Bill Hader on Writers’ Room Therapy Sessions & Being “as Honest as You Can” | Close Up

Bill Hader on Writers’ Room Therapy Sessions & Being “as Honest as You Can” | Close Up

(energetic music) – [Lacey] What are the pieces
of you, of your history, that you’re sort of mining for? For laughs, or for not,
I mean, for more serious. – [Bill] Well, my show’s about a murderer, so I don’t know…
(group laughing) – [Lacey] But I remember
reading that your sister found their pieces of your past that she was surprised you sort of showed.
– Yeah, I mean I think there’s also, with that character, kind of what you’re
saying is you try to be as honest as you can. Especially, I don’t know how you guys are in the writers’ room, but sometimes it can
feel like group therapy, where those writers’
rooms can get so personal. I find like, I’ll share
things in the writers’ room that I’ve never shared
with, like, closest friends ’cause you’re trying to get
to some truth about something, so you just start, you
know, talking about, like, “Yeah, man, I
remember like in, you know, “ninth grade, just feeling
like an utter failure, “and I would just cry a lot, just like “start crying and not knowing why.” And everybody going
like, “All right Bill…” (laughing) My best friend Duffy
Boudreau writes on the show, and he’s been friends with
me since we were thirteen. He’s like, “I didn’t know any
of this stuff. Are you okay?” (laughing) But you just try to find that Venn diagram of your main character
and you in the room, you know, you just try
to pull people on stuff. You know, Alec and I talked
a lot about stakes, you know, and I think, you know, comedy. And we just go, “Can we
do a show about death?” You know, life and
death, (laughs) you know? “And still be funny,” you know? So, I guess my point is you
take those things from your life but you could put it
into a “genre”-type thing if you wanted to. (energetic music) This season on Barry, all
the characters are trying to fight their nature and just
be honest and truthful, but some of the characters,
what they’re realizing is that’s not what this town wants, ’cause that doesn’t make a lot of money. (group laughing)
You know what I mean? It makes people feel bad, you know? The thing we keep seeing is people go, “That was a bummer.”
(all laughing) That’s what everyone says when
they see the honest thing. – Yeah.
– And it’s funny, ’cause Stephen Root’s character, Fuches, is just this hitman kind-of, He’s like my hitman-agent guy, this dummy. He’s like, “People don’t want that!” He’s the one telling me. He’s like, “People just want ‘Braveheart!’ “They want that speech from ‘Braveheart’.” (group laughing)
You think that guy actually gave that speech in Braveheart? No, he just fucking died.
– [Jerrod] Of course not. (group laughing) – But you see it, and it’s like the greatest thing
you’ve ever seen, right? – [Jerrod] Yeah, you need the redemption. – Don’t worry about being honest. (laughing)
Being honest just makes you vulnerable and scared, you know? (energetic music) – In your show, one of the things that I found fascinating is that you are a murderer, and yet, the audience, in many
ways, is rooting for you. And then all of the
sudden, Sally’s character, a female, people don’t get
behind them the same way, and I’m curious.
– Well, it’s funny, we had a screening of
the first four episodes, and someone said, “I
find her very unlikable.” And someone shouted out,
“Barry kills people.” (all laughing) – [Lacey] But what does that say? – She’s an ambitious
actress, and she’s not afraid to play someone who is complicated. They’re not, I don’t think, a bad person, they’re just incredibly complicated. She’s human. – But this was always the
thing on “Breaking Bad” for me. – [Bill] Yeah, Skyler,
people were just like, “I can’t stand Skyler.” And you’re like… – [Lacey] And meanwhile, they’re
rooting for Walter White. – [Bill] She’s home alone
with, like, a special needs kid and a baby, and she’s the bad guy? (laughing)
– [Lacey] Yeah. – I’ve had someone come
up to me at a restaurant and say, “I can’t believe
you made Henry Winkler like, a terrible person.” (group laughing) They were like, “that was-” And they were- I thought it was a bit at first,
and then it was just, like, that awful sinking feeling of like, “Oh, they’re being serious.” And they were holding
my hand the whole time. And I was like, “oh.” – Like I was shaking hands
with them, and I was like “Oh my gosh, you’re really mad at me. “Oh, you’re not letting go of my hand.” (group laughing) This person was like “It was very uncool.” (mumbles) “Okay, cool, well, “he’s happy playing it.”
(group laughing) – [Lacey] (mumbles)
paycheck, so he’s good. – He’s good. And then also, I’ve had people, Alec loves this, where it’s like a female reporter will say, “I’ve never found you attractive, “but you shooting people
was very attractive.” Like, “You, the gun, I
found really attractive.” That’s happened to me three times. And then Alec will always go, “Wait, I want to back up, “you’ve never found him attractive?” (group laughing) – But how do you respond to that? – I don’t know how to respond to that. I find it very strange, I find it- – [Ali] That’s a very
weird thing to say to you. – [Bill] Three times.
– [Lacey] Three times! – [Bill] It’s happened three times. – But you married the third person. – Yeah, yeah.
(group laughing) The third person and I have real estate. We have multiple houses together. (group laughing)
But it’s weird, I don’t know where it comes from. (energetic music)

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  1. I really enjoyed watching Barry and can't wait for season 3! ps- not that anyone cares lol but I have always found Bill attractive and his personality is great! He is hilarious, seems humble and is ridiculously talented. Will always root for him and support what he does. 🙂

  2. Bill has always been an attractive dude, it is just now that he has a different presence that people are noticing. But it still is probably not something you should point out to him if you are a reporter….and he is your subject. Keep it classy and professional people at work!

