Biased Parliamentary Report on Homeopathy

Biased Parliamentary Report on Homeopathy

in February 2010 the parliamentary Science Technology Committee released an evidence check report on homeopathy homeopaths were truly excited about this opportunity it should have been a clear and concise report that really helped people to understand homeopathy and the benefits of homeopathy and to see whether it should be more integrated into the NHS it was a sad day for the homeopathic profession because we had hoped that this would give some clear evidence and clear guidance around homeopathy but we were always worried about it because we could see that the way that the evidence check was being conducted was unfair and flawed in fact in the end there were 14 people on the evidence check committee yet only three of those people three MPs were willing to support the evidence check that the whole report itself was led by Evan Harris who is a known skeptic of homeopathy and the very next day after the report was published 70 MPs moved an early day motion against it because they were unhappy with the way that the evidence check had been conducted it was then dismissed by government and even the Department of Health expressed concerns over its findings Earl Baldwin was brought in to write a critique on the report and he said that the report was unreliable sadly for homeopathy this evidence check is constantly used as some kind of evidence that homeopathy is not as effective as we as it as it actually is and is often quoted by journalists and editors in the news if you want to know more about the evidence check and see the true story about the facts and the way that the report was conducted then take a look at homeopathy evidence check org thanks

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  1. You do not understand research, research papers or evidence checks do you? It wasn't meant to clear homeopathy's name, it was meant to check the evidence provided to demonstrate the claims being made. It didn't hold up to scrutiny, so it was negative. You and your fellows have nothing by means of evidence of any kind. You lot cling to anecdotes for dear life and can't stand when your claims are tested. Efficacy is the only thing the scientific community cares about. You would know that if you had a formal science education.

  2. It doesn't matter how sceptical someone is, if it works then it should work in a double blind trial. If it works, it should be shown to work. This isn't a conspiracy. Money where your mouth is.

  3. The main principles of homeopathy are against the knowledge of chemistry that we have today.Principle of dilution says dilution makes a medicine stronger.
    If I do not take a medicine for a day,concentration decrease in my body.Medicine becomes more and more potent.So if I miss my medicine for a day shall I die of overdose?

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