Battle for Azeroth Profession Review – WoW Patch Notes 8.0

Battle for Azeroth Profession Review – WoW Patch Notes 8.0

Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and good news! We got the Battle for Azeroth wowhead datamining
in. So we got some patch notes out. One thing a big caveat before we get into
talking about how we’re gonna make gold in the next expansion. None of these are real. Everything’s a placeholder. None of the names are set in stone. None of the numbers that I throw out are going
to be real. And some of the items may not make it to live. But we can get a really good feel for blizzards
intent with the professions going forward. Their mindset behind everything. So let’s go! Let’s talk about making gold. Ok, so just off the bat, I wanted to go over
a couple of the things that, non-profession related things that made me smile. Made me chuckle a little bit. Here’s my favorite mount in the new expansion
so far. I’m gonna be riding this guy around for a
little while. Just a happy little frog. Next we’ve got this terrifying bug thing. There are lots of really cool models for mounts
coming out so go check em out. Also, demon…we’re getting a pet, I don’t
know how you get it, or what, but it’s called a demon goat. Yes. Yes. There’s also this really neat mount. It’s probably part of a quest, but you turn
into this. You don’t ride this. So I’m excited for some screenshots on that. Also fun little things like the electroshock
mount motivator. This is an engineering item. Increases movement speed, mounted movement
speed, by 10% for 10 seconds, stacks five times. But if you use it too much, your mount gets
disoriented and I’m guessing you just stop. Typical engineering thing that’s got its drawbacks. Doesn’t work all the time. Then another interesting one, the portable
transmog pad. This is replacing, or it’s not replacing the
yak, but you can, rather than spending 100,000 gold on a yak, you can just buy these and
keep a stack of em in your bags whenever you need to mog something. So this is going to be one of those things
you always want to keep up on the auction house if it makes it to live. Alright, let’s get into professions. Ok, before we go into the specifics of each
profession, just the general overview change is that the cap for professions is now 100. Rather than making battle for azeroth go from
800 to 900, they’re doing this kind of branch approach. Once you get to your cap on your professions,
you can choose to learn battle for azeroth recipes. you can choose to learn outland recipes. You can open up Draenor recipes. So, that’s what we’re going for. I like this personally. I think it’ll have some effect on the old
world materials that were used for leveling, but it’s such a chore now that this is really
nice. You can just level up using only current content
stuff rather than going back through infinity hours of crafting old world items. Alright, so let’s get into alchemy. Alchemy has all the same things that you’d
expect. They haven’t changed any of the fundamentals. You’ve still got healing potions, mana potions,
invisibility potions. You’ve got flasks for main stats. You know, everything you’d expect. Even the basic little goodie potions like
movement speed. This says 150%. That seems really fast. But you know, slowfall, armor potions, all
that good stuff. But here’s something, this is what, the healer
potion. This intrigues me because it’s not a secondary
stat. It’s “grants the imbiber’s helpful spells
to put a short heal over time buff on their target.” They had a lot of problems with secondary
stats in Legion and balancing those out as people got more gear so hopefully this is
something we’ll see where actual just results are duplicated. And then we’ve got this interesting one, Silas’
Sphere of Transmutation. Concentrate on the sphere to transmute it
into another object for 1 hour. This highlights and allows the player to interact
with various cauldrons in Kul’Tiras and Zandalar. I don’t know what these cauldrons are, but
it’s a 1 hour buff that lets you go find things. Maybe it’s required to go transmute? I don’t know! Alright, lets get into Blacksmithing now. As you can see, Cataclysm, Classic, Draenor,
all this is talking about the branching that I was saying. But the main thing here, I’m just gonna leave
it on these because you can see at a glance, there’s not much here. Blacksmithing is still your go to place for
weapons. You have your level up crafts and your max
level crafts, so they aren’t doing a whole bunch of new crazy things with that. Worth noting is that ocho hoofplates, or ocho,
I don’t know. But they’re sticking with the hoofplate and
