooth. 15 Stringy Loins, 15 Meaty Haunch, 10 Kul
Tiramisu, 10 Mon’Dazi, and 5 Midnight Salmon. So the coastal fish, loach and fangtooth are
probably going to be the most expensive. Let’s say you’re alliance and fishing
for fangtooth, you’re gonna have a lot of extra really cheap lane snapper because that’s
only used in versatility food. So rather than selling the fish for 10 gold,
you turn it into fish oil for 20 gold. In short, this acts as a dynamic price floor. The cheapest fish will always be turned into
oil, decreasing the supply, and raising the price until a different fish is the cheapest. It’s a cool system that’s still simple. It’s not WoD fish flesh shenanigans. Anyways, that’s more than enough for now,
if I left anything out, let me know in the comments. Oh! Pricing. Last expansion, prices didn’t boom until
the raid came out 2 weeks in. Then fish were selling for 25-50 gold. I’m expecting 50-100 per fish for the first
couple months. But that’s it. Subscribe if you haven’t. Like or I’ll steal all your fishing pools. Othere than that have a great day, good luck,
and happy gold making.

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  1. Second BNet Community is live!
    Other Notes:
    1. The level rework makes fishing pole/bait bonuses (+15 fishing, all that) feel good again. Unfortunately there isn't a benefit to going past max as far as I know.
    2. I did not fish any Expulsom during my testing.
    3. All the explosions were from 5 seconds of Commando with Arnold Swarzenduger. Movie's freakin ridiculous.

  2. Holy shit this video needs a headphone warning, scared the shit out of me with that loud assed instant intro

  3. my friend had that mount last night then 1 hour fishing then he went fishing today for 4 mins he got a new one so RIP

  4. what did you mean by fish and sell 2000 coastal fish? why? to the Auction house? how do i get that mount you talked about?

  5. I am two minutes in. Man – seriously, this has been the most entertaining video about fishing i've every seen.

  6. Man ive made over 100k in two days from fishing, its awesome. But where are my quests and cool fishing shit at?

  7. Midnight Salmon isn´t completely time dependent. I fished 3 of ´em at around 11 to 11:30am. Greetings. Nice video!

  8. Just a tidbit – Midnight Salmon can also be fished during the day, but at far lower rates. I fished one from open water yesterday.

  9. So a couple things. Midnight salmon has a 1% during the day and 3% at night. FISH OIL can literally be bought at a vendor! It's a waist to make fish oil.

  10. I don't even care that much about making gold, but I just subbed because you're so damn entertaining.

  11. Prolly said in the comments, but the rare midnight fish has a lower spawn rate in the day but you can still get one.

  12. I am afraid to fish ever since I saw the Azshara Warbringer 🙁
    The fish know all the secrets. They know the cold. They know the dark.

  13. So far, around 320~ casts, maxed fishing and no great sea ray yet. How long did it take for you to get it on live, though?

  14. I've never fished before, and just come back to WoW after quitting a month or two into Legion.
    What fishing pole should I try to obtain before fishing in BFA?

  15. it feels bland – on legion we got underlight angler and a lot of events – daily fishing, a lot of different pools, and rare fish from them and a quite bit of achievs – now you go to enemy city (again) and fish rare fish…

  16. It's 7:45 am server time and I'm getting midnight salmon. 7 in the last 30 minutes. Also screw you lol getting from 139 fishing to 140 took me 12 casts

  17. I havent seen anyone else mention it – 5 Catfish and 5 Sandshifter per day to be used as transmute to gems if you're an alchemist. I got 8 green level gems and 1 blue level (i.e not the gem type) from one transmute.

  18. how the heck do you learn track fish on a new character? I have it on all my old characters but a new hunter i boosted doesn't have it, i've done fishing daily in stormwind every day for like 3 weeks and no luck.

  19. Thank you so much for this info, I am huge into fishing and feel jazzed that I got the cute Sea Turtle drop some years ago. So are there any cool 'fishing drops' in BFA? Just wondered 😀

  20. great vid man! your attitude for the duration of the video was uplifting (and ofc the explosions helped me smile underway!) 1 sub comming your way 🙂

  21. See? It's changes like this why I just can't play Classic WoW. Fishing sucked back then, but I did it cause it was profitable and had some cosmetic rewards. Blizzard knew old fishing sucked, so they fix and improve it.

    Fishing was… a good way to binge watch Netflix and still be "productive" in WoW. I would play WoW on my PC and load a Netflix video on my tablet. Then I would just watch away, click the bobber whenever a fish bit.

    But now, fishing isn't as tedious anymore! If you still wanna binge watch some Netflix while fishing you still can! But now we don't have too! You can just spend 10-15 mins a day fishing, wherever you want, get some good fish and it was done!

    In the old days, you had to travel everywhere, always find the little pools of water to get more of the "rare" fish. It was such a hassle! I would AFK fly in the air while watching Netflix until I find the next pool! But no more of that!

    Thank you Blizzard for being amazing game developers and know what your veteran WoW players want and need!

  22. I wish wow had a more complex fishing system …. Black desert online fishing is awesome for example but the rest of the game sucks … I love wow just wish professions were more complex and way more useful … and fishing is my favorite pastime in any mmo

  23. Riding on my other post here … whoever the team in charge of trade skills at blizzard working on wow should be fired … just my 2 cents

  24. Save the leaches and great sea catfish for Horde players If you fish swampy areas from level 1 to 150. Loaches can be made into oil the catfish can be grilled for a quick boost to cooking max out fishing in swampy areas just west of the pyramid.

  25. Why does htis guy go on aobut shit that isnt even in the game naymore, i need to know how to fish in tthis retarded game idgaf about how it used to work

  26. One thing to note. early in the vid you point out redtail loach is a freshwater fish. Later when breaking down the mats for the bountiful captain's feast, you say it's a coastal fish (via captioning the image as such). other than that minor detail faux paux, great vid!

  27. it toke me around 750 cast to go from 1-150 sins it drastically scaled down at around 125 for 1 level it toke every around 10-15 cast but before that around level 50-75 it was like every 1-3 cast from level 75-100 it was around 3-5 cast and 4-6 cast from 100-125

  28. They should have kept fishing like it used to be. If you didn’t already have ridiculously high fishing when a new expansion started, you weren’t catching shit. Make people go back to the Vanilla starting zones if they want to level up and be able to make fishing gold. ?

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