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  1. Crappy customer service is driving everyone away. I recall a story a while back, of some gentleman who's skull had a hole burn right through. Now if you search "black salve camcer treatment" he's the poster boy. What a crazy legacy.

  2. Never trust conspiratory alternative medicine promoters, unless there scientific studies that you can find that say otherwise.

    this simple saying discredits fluride fearmongers, antivaxxers, and every other hippy paranoiac.

  3. black salve can be very helpfull if you know how to use it….if not it can cause a lot of problems. Unlike chemo which is terrible and usless in 98%+ of cases! Do a video about that

  4. Cutting cancer lesions causes the cancer cells to spread and metastise in the body. You do not want the likes of Mohs surgery unless the cancer is cooked first. Most people who die of skin cancers are those that are post surgery/chemo and their body is full of the cancer. Black Slave separates the cancer from normal tissue using your immune system and its activated acids.

  5. NutritionFacts.org you're playing up to the propaganda. Try proper Black Salve yourself. It dos not damage normal tissue. You can lump a whole table spoon on your arm or some steak from the refrigerator, and nothing but a sweat patch once remove. It only reacts to abnormal tissue. There's little proof of Black Salve in medical fields as they refuse to properly deploy it. Also your referenced success stories of Mohs is 5 year death rates, not those that day afterwards.

  6. ACV can get rid of a wart. Haven't tried it on skin cancer yet, but if I ever get to that place, you never know. lol

  7. https://youtu.be/iJyB9vmvg40
    This might be of interest to some wanting to know more about Black Salve

  8. Another great public service. This message really resonated with me and I hope every physician watches this video.

  9. Dermatologist failed to remove wart on my thumb with allopathic medicine. Black salve worked to remove the wart. If a physician fails to treat a simple wart then it is understandable that people would conclude that physicians would be equally ineffective at treating cancer. This is why NutritionFacts.org is getting popular, because allopathic medicine's priorities are questionable.

  10. when my sister first found a couple breast tumors, refused surgery (for some reason) so she used a bloodroot salve that her doctor and oncologist observed. they were surprised that the tumors and even the cancer was gone from her lympth nodes under her arm also. she said it was very painful and didn't want to do it again so after five years another tumor formed so she had chemo and in conjunction, she used many herbal tonics/supplements that were said to be liver tonic and blood builders, these were prescribed by an herbal doctor… when she didn't drink the teas/tonics and take the herbal supplements her white and red blood cell levels were low and they raised when she used the supplements/tonics (they were bitter and unpleasant and difficult to get her to take them especially when she was sick from the chemo but with much resistance and having to sip everything she had to take i got her to take them, they helped… these were similar to the ingredients in hoxey and essiac… with burdock, dandelion, and many other herbs)… her oncologist (from india and was familiar with herbal medicine) watched her closely and after her course of chemo found that her tumor had calcified and no metastasis left in her lymph nodes. about five years after that it came back with a vengeance and she decided to do nothing as she didn't want to endure the side effects of chemo or the bloodroot so i took care of her until she went into hospice care and died.
    i'm not sure it was called 'black salve', it's been over two decades ago but i know that bloodroot and iodine were principle ingredients…

  11. Agree. My first oncologist was horrible. Told me I was going to die and I better get treatment right now. He also said I should quit my job to eliminate my exposure to children so I did not get pneumonia and die. Needless to say after I cried out my eyes, I never went back to him. But I waited to go to another oncologist believing them to all be like him. I almost waited too long. Thank goodness, I have a fantastic oncologist now. I am in remission now and just pasted the 9 year anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer.

  12. Stick to your veggies. You have no experience or a clue about cancer salves yet you talk about it like some expert. People are waking up to the truth faster than you think.

  13. In a roundabout way this video presents a good argument for the systematic application of the concept of the "patient advocate" who would support them during their interactions with specialists (who may lack people skills) and serve as a source of information and gentle persuasion to protect the patient from the lures of medical conmen spruiking deadly and infective alternative medications.

  14. Can't agree on this. I use this regularly and it is very effective and I don't have scars. Sad to see Dr Greger buy into the hype that it's horrible, but to each his own. A great song once said "A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest." I've found this to be so true. I agree with those who have already commented and said "do your own research". This isn't any different from other natural treatments like cannabis oil, and mistletoe that are highly effective and totally vilified.

  15. When you use a for profit medical system where you will get pushed for things that are potentially negative(the mammogram videos for an example) is it any wonder why people wouldn't trust their doctor?