  3. I hate Sally for how hypocritical she can be, not cause she's a she. Same for Skyler in Breaking Bad, am I denying they're complex and well-written characters at the same time? Not at all. But I find it easier to root for the main characters who are even worse pieces of shit; simply for their honesty. Even if they lie to themselves and those around them, throughout their arcs/journeys… Deep down, they truly know, they can never change for the better. And it's easier to relate to someone who knows what they are and that there's no going back.

  4. He seems more exhausted and more drained every time he's on air. Something is not right with him, his sisters or his dad or his friends should really take him by the hand and make him just STOP. Force him to rest for 3 weeks if they have to. He's clearly in a loop and I hope he sees his daughters now more because Hannah is old enough to be his friend right now, and I think he needs that, to be honest. The last interview where he talked about his daughters he cried because he didn't see them at all, and it was killing him. He misses them and if he's not already on a break I think someone should through him into one now. You can't see it when you're in the loop, he needs help.

  5. It's interesting that Ali Rushfield didn't go along with the obvious "lol" reaction about the women who only found Bill attractive when he was shooting a gun, and instead seemed to get what he was saying about how disturbing that idea is. Anyway, I always enjoy seeing Bill awkwardly trying to do photo shoots – it's nice to know the stars are just like us (or me) in dreading any photo.

  6. i’ve always thought that people hating sally and skyler share the same energy, it’s so frustrating. i couldn’t stand walter white on breaking bad, i really don’t get how anyone could hate skyler, especially when they LIKE walter. skyler and sally are problematic characters but so are we. i don’t mind people rooting for the villainous main characters of these shows but damn, cut the women some slack.

  7. If you've never really liked Bill and watch Barry be ready for a complete 180. Then go watch all his late night interviews, the man is adorable.

  8. The second season did a lot for Sally really. I still don't like her all that much because she's self involved and egotistical, but you do end up seeing another side to her this time around that humanizes her a bit more and, begrudgingly lol, I did end up sympathizing for her by the time it was over.

  9. Bill Hader is so ahead of the game – seriously one of the few creative, comedic geniuses working today.

  10. He is seemingly a nice guy, but I don't want to hear any more about Bill Hader. Why is YouTube keep on putting so much of him in my feed?

  11. So he really doesn’t laugh as animated as he does on talk shows
    I just love his work and he’s very attractive!!

  12. Bill and Jerrod should work on a show together, like a kind of fictional comedy. It will be so DOPE my two favs!

  13. I appreciate how Alec and Bill will always defend Sally when people decide she's /somehow/ the worst person EVER in a show full of dangerous criminals that also stars a serial murderer. she's not any more selfish or narcissistic than Cousineau. and she's far less innocent of wrongdoing than Hank. yet she's a woman who dares to not be caring, considerate, self effacing and polite ALL the time so that makes her satan. It's especially sad because the show has never validated this interpretation of Sally. She's always portrayed with empathy and complexity, even when she's being a jerk (which she can be! and that's ok! cause no one is likable and good all the time). Just like Barry, Hank, Cousineau and even many secondary characters. the show still considers her worth rooting for and sympathizing with. the compassion for other people in Barry, a show one can argue is not only very dark but also cynical, is honestly a big part of what makes it work for me. I don't know how someone can watch this show and NOT sympathize with almost every single character to at least some extent. But that said If you can sympathize with Barry (and the other flawed men on this show) but can't with Sally despite the narrative giving you plenty of reasons to (nvm that she's never killed anybody) then maybe you need to reevaluate yourself and why that is. seriously.

  14. where is the full version of this? Idd like to see what the others have to say about their stuffs?

  15. By the way: I find him attractive even without a gun…?
    He has such beautiful eyes and a very sweet smile, his laughing is so bright and he‘s incredible intelligent…
    That and many other things make him very attractive and beautiful???️‍?

  16. Bill Hader has always been attractive. OMG. Bill with a case of the giggles is the cutest thing in the world ❤️

  17. He’s not attractive like Tom Cruise attractive, or Brad Pitt attractive or Chris Evans attractive or Jake Gyllenhaal attractive. He’s his own attractive, plus, he’s funny and smart and a GEMINI!

  18. I always thought Bill was attractive like before I knew Barry was a thing lol

    Like I remember when trainwreck came out and I never saw it until recently but like I remember the previews/ads being like “omg he’s so hot??”

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