Bipolar Disorder – Symptoms and Treatment in Homeopathy by Dr. P.S Tiwari

Bipolar Disorder – Symptoms and Treatment in Homeopathy by Dr. P.S Tiwari

Hello friends, I am Dr P.S. Tiwari and welcome to my channel. Today i will talk about Bipolar Disorder. What is Bipolar Disorder, its symptoms and
its homeopathy treatment, so lets begin. Friends first we will understand what is Bipolar
Disorder. Bipolar Disorder is a type of mental disorder,
In this the patient suffers from frequent mood swings. The patient suffers from sudden depression
to sudden happiness. If someone suffers from any accident or had
any quarrel or due to some other reason a person gets sad or depressed and with time
his depression and sadness wears off, then this is the normal process. This happens with everybody and there is no
need to take any medication for this. But this video which i am making today is
on another topic and disease which you cannot ignore. Friends, Bipolar Disorder is a kind of disease
in which the patient suffers from mood swings. If a patient is happy then all of sudden he
will get sad and if he is sad then he will get happy that is why this disease has been
separated in two parts :- excitement and depression. Friends, let us understand if the symptoms
of the patient if he is in excitement phase. In the excitement phase the patient gets energetic
and happy and his confidence level increases. The patient gets very talkative and his sleep
disappears and he also gets very aggressive. Friends, let us understand if the symptoms
of the patient if he is in depression phase. In the depression phase the patient gets sad
and hopeless and there will be no energy in his body. The patient will not speak to anybody, he
will always be tired and have guilt feeling accompanied by suicidal thoughts. Friends, if you are seeing these symptoms
then alert yourself and get its proper treatment. In homeopathy there are very good medicines
which if you take for a long time then this problem of yours will be 100 % cured. Now I am going to tell you about some homeopathic
medicines, you don’t have to take all the medicines instead take only that medicine
which matches with your symptom. Friends i also want to clear one thing that
the medicines which I prescribe in dilution you have to take that directly in your mouth
without water and those medicines which i prescribe in mother tincture you have have
to take with some water. Friends, its best and first medicine is Ignatia. In Ignatia the patient suffers from sadness
to happiness. If the patient is crying then suddenly he
will start laughing. This is its unique symptom. Apart from this the patient is sad for a long
time, he is hopeless and does not want to speak to anybody, then you can give Ignatia
6 – 4 globules thrice daily for some time, then this problem will be cure forever, but
have to give medicine with patience. Friends, its second medicine is also very
good medicine – Lachesis 200. You have to take Silicea 200 potency – 4 globules
twice daily. You have to take this in only two symptoms. In this the patient’s excitement level increases
which makes the patient very talkative. When the patient start talking he forgets
what he is talking about but stil he continues to talk. So you can give Lachesis 200 – 4 globules
twice daily to such patient for some time, then this problem will be cured. Friends, its next medicine is Veratrum Album
30. In this the patient starts biting, whether
he bites himself or others and he also starts tearing clothes and cannot sit at one place,
going from one room to another continuously. So in this kind of symptom you can give Veratrum
Album 30 – 4 globules thrice daily, in every case you have to give medicine continuously
without any gap because by giving medicines continuously the patient will get relief. Friends, its next medicine is Aurum Met which
is made up of Gold. In this the patient cannot stop talking about
suicide, so you can give Aurum Met 3x 1 tablet thrice daily to such patient for a long time,
then this problem will get cured. Friends, its next medicine is Staphysagria. You have to take Staphysagria in 30 potency. In this the patient all of sudden gets out
of control. He will get angry all of sudden which will
create a scene in the house because his anger is out of control. So you can give Staphysagria 30 – 4 globules
thrice daily to such patient then this of anger will be cured and the patient will get
releif in his head and his problem will be cured. Friends, its next medicine is very common
medicine – Belladonna. Friends first i want to tell you that you
have to be very alert with this type of patient because you will never know what he will do
at any give time. In Belladonna the patient gets angry all of
sudden and gets in fight with the person sitting next to him and also start biting him and
the patient’s face gets all red. So in this case you can give Belladonna 200
– 4 globules twice daily for a week and then stop it because you don’t have to give Belladonna
continuously. You can give this for a week and then stop
for a week and the again start and like this you have to give this for 3 – 4 months then
this type of symptom will be cured and the patient will get fully recovered. Friends, the next medicine is Lilium Tig. In this the patient is restless and have restlessness
and the biggest symptom is that the patient always shows himself as very busy person. He will tell you that he is in hurry and is
very busy but he is not in hurry or busy at all. So if this type of symptom is there in any
patient than you can give Lilium Tig 30 – 4 globules thrice daily, then this type of mental
symptom will be cured. So friends, today i told you about Bipolar
Disorder. If you want complete treatment from me then
you can message me your details in WhatsApp. All the details relating to complete treatment
is given in the description of the video. So friends i hope you like my today’s video.

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