Battle for Azeroth Profession Advice: 2 Things to Know

Battle for Azeroth Profession Advice: 2 Things to Know

Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and we’ve been
doing a lot of guides recently that are pretty in depth and kinda long and today, I wanted
to give you something a little bit different, something shorter you can just share with
your friends because there’s two important pieces of information you need to know going
into battle for azeroth. First, professions are getting reworked. You probably already get the gist of this. Everything is getting seperated by expansions
so you’re gonna have Vanilla, and Outland, and Northrend crafting but the important thing
to know about this is if you’re already maxed your character will transfer into battle for
azeroth with full skill points in everything, But if you’re not, then whenever you want
to craft some of that 10,000 to 100,000 gold transmog you’re going to have to level up
that expansion using materials from that expansion and it’s going to be a lot more expensive. So, spend like, 5-10,000 gold on yseralline
seeds and some leystone and just get everything to 800 skill points right now so you don’t
have to worry about it. So you transfer in with full skill points. The second thing you need to know is that
over by, gold missions are back, and that’s all well and good, but right next to your
battle for azeroth mission table, there’s like 10 or 20 NPCs all in a row, and each
one has a quest. These are kinda like the lightweave cloth
quest on argus, or the herb trader where you just go and you see which one is up that day
and if you need monelite ore and sea stalk and just the base level, then those are gonna
move a lot faster on the auction house that day and for a lot more expensive price, because
it’s honestly a lot of azerite a lot of artifact power. So that’s it. Thank you for watching, two things to be aware
of. Share this with your friends because everyone
needs to hit 800 as quickly as possible. But I hope you have a great day. Thank you for watching. Big shoutout to my buddy ford for the idea
for this filming technique and I will see y’all later. Have a great day, good luck and happy gold

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  1. Thatt has to be some kind of bug… that can't possibly be intended to make everyone do everything again especially old characters. My druid has been around since AQ40 was released and I only recently got it to 110. It's alc and herb is only at WoD.

  2. I wanted to change the professions on my 2 characters for BFA, instead of having 2 gathering i wanted to have each of them having 1 gathering profession, and one crafting ( like inscription – alchemy ) what will happen once BFA hit the live servers and i change my profession?

  3. The boost of professions using items of garrisson (1-700) and, after this get 800 with materials of legions is the better way to get lvl 800?

  4. Great timing (pretty obvious pre patch timing but still).. been watchin your vids the last few days in prep. for BfA. Great tips/advice.. thanks for the effort!

  5. Thanks for reading the comments! Here's a present.
    There are also always a few recipes that get phased out. Check out, it's an amazing site to help you get the patterns you don't have yet.
    Also, here's Ford's channel, he gave me the VLog idea and is an awesome up and coming YouTuber. Sub to him so he feels pressured to make more videos:

  6. pass … yeah i know i know for old world mogs crafting its a must but for me that doesnt use that its a little pointless. All the new crap that is added will be used more than the old ones (other than glyphs or some old alchemy potions). As for me i always rock engi on my mains so im happy with going to bfa with that

  7. I did not pay attention to what you said. Just watched you do it in full selfie cam and I loved it.

  8. so i totally hear you on what needs to be question is if im not at 800 but am at like say 650, witch i think was max for MoP, would i be credited for w/e expansions i was already maxed out on?

  9. all i've done is spent money in hopes of making gold, i'm a fucking moron.
    capping proffesions doesnt help if you dont know what to do with em

  10. There is no reason to hurry up to 800. 600 is enough. You can still later level dreanor and legion levels if you even need those levels in first place.

  11. Do I understand this correctly? If a character has less than 800 skill in a profession, they lose all skills in that profession?

  12. Gotta say, I'm not a gold maker and I don't really play for much other than to kill time these days but you're so damn… happy all the time. It's very entertaining and makes a potentially dry subject worth looking into even if I never actually intend to put it into practice. Informative if I ever plan to jump into say, transmog farming and if I even if I don't, you get a grin out of me with a silly camera angle or a goofy terrible harvest golem. Keep it up!

  13. Oh boy the "great" mission table, and "AMAZING" Artifact power is coming back.
    Blizz we just want to get gear normally.
    At least we will have Classic WoW

  14. i just saw the fjarrnskaggl trader, what is that about?

    If there is a vendor that will trade in legion herbs for new herbs, i need to know

  15. You really don't need to go all the way up to 800. 600 is enough because Draenor and Legion recipes don't require skill to learn them.

  16. The changes are from 8.0 right? ( the one coming next week)
    Or until the actual lauch at in august?

  17. I have a question regarding Expulsom, because as a herbalist and alchemist I don't see how to spent my expulsom? Will there be a trader from the get go to trade the expulsom to herbs or something?

  18. Will you be able to level your Proffessions up to BFA level even if you arent at that skill point. For example if my JC is at 1 will I be able to craft BFA starter stuff to level up or no?

  19. If they haven't fixed it there is a way around this. It is instantaneous but it costs actual currency. And not the in game currency either.

  20. And what about disenchanting? Do I need 800 skill and more to disenchant items from bfa or is it only a case with older items?

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