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Prince Charles’s favorite alternative pharmacies tonight being attacked by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society for suggesting that homeopathic remedies can be used to prevent serious diseases such as typhoid polio and malaria the society told news night they’re shocked that anyone would suggest using those products instead of vaccinations and drugs which have been proven to work but the government seems confused about what to do they’ve just banned alternative practitioners for claiming that told me about the products and medicines unless they can prove their work but a ban only applies when they’re used to treat animals not people Paulo Ghosh investigates I’d always wanted to see the desert it was my ambition to go to the Sahara I’m in this magical place the sea of sand because it’s so quiet and still it’s the only place in the world we can hear the blood moving around in your ears it was a lifelong dream for mark while to make this documentary in the desert but it soon turned into a nightmare one more day and I would have been dead in knew he’d be going through an area where malaria was endemic he ignored his doctor’s advice to protect himself with antimalarials instead he took homeopathic remedies he was soon struck down by severe malaria it was like a survival Drive I knew I had to get home and I had to get back to the UK otherwise I was gonna die in Africa as soon as he got back Mark’s doctor sent him straight to the London School of Tropical Medicine they saved his life which he had endangered by ignoring his doctor’s advice we spoke to your doctor and he told you to take conventional antimalarials why didn’t you listen to him I suppose I must have been a bit of an idiot the doctor doesn’t blame mark he thinks the fact that the government allows the NHS to fund homeopathic remedies for minor ailments gives homeopaths credibility it’s a waste of good NHS money because I think the evidence that homeopathic treatments work is zero we wanted to find out if homeopaths are still recommending their remedies for diseases such as malaria we sent a researcher to secretly film at a practice in North London she said she was about to travel through southern Africa the Orthodox treatments it down to you any more than more than homeopathic one say would you say that I mean I don’t know if for sure but it may be that all those treatments have you know let’s say 70 percent chance of protection of having proven else it might be 1665 I don’t know the homeopathy gave our research of these tablets which say they have a 30c dilution so what does that mean well the principle is to find a substance which causes similar symptoms to the disease that you’re trying to treat and then dilute it the more dilute the more potent if I take a drop of substance and put it in a test tube of water just one drop let’s say for the sake of argument that has one part in a thousand of the original substance if I then take a drop from that and put it in a second test tube that has one part in a million homeopathy say it must be much weaker to get a dilution of 30 C we’re not even talking about a drop in a flowing river homeopathic remedy needs to be even more dilute than that quite literally the equivalent of a drop in the ocean by the standards of modern medicine that’s quite an unusual idea it’s an idea ridiculed by Mitchell and Webb in their sketch homeopathic accident and emergency okay he’s stabilizing now does anybody know what sort of car is right get me a bit of blue for one day I put it in water shake it dilute its check it again dilute it again do some more shaking dilute it some more and then we’ll three drops on his tongue that doesn’t cure him I don’t know what will four years ago Newsnight secretly filmed pharmacists offering homeopathic treatments for malaria as a result a number were charged by the regulator but it’s taken so long for the cases to come to a hearing the cases may now be dropped anyone can call themselves a homeopathy but if you’re a pharmacist like this one you can’t put people’s lives at risk by telling them to take homeopathic remedies instead of real drugs when they’re seriously ill so what the farm’s is saying now well we took this leaflet from this pharmacist to Ainsworth’s it says we offer homeopathic alternatives to conventional travel immunizations and it says examples of diseases include typhoid polio and of course malaria it says that since these remedies have not been tested in clinical trials that are unable to make claims about effectiveness but it does say reassuringly we rely on anecdotal evidence of those who have chosen to use them successfully throughout the world we took the leaflet to the Royal pharmaceutical society we’re very very shocked that this leaflet is actually available we would be very concerned if a patient took a homeopathic preparation perhaps travelling to an area where there may be yellow fever typhoid malaria they believing they were safe and in fact they wouldn’t be safe and here’s the advice of the government’s own chief scientist there is no scientific evidence to indicate that homeopathic remedies are efficacious and the fundamental underpinning of homeopathy it seems to me to be scientific nonsense homeopathy enjoys royal support and remedies are available on the NHS the medicines regulator the MHRA insists that drugs must be proven to be effective except in the case of homeopathic remedies I think it’s scandalous because you know drugs should have to prove efficacy and homeopathic treatments cannot prove that and I just do not understand why the government MHRA who goes along and licenses in these products over Christmas the government said if you want to use homeopathic medicines on animals you have to prove they work or you can’t call the medicines but that’s still not the case if you want to treat people part of the government looking at regulating veterinary medicines I’ve actually come out very strongly and said these preparations should not be called medicines and this is a view we would actually agree with that the RPS so we would ask the MHRA to look at this again and look at