Bea Miller – feel something

Bea Miller – feel something

52 Replies to “Bea Miller – feel something”

  1. I just wanna feel something I just wanna feel, I just wanna feel something I just wanna feel, something really real so I can feel like a person again

  2. One day, you'll be really big in the industry Bea. Knew you since your X-Factor journey and I am proud to stay than I am stanning a talented, kind and strong artist.

  3. I know it’s been said before but “I don’t wanna die but I don’t wanna live like this” is an outstanding lyric.

  4. love the aesthetic of this, love the song, love the originality of the video, love the lyrics, love everyfuckingthing about this

  5. Dear Bea. I have a website with angel stories. . The stories are free to read online. I have a website with videos, including music and comedy and religion.

  6. Dear Bea. Her is my Mr Miracle tune. It's great Kirby fourth world inspired stuff.

  7. thats me ..and that was me , i got feelings for a little and now i dont want to have them, i feel like a person , but it hurts so bad i wish i didnt

  8. This song came on mix in my spotify k-12 (melanie martinez) playlist, and ever since i have been addicted.

  9. so relatable, I can't stop writing stories where there are passion, deep love but in reality I feel so unloved and empty. I just want to feel sth just like her

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