Bawaseer, Bawasir, Piles, Hemorrhoids- Ayurvedic Treatment

Bawaseer, Bawasir, Piles, Hemorrhoids- Ayurvedic Treatment

Hello Dr. Vikram, these days various patients are suffering from bawaseer (piles), although this problem has become the common in youngsters too. In actual what is this disease? Hello, bawaseer is called as piles. It has been seen that in almost every home there are patients of bawaseer. Main cause of this disease is our life style and changes in eating habits. In Today’s life people are too busy as they don’t take fruits and fibre rich diet instead they eat frozen or packaged foods, outside foods like from restaurants, more non veg diet, tea, biscuits or things made from white flour. So the consumption of such kind of things causes the acidity and constipation. Main underlying cause of piles is constipation. Piles don’t happen all of sudden but as per Ayurveda for piles to happen there will be agni mandya (low digestive fire), acidity, burning or constipation. Such minor problems lead to the dreadful disease piles. which states that one who troubles you like an enemy, this is such a fretful disease which creates trauma and anxiety in your mind like an enemy. Hence this disease makes your body suffer badly. In the anal route, veins get inflamed and turn into a mass that remains internally we call it internal piles and those spread outside called as external piles. Some people complain that when they pass the stool, blood also comes outside, that is called as bleeding piles. So is this also a type of piles? Yes it is, mainly two names are attributed on the basis – if blood comes then it is called bleeding piles and without blood it is dry piles. However in both cases veins get inflamed, if there is more inflammation and more swelling in veins then blood comes outsides or sometimes may not come. Mostly in the case of internal piles symptoms of bleeding are observed without pain. But mass which grows outside and gets inflamed is painful. Hence it has been described as two types – dry and bleeding piles. Dr. is there any treatment for this in Ayurveda? Indeed there is the treatment in Ayurveda but before discussing that I want say that try to follow the healthy eating habits, try to avoid white flour based products, frozen foods or packaged food, Maggie, noodles, pasta, pizza, burger or any other kind of fast foods in trend which people consume these days. So due to eating such foods people suffer from constipation. Moreover, people read the newspaper at toilet seat, it exerts the pressure on anal canal and reason behind the piles is extra pressure created on the anal canal. Hence more is pressure exerted and more are chances of piles occurring. In order to spend the less time on toilet seat, try to follow the healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water, take fibre rich fruits like apple, grapes, muskmelon, watermelon and vegetables such as bottle gourd, carrot, radish, round gourd. Try to restrict the intake of biscuits and rusk. Really intake of such things like biscuits and rusk has become common these days. Bed tea is consumed by many people. Too much intake of tea like shopkeepers they used to have cup of tea with every customer who visits their shop. Hence excess tea intake should be avoided instead of that some natural drink or cool water can be taken. These small things should be taken care of. Dr. when this disease happens, many people face problems like too much pain or bleeding. In such situation is there any medicine which can be given to the patients. Generally people go for the surgery or try to apply some steroid ointments or anesthetic or painkiller cream. Rather than using all these things, it is better to use the herbs in Ayurveda. There is a plant Touch me not from which medicine is made. We have Pile off capsules which are prepared from pure extract of herb Touch me not. There is fibre rich product by the name of Vara churna which helps in clearing the stomach and resolves the problem of constipation. For alleviating the pain and swelling in anal route we have very good medicine Kanchnaar guggul, two tablets of this medicine twice or thrice in a day can be taken. Sanjivani vati we give to stop the fermentation process which is responsible to increase the pressure in stomach. Sometimes food we eat like too white flour intake leads to formation of toxins due to undigestive food so in order to digest that sanjivani vati is given. So there are three – four products which we give by the name of Piles Care Pack to the patients. Is there anything for local application in Ayurveda which you recommend? For local application there are Nirgundi oil and Kasisadi oil. Application of these oils aid in drying and removal of mass. There is no need of surgery after using this whole combination and problem gets resolved. What is the duration or for how longer this Piles care pack to be taken to resolve this problem? See this problem is due to our life style so approximately it may take 3-6 months’ time period. However patients notice improvement in 10-15 days. Thank you so much Doctor for such a wonderful information. Thank you.

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  1. दर्द से तुरंत राहत पाने के लिये बवासीर मे क्या करे

  2. Doctor Sahab muje aicdidi hoti Aor jab stool pass hota hai toh jalan mehsos hoti khali pain hoti hai Os ka elaag batain thanks

  3. actual I have also same charecter but I don't know its piles or what?but its have some tummer also .some times pain and bleeding from the anus and itching too.some time feel pain too much but some time not.I don't know what is this happening.plz if some one know about this rply me.

  4. sir piles ka Total package wali dawaai ki kitni keemat hai, constipation ka problem hai,
    constipation thik rehta hai to sab normal rakhta hai,
    constipation thik nahin hai to hard stool hota hai plz reply,

  5. Ayurvedik doctor ke Elaz kar waya hai Sir muje piles huwa gya hai aur mera operation hogya hai vo Andar se kuch baher ara ta to doctor Sahab 4 din bhand ke Raka Ta Baad me operation kare 10 din hogye mai jab b toilet karne jata hu jab toilet karte saame bahut dard hota bole to bahut dard 😭😭😭 aur chakar bi ate hai utna dard hota doctor Sahab please please muje koi bacho muje sard bahut hota hai meri age 18 hai mera number 7975004296 please sir reply karo

  6. sir apk lin k m kafi sari medicines k name hn..yeh sabi usi karni hn ya koi aek en ma say use karni ha

  7. Hi Sir
    Ma Asif 22y from ne 2din pehly operation krwaya ha Hermoneids Ka…abi pain bohat hy.pain killer kha rha hon pr ic sy b koi khas farq ni ho rha hy.ak tw mara maidy Ka b msla hy or kai saloon sy qabz k b msla hy.
    BS last year Ka student hon ya problem mjy kafi arsy sy distrub kr rhi ha.Kindly koi solution btady.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks u so much.