stirrups thing as crafted, and the new ore if you were wondering, is called monalite. The only other thing with blacksmithing is
the Khaz’gorian Hammer. This allows the user to repair all their equipment
in an instant. Now, I don’t know if this is used up. But it’s an epic item, so my guess is that
this is going to be a really expensive one-time purchase so if you make a lot of gold at the
start of the expansion, then you can buy one of these, and you’ll never have to pay for
repair bills again. It’ll probably be 100,000 gold but you know,
if you never have to pay repair bills again, then you know, it’s an investment in your
future. Ok, and on to enchanting. They are staying true to ring enchants, so
you’ve got the secondary stat enchants on your rings. You’ve got the lesser and the greater enchants. The lesser is called the sigil of whatever
and it uses shadow dust which is the new dust. And then the greater enchant are called the
brands, and these use a crystal. The veiled crystal, and shadow dust. These are of course subject to change, but
they’re one of the few things on the PTR that are actually named. We’ve also got the gathering glove enchants. So glove enchants are back. Whoop. They use umbra shardswhich is nice that we
have the name of the shards. But we’ve got herbalism, mining, skinning,
and the ever popular, flies off the shelves, Surveying glove enchant. Just can’t keep those stocked on the Auction
House. People buy the surveying glove enchant just
way too fast. We also have an interesting one with crafting,
so if this, if your gloves are enchanted with this, it increases the speed of your crafting
items, so now everyone should have glove enchants and we can say in guides, like, “make sure
you have the glove enchant. This will speed up your time when you’re making
100 of whatever.” Next, we’ve got an interesting glove enchant,
Ocho Hearthing. This increases the speed of your hearthstone
cast, which with the changes to, if you find yourself always accidentally setting yourself
to a PVP server or you’re server hopping around, I don’t know exactly how the new PVP system
is gonna work in practice, but if you find yourself always getting ganked, just put this
on your gloves. If you’re on a toon that’s not very geared,
just put this on your gloves and you can just bounce. Next we’ve got weapon enchants. Weapon enchants are back. I don’t see greater or lesser weapon enchants,
which I kinda like. But they are extra procs. So, sometimes procs an extra heal. Sometimes procs an extra melee attack. Sometimes procs an extra ranged attack. And then, the interesting one to me – weapon
enchant, threat reduction. So, here, whenever you’re forming a mythic
plus group on skittish week, we always like, you need a hunter or rogue in your group. Now, you can just make sure that everyone
has the threat reduction weapon enchant equipped on their weapons and that means the week after
skittish week, you’re gonna sell a lot more of your main weapon enchants. So, we’re gonna be moving a lot more weapon
enchants in BFA. Alright, next, we’re gonna be taking a look
at engineering. You’ve got all the toys that you’d normally
expect. You’ve got a root, you’ve got a slow, you’ve
got a stun, you’ve got a petrify, you’ve got a polymorph, and a sleep. A whole bunch of bombs, which I like that
they’re sticking with a theme here. You’ve got the mount motivator that I talked
about earlier to keep you moving. It’s a stacking buff for your mount speed
that sometimes breaks. You’ve also got F.R.I.E.D. which is just an
AoE item that you can use and you’ve got the thermo-accelerated plague spreader, which
is another AoE item you can use. I assume one is goblin and one is gnomish? You’ve got the goblin hovercraft, which we
can’t click on. But that’s ok. You’ve got the XA-1000 Surface Skimmer, which
looks like a submarine, but we don’t have a 3D model of it just yet. Engineering is also making guns which, I wish
this was real. 37,000 stamina and 25,000 agility in an ilvl
850. Yes please. My twink would like that. Thank you very much. Kbye. But that’s it. There’s also the portable transmog pad which
is gonna make yaks a little less necessary and that’s really it. Basic stuff that you’d expect. Hopefully they’re gonna keep adding some more. Engineering doesn’t have a pet here. I’d just like to point that out. And on to jewelcrafting. Scribes have a lot of familiar things. A lot of unfamiliar things. We’re getting the return of the tome and the
codex for people to change their talents. This is the tome of the quiet mind. We’ve also got something new called contracts. Now these are things to, whenever you use
