Best Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis with Ayurveda | बड़ी आंत में अल्सर का स्थायी इलाज

Best Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis with Ayurveda | बड़ी आंत में अल्सर का स्थायी इलाज

Greetings, Sir. Greetings. What is your name Sir? Karam Chand Khandelwal. And what is the name of the patient? Lalita Khandelwal. And where do you belong to, means where do you live? We come from Rajasthan What’s the problem with the patient? She had Ulcerative Colitis since the last 3, 4 years. At first we did treat her at Alwar but didn’t get any positive results. I took her to AIIMS, Delhi and got her treated for 2 years but with no satisfactory result. Then we saw a video and came here. You watched a video? Okay. Okay, so you got the number. Yes, we got it from the video itself we saw everything through the net and we came here from that. Nobody had told us anything, nor did we also were unknown about it. So when did you contact Vikram Sir? One year is complete. Ok, you contacted last year. Yes, last year. What problems did she face, your wife, Lalitaji. In Ulcerative Colitis, loose motion occurred, there was blood, which were uncountable motions. For how many times she was going for motions? Minimum for at least 20 times a day, you can assume. She had gas and what problems she did face during the whole throughout the day and what medicines did you give her, please tell in detail. When we came to see the doctor here, he prescribed Kutajaparpati vati, Kutazghan Vati, Arjuna Capsules, Pitta balance, Kamdudha ras all these medicines he prescribed, he gave some syrups too. After how much time did you realize the affect from the medicines? After just 1 month we started feeling that there was some relief, We noticed 25% relief within 3, 4 months. Did you take medicine regularly? Yes medicines were taken regularly, was regularly following the diet chart. Which diet chart did you follow, please show it to our viewers. Tell us, after following this diet chart properly and taking all these medicines, how much relief she have got till now? She has 100% of relief. Is she completely fine now? She is perfectly fine now. And currently following the diet chart properly? Yes still following the diet chart properly and will do it for the next two or three months too. And what about medicines? The medicines have been curtailed today by the doctor. Today these are curtailed. Yes. Okay, you took them regularly for a year. Yes, medicines were taken regularly for 11 months. Doctor Sahab said that now you have complete relief and we have stopped the medicine, abstinence for a month or two, apart from that you are fine now. Lalitaji did not come with you? No, Lalitaji did not come, I have come myself. The viewers who are watching this video and suffering from the same problem, what message would you give to them? I want to give the message that whatever and wherever you are taking treatment, stop it and come straight to Planet Ayurveda in Chandigarh. You mean by Dr. Vikram. Yes, get treatment from Dr. Vikram Chauhan and with in some time you will get a lot of relief. Thank you so much sir, you gave us your time. Thank you! Thank you.

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  1. सर मुझे पेट मे गेस बन जाती थी और खाना पचतानहीथा और चकर आने लगतेथे मेने डॉक्टर साब को दिखाया तो उन्होंने कोलोनोसकोफी करवाने को बोले मेने रीपोट करवाई तो उसमें बडीअोतमे छोटे छोटे अल्सर हो गये है यानीकी कोलाईटीस हो गया है मेरे सीमटम है पेट पुरी तरह से साफनहोना गेस बहुत बनना वेट कम होना नुकस नही आता मल मे खुन नही आता है

  2. Sir mere Ko hyper avidity ke problem he 6 year hogeya me 25 year ka Hun yellowpathic medicine lerahun but improve nehehe doctor Bata rahahe tumhara daigest system ka problem he

  3. सर मूझे 6 महीनेेसे आलसरेटीव कोलाईटीस है दवा चालू करनेके बाद कब रीजट मीलेगा

  4. मल में आंव आती है 5-6 सालों से लगातार इसके लिए क्या करे..

  5. Hello sir, mai kolkatta se bol rahi hu mere papa Assam me rahte h aur unko high bp, sugar ki problem thi ab in dino kuchh jyada hi prblm ho rahi unka pet saf nahi hota aur pure body me bachaini si hoti h kitne dr dikha rahe but reports me liver me sujan aur gas ki prblm bata rahe h dawa kha rahe h but ek din thik rahte h aur dusre din fir se bachaini hone lagti h rat bhar so nahi pa rahe h ,aur ha patanjali ki ayurdedic dawa bhi le rahe fir bhi koi fayda nahi lag raha h kya karna chahiye sir please reply…

  6. सर अलसरेटीव कोलाईटीस मे रोटी खासकते है पीलीज हीदी मे बताईय

  7. Sir muje ulcerative colitis nai hai per colon ki upper right side per koi zakham hai aur wahan stool pass kerne se pehle boht pain hota hai aur mai mirchi bilkul nai kha sakti agar kha lun to wahan boht pain hota hai colon mai isliye feeka khana he khaati hun…..gas aur bloating boht rehta hai aur zara sa pait khali ho to colon mai pain aur gas shuru ho jata hai…sir plz reply main 10 years se suffer ker rai hun au koi v doctor nahi chora maine plz helpu

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