  8. Hello Dr.ancul ….mere papa ko piles hai bhuit jayda….unko Roz mawad bhi aata h …bhuit dard hota h unko …..bolte h fisher ho gye …..ancul ji unko suger ki problem bhi hai isliye wo operation ki bhi mna krte h …..sir ..unko ….usi jgha pr गाँठ jasii bhi kuch feel hotaa h or ussme se roz mawad bhi aata h…..sir ….plzzz…..😪 Hume btaoo humko Kya krna chahiye ….mai zindgii bhar apki abhari rungii ancul….plzz help us

  9. Sir please give me your contact no mere bhai Ko bhut problem h hmne bhut Dr. se dikha Liya use but thik nhi ho raha

  10. sir Muchy abhi 4 dino se ye problem lag rahi Ha Muchy koi achi si medicine bataooo jis se ye puri tarha khatam Ho jaye

  11. Ram Ram namaste dr sahab ,sir mera sawal hai kya 5years se kam bacchon ko bawasir ho sakta hai , kripya hame reply de sir

  12. Sir plz rply mujha behar side ek massa hai jisma jelan nhi blood nhi ata na he pain hota hai bs mujha massa ko thik karna hai plzz help me

  13. Dr. साहेब बोहुत सही समझाया जी
    मुजको ऑपरेशन नाही करना पर जो अंदरसे नसे जो है वो बोहुत बडणे लगी है ओर आंदरके रिंग तर्क गई है रिंग को भी हो सकता है क्या नसे वाला पाईल्स

  14. Sir I have internal hammoroids.
    I used to eat rice two times a day.
    I heard that white rice also effect internal hammoroids.
    So I want to ask you what should I eat in place of rice two times a day?

  15. Sir mujhe external piles hein.bleeding dard kuch nahi hota abhi tak.lekin macche thoda bahar aa suka hein.machho ko khatam karne ka koi upai bataye.

  16. I'm 17 yrs old and muje lg rha hai jese muje ho gai hai,kyun ke Aj Khoon B baha thora or dard b ho raha tha Aj phli baar nikla. Please help me 😭

  17. sir kindly let me know that is there treatment for vericose usg sructum grade 2 in ayurvedic medicine?
    And also I want to know is vericose will affect in sperms count?

  18. Hi sir am having hemorrhoids for many years berfoe it use to bleeding but now no bleeding what can I do cure please need your answer

  19. Dr sahab kya tension se bhi bawaseer ka koi lena dena hai kyun ki kisi ne kaha ki tension se bhi bawaseer hoti hai isi liye information cahiye tha

  20. सर palis का इलाज कर के आर्मी मेडिकल मे फीट होता है

  21. Sir piles nikla hai Lekin dard nhi hota or khun bhi nhi nikal ta hai per wo hai toh kiya karne se wo jayega

  22. Sir, please kindly send me your address and contact details. I need a appoint from you on urgently. 9876559119

  23. Hlo doctor sahb ..mujhe khun nahi atta prr letrin k waqt gudda bahr niklta hai ye bimari mujhe lagbhg 3 year se hai isme mere koi dard Wala sistem bhi nahi hai …prr inn 3 salo me mera sarir kafi kamjor ho gya hai ….so plz sir any ayurwedic upchar ho to bataye ……appp chaye to apnna no. De sakte hai me apse contact Kar lunga …….plz reply sir

  24. सर मुझे भूकांदर हो गया है मास निकल गया है कोई हल है

  25. Sir muja peils 4 year sa hi Mari do betiya hi operation sa Howe hi operation ka bad sa muja problem ho gayi hi stool pass karna ma bhot pain hota hi or blood bhe aata hi or ab peils ma bhot pain hi bhor zada Mari 2 baby 40 days ke hi plz plz help me plz sir

  26. Sir bleeding wali piles ho gyi hai last 10 days se….massey baahar ki taraf hain…ek massa chillll sa gya hai bahut pain karta hai wo..kya ilaaj karu sir…dawai aap provide karwa dein plz….. Payenge online kar dunga…i m from delhi

  27. Sir ,maine aaj endoscopy and clonoscopy karvaya usme internal piles,and gastric problem bta rhe hain , aur mere pet me dard aur acid bnta pet saaf nahi hota hai . Kya pet dard ,acid, aur mucus ka resion piles hi hai.
    Sir jaroor batayen aur iska ilaaj kaise ho .

  28. Sir i am pakistani plx mjhy advice kare medicen mny bht ilaj krwaya h but koi fark nh sab oprate ka hi khty h plx mjhy bleeding b hoti h

  29. Sr mojhe bathroom Jane or thura khoon ata hi drd bahut huta Mal Tait huta hi bahut mi ik mhine see prhej KR RHA Hoon khoon to band hu gaya lekin bathroom krne ke time bahut Jalan huti hi mi Saudi Arabia me Hoon dava Kiya yha theek hi nhi hu rha hi bs mine aap ka video dekh kr khane pine me prhej Kiya Aram hi

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