a contract with a specific faction, you can increase your reputation with that faction
by doing world quests. So, easy way to just grind out reputations
but you have to specify, so it makes it fun and it gives the illusion of choice. Yay. So, these require friendly and we see that
there are a bunch of factions out there. We’ve got House Proudmoore, House Stormsong,
House Waycrest, House Nazmir Expedition. We’ve got the Tortollan. We’ve got the Voice of Azeroth. We’ve got Vulpera and we’ve got the Zandalari. So, 8 factions just to start with right off
the bat. So get ready for it, get ready for some grinding. These are using pigments, normal and rare
pigments along with rare herb. So, expect em to be expensive but we are getting
the confirmation that we’re getting the return of pigments. So that’s nice. Next we’ve got darkmoon cards coming back. Wouldn’t be a world of warcraft new expansion
without scribes mass casting darkmoon cards. Playing that RNG game that takes so much math
to deal with. We’ve also got the return of vantus runes
which are for the entire raid and give a 1500 versatility, or give a versatility buff. So that’s nice. That’s nice. Hopefully we stick with the current…I like
the current state of vantus runes. I think it’s really nice. We’ve got for scribes, they’re making the
off hands, so you’ve got the level up version and the max level version. Then we’ve just got the herbs that you can
cast and this is the only place I’ve found that actually lists what the name of the herbs
are. So, we’re gonna mass mill anchorweed. This is the rare herb for Battle for Azeroth. We’ve got riverbud which is probably going
to be a freshwater, found along rivers and streams. The freshwater flower. We’ve got starmoss which is gonna be in the
dark night zone or whatever. We’ve got akunda’s bite. My guess is this is going to be in troll zones. Winter’s kiss, this is probably going to be
in a snowy zone or some mountainous range. And aromatic pollen. Obviously this is going to be in the pretty
zone with all the flowers. And then we’ve got Herb 06 – Coast. I have no idea where we’re going to find this
one. Alright, let’s move on to Jewelcrafting. If you’re an experienced Jewelcrafter, not
much of this is going to be new. It’s pretty basic stuff but there is one thing
that I’m really really excited about to get y’all’s opinions on down in the comments. Also, we have the names of the actual gems
and the names of the ore through the mass prospect, so hopefully these are…anyways,
let’s go. For the purple gem we’re…OH NO! I’ve only read these in my head. Ohhh, I always mispronounce these. Nooo. Alright, don’t make fun of me too much. I’m gonna mispronounce all of these, I promise. Purple uncommon gem is Kubiline. The blue uncommon gem is Kyanite. The green uncommon gem is viridium. The yellow uncommon gem is golden beryl. The orange uncommon gem is solstone. And then here we go, guys. Here we go. The red uncommon gem is Rubellite but it gives
you a 5% experience boost. So now, everyone that was complaining that
leveling took so long and “Oh no! They nerfed heirlooms” and all that, well
now, just put a red gem in your gear and stop complaining. What’s the problem? So, I’m really excited about this. I think this is great. I think it’s not a huge boost so it’s not
gonna break the game. But it’s gonna give you more of that illusion
of choice which is so important to having fun in a game like this that’s just so much
of a grind and has so much randomness. Now, we’ve also got Saber Eyes. They’re back but they’re called Kraken’s Eye. They’re main stat boosts. And here we go. Jewelcrafters also have rings. Nothing new here. They’re stamina along with a known secondary
stat and an unknown secondary stat. Assuming this makes it to live. And then while scribes make offhands, Jewelcrafters
make staffs. These are pretty basic. You have a caster and a healer staff for leveling
and max level. Now here is the ore and I’m excited about
this because there’s some…we’re so early on this is probably going to change, but we’ve
got Monalite Ore. Mass prospect Monalite. We’ve got mass prospect storm silver. And then we’ve got mass prospect teryllium,
but it says down here the ore is called caskium ore. So, I think this is just, they changed the
name of it recently, and since the name of it, the name of the actual ore is probably
more important to the people managing the database and the naming than the name of “Mass
prospect that ore,” this is probably more reliable. The thing I like about this is they’re all,
they all have the word ore in their name. So if you’re not using an addon like tradeskillmaster,