  16. I read about this long ago, felt for the people. Vaguely remember a woman using it on her breast cancer, must have been very close to the surface or something, it felt painful just reading about her going through this.
    If you can get a surgery, with proper anaesthetic and painkillers, even when that's the only piece of 'conventional treatment' you choose, that sounds way less painful.

  17. plain old hemp oil you can buy at the store put a dollop on a Band-Aid and put it on your skin and it will cure anything

  18. plain old hemp oil you can buy at the store put a dollop on a Band-Aid and put it on your skin and it will cure anything

  19. plain old hemp oil you can buy at the store put a dollop on a Band-Aid and put it on your skin and it will cure anything

  20. plain old hemp oil you can buy at the store put a dollop on a Band-Aid and put it on your skin and it will cure anything like a bump mole or skin abrasion or cancer

  21. plain old hemp oil you can buy at the store put a dollop on a Band-Aid and put it on your skin and it will cure anything like a bump mole or skin abrasion or cancer

  22. plain old hemp oil you can buy at the store put a dollop on a Band-Aid and put it on your skin and it will cure anything like a bump mole or skin abrasion or cancer

  23. My mother had a squamous cell carcinoma on her cheek 2 years ago. Instead of removing it in the office the doctor prescribed her a cream that burned it off her face. She had to put it on for 2 weeks straight, and when I visited her towards the end, she had a huge scab on her face. She she it hurt badly and kept her from sleeping well. THAT WAS PRESCRIPTION STUFF!!! Guess that's the best treatment you can get on Obamacare tho…. at least she didn't use black salve….

  24. I have used BS on legs and temple, and it worked for me, but would never use it on my nose, but having said that, have you got pics of people a year on, because the holes usually fill in over time.

  25. What you didn't mention is that all oncologists push very hard on radiotherapy and chemotherapy because it's very profitable. The problem is that those treatments have about 5% success. They are cancer causing therapies and majority of people die of them because they stimulate cancer growth. I'm not against surgery, I'm against pseudoscience. People live longer without chemo and radiation and quality of life is significantly better.

  26. Come ON Dr. Greger. If the underlying cause of the cancer such as the diet, that caused it to grow in the first place is changed and the body has changed its pH that resulted from an acid causing to an alkaline diet, after the black salve removes the tumor, there are herbs to help grow new cells where the tumor was… or the body may just do so on its own. We all know western medicine has a deplorable track record when it comes to treating chronic and degenerative problems ESPECIALLY cancer. I can't believe I'm hearing you defend allopathy for cancer treatment!

  27. guys stop taking vitamin D supplements btw, check out the evidence-based information provided by "pamela popper" youtube channel. she basically says that the best source of vitamin D is sun exposure and that vitamin D supplements are unhealthy and are not even close to matching the complexity of natural vitamin D production

  28. I've used black salve on my face and chest for skin cancer and it worked! Pulled it right out. No longer have it. I'm going to stop following Dr. Greger. He has some sound advice on a plant based diet but he is dead set against natural alternative medicine. Like oil pulling, he's against it cause "it could cause phneumonia". Yeah right. I've been oil pulling for years and have very healthy teeth and gums. Yet again, he's good for diet advice but for other stuff, not so much.

  29. The lesson came at the conclusion of this video. Effective physicians are respectful and caring. Unfortunately, many are not. A few can be arrogant, disrespectful, AND ignorant.

  30. I'm very tempted to believe the "adversarial" and "thinking they were God" parts are at least partially explained by these patients being unreasonable lunatics in the first place.

  31. Does it ever get to anyone else nerve about the.. Ehhhhh that is pronounced or the uhhhwhen the tissue samples are taken.. it's just how he talks kinda uhhhurmm eeerrrrrrrks me.

  32. It saved my life, pulled the tumor until it erupted from my breast, with the blood vessels still attached, which had to be snipped with sterilized scissors. Left a two inch wide hole in my breast, which is now healed. Up until this video I had complete trust in Dr. Greger. To see the truth, watch on YouTube "One Answer to Cancer" with doctors who ARE honest on this topic.

  33. I placed a small amount on my left arm for 24 hours, no tissue damage. Placed a small amount above the tumor in my breast, with in one minute, a tingling sensation. Within two weeks the tumor was expelled from my right breast.

  34. This study of the evidence is so ridiculously biased.. how can you see both sides of the salves effects if there are NO studies to see the efficacy of the salve? The reason people walk away from the medical industry is because it is corrupt and money driven. There is no money to be made from black salve. So there is no interest in studying it.

  35. It's incredible that people would prefer someone warmly recommending total rubbish to a professional coldly prescribing a real treatment, but that's humans for you. Good to see a warning on any of these useless "alternatives". I'd be inclined to include the warning in the video title lest anyone who does not watch it takes away a false impression!

