Best Dandruff Treatments | Medical and Home Remedies For Dandruff

Best Dandruff Treatments | Medical and Home Remedies For Dandruff

In Todays episode, we will tell you the best
treatments for dandruff. We will split this into three sections. 1.Prevention of Dandruff or its Recurrence
2.Medical Treatment of Dandruff 3.Natural Remedies for Dandruff that really
work. The First thing you should know is Dandruff
is harmless except if its severe like the seborrheic dermatitis or secondary infection
due to excessive scratching. So Just relax and be stress free. And the good news is you can treat dandruff
at home without any prescription from a doctor. First will look into the Medical Treatment
of Dandruff and then some natural cures for dandruff that work and finally important points
on how to use these plus how to prevent dandruff from coming back. Please watch till the end. Before we start, please make sure you are
subscribed to our channel with the bell icon clicked. So lets begin with: Medical Dandruff Treatment:
the mainstay of medical treatment for dandruff are
Dandruff Shampoos: All dandruff shampoos are not the same. There are different ingredients on medications
or a mixture of two or more substances that work wonders to control dandruff. The most important point to remember while
using any anti dandruff shampoo is you leave it for atleast 5 minutes after applying it
on your scalp and then rinse thoroughly with adequate amounts of water. Otherwise this may not be effective. Also remember, the frequency of application
of these shampoos depends on the severity of your dandruff. The protocol you can follow is: Initially
you use it weekly thrice for 1 month, then weekly twice for the second month and then
weekly once thereafter to prevent relapse of dandruff. Well now the Shampoo Formulations that are
available over the counter without any prescription: 1.Ketoconazole Antifungal Shampoo (Common
brand is called Nizoral available in 1 percent or 2 percent depending on the dandruff severity). 2.Selenium Sulfide Shampoo, Again this is
also an antifungal shampoo with brand names like Selsun or the famous Head and Shoulders
shampoo. 3.Salicylic acid shampoo (like Neutrogena)
specially if its an itchy dandruff or the severe seborrheic dermatitis. 4.Salicylic acid plus sulfur combination like
Sebex shampoo. 5.Pyrithione zinc like selsun blue or head
and shoulders blue, specially for itchy dry scalp. 6.Coal Tar Preparations (like Denorex). Coal tar causes the skin to shed dead cells
from the top layer and slows skin cell growth. Now
Natural Home remedies for Dandruff that work: 1.Aloe vera gel: The fresh aloe vera gel in
the leaves of the plant is proven to control dandruff. So better start growing aloe vera plant at
home. It is a very easy to grow and easy to maintain
plant which requires very less watering like about once or twice a week. 2.Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil or Olive oil massage. Be careful using any oil as discussed in my
previous episode on the mechanism of formation of dandruff, the fungus malassezia metabolizes
the oils and forms more dandruff. If you have not watched those two episodes
on dandruff, I will link those episodes at the end screen of this video and also in description
below. Remember, Use these oil remedies only if you
have dry skin with dandruff. If you already have oily skin, it can explode
your dandruff and can lead to severe seborrheic dermatitis. 3.Baking Soda: specially if you have oily
scalp. There is a bit of controversy in the use of
baking soda for dandruff due to ph changes of the scalp. Try it once and if you see any irritation,
then stop using it. To counter this some advice using 1 tsp of
apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 spoon baking soda and apply on the scalp and leave it on
for 15 minutes before rinsing. Then To Prevent Dandruff Recurrence, Follow
these important points: 1.Avoid Stress
2.Exercise 3.Avoid excessive use of hair styling products
like gels and creams. 4.Using the shampoo or treatment regularly
like once a week or so to prevent recurrence. Please click here to watch my previous episodes
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  2. Hi , bro I daily use shampoo , if I don't ,do it daily , my hairs looks oily without using any oil , after using shampoo once in a day , it looks good , but next morning these are oily ,,, and I have thin hairs , and also had lost many hairs from front scalp and in the corners , age 36 , please tell me which type of hairs I have,, and any good shampoo for my hairs , there is no conventional dandruff in my hairs , but sometimes small grain type material , like halwa sooji

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  4. Avoid stress ? But how ? You cant avoid stress it's free gift that comes from your current situation forcefully lol

  5. I've tried everything, only makes it more irritated/itchy & dry. Can't use acv, aloe, lemon, tea tree oil, any oil as it will irritate & makes it more itchy. Also ketaconazole makes it irritated for me..

  6. So ive been in big-flacky-oily-dandruffs for years and it caused worse hair loss for me (until these seconds). I hope these tips will help me im so desperate😭

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