if you’re using the standard UI, you can just type ore into the search bar of the auction
house. On to leatherworking! We’ve got pretty basic stuff. The only new thing is that we’ve got the scuba
helm that leatherworkers can craft, which I think lets you breathe underwater, and you’ve
got the scuba suit which let’s you swim underwater at X% faster swim speed. So, that’s really nice. We’ll sell some of those, especially if there
are underwater farming areas. Now, leatherworkers also are crafting the
bows: you’ve got a leveling bow and you’ve got a max-level bow. Leatherworkers also make fists, so you’ve
got leveling and max level fists. The meat and potatoes though, is still there. But with maybe a little bit of a change. They make all the armor items for leveling
gear. That’s, you know: helm, shoulders, wrists,
gloves, chest, belt, pants, and boots. But for the max level stuff, we only have
boots and pants. Bootsnpantsnbootsnpants. We’ve also got drums, so you’ve got your heroism
and you’ve got the return of stonehide leather barding, which is really really nice. If you didn’t know, if you’re out and about
and you’re mounted up, and something attacks you, it can slow you down. You know, where that’s called getting Dazed. Tanks don’t get dazed. So if you’re out gathering herbs or something,
you want to be in tank spec, but if you’re class doesn’t have a tank spec, you can just
buy this. Hopefully they’ll make it a little bit cheaper. It was a little too expensive in legion. And bringing in the rear we’ve got tailoring. We don’t know the name of the new cloth type
yet but we do have a new item to talk about. We’ve got battle flags! So, I’m guessing this is some kind of pennant,
that you’re going to wear on your body and you’re gonna ride around with that give different
perks. So, you’ve got the CC reduction. This is going to be your PVP battle flag. You’ve got damage reduction. So probably your PVE battle flag. And then you’ve got mount speed, so this’ll
be your farming battle flag. So, that’s nice. It’s nice. Simple. Easy to understand. We’ve also got new bags. So, the 30-slot bag is going to create kind
of a price floor with hexweave and royal…panda cloth bag. And then we’ve got the much more important
32-slot bag. I don’t know how much this is going to cost,
but I would expect it to be very very expensive off the bat, make as many of these as you
can as quickly as you can cause everyone’s going to want one. We didn’t have a big bag boom in legion, because
we didn’t really have any, everyone already had 30 slot bags who could afford it. Now, everyone’s going to be upgrading their
bag slots and this is going to sell so much. This is going to be expensive for a long time. Next we’ve got cloaks, and this is something
kind of new. They’ve got little perks attached to them,
so, rather than being like a shoulder enchant or something, it’s just attached to the cloaks,
where one cloak is camoflage, one cloak is fall damage reduction, and then one cloak
is threat reduction. So these are all the things that you care
about when you’re questing, so I’m guessing this is going to be a questing item, and also,
it’s blue. Just do me a favor. If you’re ever in a group running dungeons
and your tank has the threat reduction cloak, please, please just kick him. Also, thinking about the leatherworking, we
also only have 2 max level crafted items for tailors. They have legs and hands. So, just going back to here, Tailors have
legs and hands. Leatherworkers have legs annnd, legs and boots. And then, blacksmiths have legs and waist. Legs and waist. So only two max level crafts for armor types,
which is good. This is gonna get you, if you wanna gear,
get geared up off the bat, you can’t just craft everything, you have to get out into
the world. Get some quest rewards, get some dungeon loot. Final thing worth mentioning, is that Tailors
are getting a new pet. It’s a hot air balloon. I’m excited about that. I know, I tried. There’s no model for it yet, but we’ll get
there. So, that is it guys. Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe. Like the video. Big shout out to WoWHead for doing all your
datamining work. Appreciate it. I know I was pretty much just reading the
patch notes here, but that’s all we have right now so just bare with me. I’ll get some actual in-game footage once
we get a PTR. But thank you for watching. Subscribe. Like the video if it helped you out. Share it with your friends so everyone can
know what’s coming, and other than that good luck and happy goldmaking. 🙂 Bye.

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