Beto O’Rourke and Obama Snapchat at the Dentist: Beto Breaks the Internet Ep. 3

-Guys, guys, it’s me,
Beto O’Rourke, coming at you live
from you know where — my favorite place —
the dentist’s office. I come here once a week ’cause
I love getting my teeth cleaned! And I’m also super pumped
’cause guess who I ran into. -Yeah, and you’re in my seat. -It’s POTUS 44, you guys!
What?! The B-Man,
the Champion of Change, the Hero of Hope. -Could you, uh, could you get up
out of my seat? -Sure. Sorry. Oh, my God, it’s really him. -Open wide.
-Ahhh. -So, Mr. President,
as long as you’re here, I have a bunch of questions to
ask you about being President. You ready?
-You know, I don’t think now is a good time.
-First, I heard there’s a bowling alley
in the White House. I mean, who’s a better bowler,
you or Michelle? Or both of you guys?
And also what is a turkey? I mean, is it
a Thanksgiving thing? I mean, gobble-gobble,
I approve this message? -Doc, geez, did you give
this guy laughing gas? -Actually, this is him sedated. So, how many times a day
are we brushing? -Twice a day. -Forty [bleep] seven! God, I love oral hygiene! Okay, be real with me,
Dwayne Barack Johnson. How great will I be
as El Presidente? -I don’t think you’re gonna have
to worry about it. -Because this sounds crazy,
but a lot of people say that I’m too excited.
I don’t think I’m too excited. I don’t think that’s
even a possible thing to do. -And spit. -Come on, man. Honestly. You got that in my mouth.
Look, look, look, look. Do you want me
to be honest with you, Beto? -Yeah, that’s all I want.
Quick, let me just set the mood. ♪♪ -Beto, I think
that you got to just take some of that enthusiasm
and channel it into ideas that help everyday Americans. -Yeah, yeah.
-That’s what I did, and now people everywhere
remember my legacy as one of
progress and resilience. You have the potential to be
a serious contender with — What? Are you even
listening to me? -Hey, we should get
matching braces. That would be so cool
on the campaign trail! -Give me this.
-No! -I’m too old for this [bleep] Get off me. Get off me. Obama out.
-No! ♪♪ Oh, my God, guys,
I’m so shaken. I mean, can you believe that? Barack freaking Obama. I got right up in there, man. I smelled everything. And you know what he did?
He gave me an endorsement. -A restraining order?
-One of the two. Man, it’s such a great day! I’m so pumped right now. I got to go hit the gym, man,
lift some weights. Check me out on Instagram, okay? Beto’s breaking the Internet. I’m gonna do it.
I’m gonna do it! ♪♪

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