  36. I have had melanoma cut out 100%success, an basal cell in my face radiated 100% success and a small basal cell treated with cannibas oil, 100% success. If my skin doctor recommended cutting out the last one,I would have done it, but she couldn't find after the cannabis oil treatment.

  37. Is tea tree oil safe to use? Supposedly it's good for your skin. Only problem I have with it is the smell. My brother says it smells like ether.

  38. Could you look into Curaderm, a natural cream derived from Eggplants? It was featured in ‚The Cure against Cancer‘…. I would love to know if it works!

  39. Those images put me off my avocado hummus. Yeah take that uncaring Drs had you treated me better than maybe i wouldn't have tried black salve and lived.

  40. Curaderm BEC5 Skin Cancer Cream
    Dr Bill Cham's Eggplant Cancer Cure

  41. I have used it 7 times successfully. Only 2 spots have a very tiny scar. I watched my husband go through many painful and scarring skin cancer removals.

  42. I just watched your video about marijuana where you were very clear about how the pharmaceutical industry which is the backbone of the medical industry blocks the legalization of marijuana because it will cut into their prophets yet, in this video you seem perplexed as to why people do not trust doctors to treat cancer.

  43. This goes to show you how people are so easily fouled by princes offering money or snake oil salesman with cures. Very evident in our current political environment! People, due your research from lots of reputable sources and not from the web sites that say your computer is infected with a virus, click here to clean.

  44. Paul Nissan was on youtube before Dr. Greger promoting healthy eating. Pau Nissan used black salve on himself several times and got good results. Interesting that Dr. Greger, so data-driven researcher, didn't spend time contacting Paul and few others who used it successfully. Then after hearing horror stories and successful treatments dive deep into black salve treatments. And only then make a video. Looks like Dr. Greger is rushing forward to put more fresh vids out there without looking deeper. Sad.

  45. Black salve has helped many people, and it includes many ingredients, not just corrosive zinc chloride

  46. It's important to note the differences between skin cancers. Melanoma is the only one that can metastisize, and therefore be life threatening. The other skin cancers that are much more common, esp. with age, diet, alcohol use and genetics are squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas. Squamous cells are fast growing, and relatively superficial; basal's are typically slower growing and can be deeper. It's important to remove these because they can cause disfigurement, but they do not metastisize. Standard dermatological treatment is non-toxic for all with biopsy followed by a scraping/burning technique, or deeper surgery, especially if in cosmetically sensitive areas like the face. Melanoma however is usually followed by the deeper surgery, and if it's spread to the lymph nodes or beyond, would shift to an oncologist for care. The point of my comment here is to show that skin cancers, except in the case of malignant melanoma, do not require chemotherapy or radiation, and so would suggest that allopathic treatment in this case would actually be the CONSERVATIVE route, over potentially disfiguring self treatments. But for warts, one can bypass the dermatologist and use over the counter preparations or even apple cider vinegar with good results if committed to regular treatment.

  47. So, the patients chose the feel good snake oil salesman over the doctor that is a jerk. Then the patients (now victims) complain that the huckster fucked them over. I'll take the jerk any day. How did we get to this point where society has become a bunch of babies looking to be coddled?

  48. I truly do not believe this treatment at all. I beat Malignant Melanoma by Mohs Surgery 6 years ago today! I had precancerous melanoma removed by surgery back in 2/2013 also.

  49. Black salve works. For those who speak German, look up: hautkrebs mit natürlichem Skalpell entfernt (youtube channel: Alex Green). I do not know what they were using here but I can no longer trust this channel here.

  50. My mother went to chemo treatment for 6 months, the doctors said the cancer was gone. My mother keep having saviour pain so she went for a check up. Her doctor said most cancer patient get paranoid after having cancer and think every pain after is cancerous. Well, she said, no that she knows her body and somthing is wrong. Well, it turned out the cancer spread to her liver and is now terminal stage 4. She went for a more aggressive treatment of chemo. She felt horrible right away. That night her hair feel out and was to sick to get out of bed.
    She asked her doctor about natural health. The doctor said that in the late 60s and early 70s that the colleges stop teaching healing by natural remedies and health. That they learn their chemical toxic pharmaceutical (basicly) drug treatment. My mother refused chemo and the kicked her out the doors and didn't want to treat her. When she first got cancer one of the first things (Every cancer patient hears) they told her, is eat anything she wants. That is the worst advice EVER.

    Well, they gave her 2 .months, that was a year and 4 months ago. So she.

