Benefits of Turmeric Curcumin for Inflammatory Orbital Pseudotumor

in 1989 ophthalmologists in India found that eyedrops made from the spice turmeric known as Hydra in India seemed to work just as well as antibiotic eyedrops in the treatment of conjunctivitis or pink eye so researchers decided to give turmeric a try against more serious inflammatory eye diseases like uveitis which blinds tens of thousands of Americans every year uveitis is often an autoimmune or infectious inflammation of the central structures in the eye steroids to knock down people’s immune systems are the standard treatment but carry a slew of side effects so researchers tried giving uveitis sufferers oral supplements of curcumin the yellow pigment in turmeric thought responsible in part for the spices anti-inflammatory effects 18 patients given curcumin alone in all 18 improved efficacy comparable to corticosteroid therapy but without any side effects a larger follow-up study was similarly encouraging hundred and six patients all of which had a uveitis relapse in the year before starting curcumin but in the year after only 19 did all together the 106 patients relapse 275 times in the year before some multiple relapses but in the year on curcumin a total of just 36 well if turmeric curcumin works for mild eye inflammation and serious eye inflammation what about really serious eye inflammation idiopathic inflammatory orbital pseudo tumors let’s break that down idiopathic means doctors have no idea what causes it from the greek idios as an idiot inflammatory orbital referring to the bony cavity that houses our eyeball and pseudo tumor as in not really a tumor but a lot has changed since this was published in 2000 inflammatory orbital pseudo tumors now generally attributed to low-grade non-hodgkins lymphoma so it does actually appear to be a form of cancer well what can curcumin do about it they decided to look at the spice compounds because the available tree answer so toxic steroids radiation chemotherapy in fact initially all the patients in the study were put on steroids but had to stop them because either didn’t work or had to be withdrawn because of complications and they didn’t want to use radiation because they didn’t want to blind anyone but you got to do something all the patients had such swelling that they couldn’t move their eyes they normally would if only there was some cheap simple safe solution four out of the five patients who completed the study had a full response defined as complete recovery with no residual signs or symptoms actually complete regression of the eye dislocation and swelling occurred in all five out of five patients that one of the patients continued to suffer some residual effects you [Music] you

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