their view on licensing these preparations and also call on the government to look at their use within the NHS so could the tide turn against homeopathy currently the Department of Health says patient choice is important and the MHRA believes it can clamp down on abuses by licensing homeopathic remedies but their critics say it’s precisely this official blessing that’s encouraging practices that are putting people’s lives at risk we also discuss the points raised and perhaps report I’m joined from Exeter by the chairwoman of the Society of homeopathy Sophia do meet and here in the studio by the science writer at Simon Singh is looking to meet first of all do you think that homeopathy should be advising people who are going to countries where the yellow fever typhus and polio to rely on homeopathic remedies rather than proven drugs now I don’t the Society of homeopaths as the leading register for homeopathy in the UK does not endorse the use of homeopathic remedies as preventive for serious tropical illnesses including malaria what we do guide our members to say to patients is that very any evidence is currently unyk total and therefore speculative in relation to those remedies for those specific solutions would it not be clear simply to say to your homeopathic practitioners under no circumstances offer in any shape or form anything other than proven drugs for countries where there’s you red for diseases prevalent that’s an interesting question and I think that the issue here is often that patients themselves are making a choice in relation to what they would like to use because for a variety or a range of reasons they don’t feel comfortable or feel that that it is appropriate then and yes conventional medicine and yet there should be a warning it’s interesting that in fact these remedies can’t be called medicines when it comes to cats and dogs believe we call remedies when it comes to humans do you agree with that we are working very closely with the MHRA the homeopathic medicines regulatory agency in relation to to the current consultation on the sort of information that is given to patients who purchase over the country I think remedy thank you very much for the moment Simon Singh is obvious that cats and dogs can’t make decisions for themselves but part of the government’s view is that people have the right to make the choice and they can read the literature and they can make up their own mind yep a choice is fine as long as it’s based on accurate information and the information that’s been given out by pharmacists by by celebrities endorsing homeopathy by the NHS offering homeopathy there’s the implication here that homeopathy must be effective otherwise people wouldn’t sell it profit from it offer it in the high street and I’m utterly shocked that we have a woman here saying that she’s not going to forbid her members from offering homeotic homeopathic prevention of malaria to the general public we have people coming back from tropical countries with multiple organ failure having used homeopathy and yet this one was not prepared to stop it I was here four years ago when news like did your last investigation and BBC Scotland have done investigation BP Southwest have done an investigation the BBC are the only people regulating homeopathy at the moment because the society itself seems to be oblivious of his responsibilities yes its offer I would disagree very strongly with you there Simon we are a responsible organization and we do issue very clear guidance to members in relation to what they should say to patients who should be an absolutely sure you you should act chillie in a sense that you know you’re you would regard yourself assumed as a professional body so as a professional body shouldn’t you actually not be issuing guidance but saying you will not be allowed to belong to any homeopathic organization if you continue to offer people these supposed remedies for things like typhus and yellow fever I’d like to take a step back here and actually tell a story about 20 oh no no can I just ask you can I just ask you because we don’t actually have time to unfortunately for a story it just seems a very clear yes or no should you be saying to people who are involved in your association if you continue to promote the idea that homeopathic remedies simply by anecdotal evidence might be okay for those people should not belong to your association we are very clear in the guidance that we offer our members and shoot any member of the public wish to make a specific complaint about any information given by one of our members in relation to advice about using remedies for malaria or any other condition we do have full professional contacts what the receivers in place what do you think Simon saying is a way of moving this forward given that it looks as if there are not going to be any kind of court actions what is the way of moving this forward it’s education it’s good to hear the rule pharmaceutical society taking some firm statements here be good if the Government Act it would be good of people because the society itself isn’t capable of policing itself four years ago we offer them a transcript of one of the people one of their members who had offered homeopathic protection it’s malaria they said he acted professionally they’ve had no discipline against that person as far as I know a friend of mine runs a website called quack ometer and made some complaints about the the society homeopathy instead of engaging with him and reflecting on they offered him a legal well it’s offered to the will as a result of tonight’s film you investigate what we have said and what we have shown actually took place it’s not actually appropriate for the society to investigate an alleged statement made by a member from an edited clip say investigators so you’re not going to investigate this what I would and I have is that it’s that individual reporter wishes to make a complaint then by all means let her come to the society and we will put our full Professional Conduct procedures in place I can absolutely assure you that that would be the case thank you both very much indeed

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