Best Herbs to Detox the Liver

Best Herbs to Detox the Liver

in this video we’re going to be talking
about herbs to detox the liver and they do this in a couple of different ways
herbs can be alterative and what alterative means is that it cleanses the
blood of toxins and impurities and in our lives today we’re exposed to so many
toxins in our air and our food and our water and by cleansing the blood it also
helps other organs of elimination such as the kidneys the lungs the skin even
the lymphatic system and herbs also tonify the liver and this really helps
the body and supports the body when there are disorders such as skin
disorders or immune deficiency issues or even chronic issues such as cancer
arthritis or even diabetes and tonifying the liver can really help when there are
hormonal issues and even nervous system issues because the nervous system and
the liver really complement each other so today we are going to be making a
tea which has a number of herbs that are alterative and tonifying since most
of the herbs in this tea are roots and barks we’re going to be making what is
called a decoction and what that means is that you boil the herbs for about 10
minutes before straining into your cup all of the herbs that we’re going to be
using are very safe and this is a tea that can be drank frequently to help
benefit the liver so we’re going to be making two cups of tea that can be
sipped throughout the day so I’m starting with two cups of water and then
I’m going to add my herbs and then boil those the first one is sarsaparilla a lot
of people use Jamaican sarsaparilla I happen to use wild sarsparilla because
it grows all around me and I can go out and harvest my own but you can certainly
purchase it and all of the herbs that we’re talking about today you can
purchase from the resources that I’ve provided for you so this
is two teaspoons of sarsparilla and it’s slightly sweet so we want this tea to
taste good and that way you’ll drink it more often it’s an
alternative which is blood purifying and it’s especially good for skin conditions
so a good herb to add to our formula here second we have a teaspoon of birch
bark and there are different types of birch trees this one is sweet birch
which is usually the one that you can find to purchase and it tastes like
wintergreen has a wonderful flavor a lot of the other birches can be a bit bitter
so it’s really good if you can find the sweet birch and again if you have birch
trees that grow around you you can harvest your own just be careful about
how you harvest the birch bark you want to make sure that you don’t girdle the
tree by harvesting bark all the way around because that will actually kill
the tree you just want to do a little bit of a vertical stripping of the bark
so that’s one teaspoon goes into our tea birch bark is both an excellent tonic
and a detoxifier then we have a teaspoon of dandelion root and dandelion can be a
bit bitter tasting but it is one of the best liver tonics and it really
increases the activity of the liver and helps to purify the blood so it’s
definitely worth adding into our tea then we have a teaspoon of burdock root
and that by the way was one teaspoon dandelion root and this is burdock root which is said
that it’s bitter but I find it’s actually a bit more sweet in fact I like
to eat burdock root when I harvest it fresh I chop it up and use it just like
I would use carrots I put it in soups and stews and even shred it sometimes
and add some seasoning to it and steam it wonderful herb to consume in all
different kinds of ways so we definitely want to get that into our tea here it’s
another excellent blood purifier for all kinds of conditions but it
really excels at helping with any kind of skin conditions it’s my number one
go-to herb for skin then we have a teaspoon of ginger and ginger is
carminative and it really stimulates digestion and what carminative is it
means it just helps with gas and colic in those types of situations it also
really enhances the effect of the other herbs in the tea so it’s really
beneficial to add to the formula I’m using fresh ginger here but you could
certainly use dried as well then we have a half a stick of cinnamon which is
another great carminative herb and it really helps enhance the flavor of the
tea then we’re going to add some stevia since a lot of the herbs that we’ve
included so far are really bitter and we want this tea to taste good we’re going to
add something to make it a little bit sweet and stevia is a natural sweetener
it’s just how the herb is but it’s very very sweet much more sweeter than sugar
so we’re just going to add a pinch of the stevia we don’t want it to be too
sweet then as I said earlier we’re going to let this simmer for about 10 minutes
and then strain it into our cup and we can add some vanilla I would add just a
quarter teaspoon if you decide to add it it really helps with the flavor and it’s
another one of those carminative herbs then simply sip this throughout the day
and the second cup if you do want you can simply reheat that and continue to
sip throughout the day for my free herbalism mini course go to you’ll get quick access to my favorite herbal remedies for cold
and flu first aid herbs for energy and natural medicine found right in your own
kitchen look forward to seeing you there

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I love your videos and took your udemy course too. Is there any herbal remedy for Lipoma…thanks a lot!

  2. Hi, Elizabeth! Sounds like a great tonic. Alas, I am highly allergic to dandelion root. Ditto for honey and bee pollen – although these ingredients aren't included in your recipe.

  3. She doesn't have a lot of views because white folks are not interested in NATURAL healing. MOST white people I come in contact with is interested in popping a pill💊.

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