    After they kicked her out, she called my wife and I up and asked about natural holistic healing. So she changed her diet staryed juicing and throwing all the garbage and pharmaceutical drugs out. After a year of doing it natural she went to a check up. The cancer has not grown or spread and the doctor said she would be one of the healthiest person they saw if it were not for the cancer.

    Because of natural healing my mother is still her with us. Not stuck in bed and spending her last years sick, bold, and hurting. The reason they don't do clinical trials is because natural medicine works. This is why they go deep I to the rain forest and synthesis plants and make drugs. But a synthetic poison is all they really make.

    Just like you have knock off companies making worse pharmaceutical drugs then major companies, you also have "so called" natural companies that make bad natural products using cheap crappy ingredients. Also research the companies you go with. Don't try to save money buying natural products from people cutting corners. Look for real Orgainc, quality ingredient and a reputable company.
    Shalum and remember that natural plants & herbs have been used since the beginning for medicine and has worked for thousands of years.

    This doctor never mentioned the long list of side effects that you get with big pharma. Effects that are worst then the illnesses people are suffering from.

  51. I just used black salve with excellent results! I’ve had over 15 surgeries for basal cell and squamous cell removal. I’ve had Mohs surgery. I was sick of the cutting and surgeries so I recently tried black salve. I used a very small amount( half size of dried pea) followed direction completely. The site was very sore for a day or two, after 5 days cancer popped out . I am left w a fraction of the scar. A very tiny divet as opposed to inch long scar. Black salve is to be respected, I can’t imagine just globing it on or using too much, I’m sure then you would experience some of these pictures. FYI, prior to using I had biopsy confirming it was basal cell. After use I had another biopsy of site. There is no cancer present. I’m sold on black salve.

  52. IS THE SAME DR GREGOR WHO SPOUTS ALL THE VEGAN PSEUDO-SCIENCE? How about actual research with real life people who use Black Salve very successfully. This guy has NO EXPERIENCE in real life, he's just quoting biased medical literature. This is the most pointless article I ever seen! how about the stats on metatsis on biopsies, and on bcc removal? Every week I see a case where a person had a simple BCC surgically removed. He missed the ends, and now the person has mets to bone or lungs or brain. How easily does Black Salve work, cleaning finding the ends and bringing them to the surface to be ejected. This level of ignorance, and speaking from some kind of authority because he's a "Doctor' , is ludicrous, and all the little sheeple buy into his bullshit. How about trying it yourself Dr Gregor? Try it on healthy skin and see if it reacts. This video is an insult to my intelligence. Plus, he doesn't even look healthy to me, so why would i follow his crappy advice??????

  53. The level of stupidity in the world is astonishing. How long has pharmacetical medicine been around? Just over a 100years. Lets look at the state of humanity's health, compared to back them Hmmmm, cancer has gone from 3 out of a 100, to 1in 2-3. Autism in the last ten years alone has skyrocketed. A 'Chemist' was someone who compounded herbs and animal parts to make medicines, not changed labels on bottles. The industrialisation of Medicine, i.e. they made it a Business, by Rockefeller and Carnegie drove out the traditional ways. People handed their body over to the Dr, who misdiagnosed symptoms as diseases, and poisoned your body with synthetic chemicals. It's always the uneducated people, or people who were 'educated' by the system instead of educating themselves with real research, who mock Herbal Medicines. Let's see this Dr Gregor actually handle and test a proper Salve out, for himself. Quoting fake science is shameful. Drs are EXTREMELY dangerous!!!

  54. Please do more research… Black Salve works if made/sourced properly and used properly… maybe test it out on yourself or speak with people who have used it for years with success, before you dismiss something you don't really understand.

  55. It was suggested I watch this video and it was difficult to listen to it all. The affected salesman-like voice that sounds like he has a mouth full of spit and needs a good swallow was bad enough…the content even worse. The absence of clinical trial data is not the presence of proof that something doesn't do what it is proposed it does. If advancing disease and death is the measure by which a treatment is judged, our bulging cemeteries can attest to the failure of conventional cancer treatments. Why has this person not done the simplest test themselves…applying black salve to their skin? This would immediately reveal to him the lie that it destroys tissue indiscriminately. Then, like ever other user, he would ask himself – what else are they lying about? A nonsense video providing support to a corrupt system and misinformation to anyone who trusts his judgement. Black Salve has its limitations but then so does the very thing it uses to kill cancer and the only thing that ever will – the immune system. Seek evidence yourself before trusting this rubbish.

  56. I have used Black Salve numerous time and it has been very efficient and effective in targeting the affected area..
    Yet there is a precise process that must be adhered to when applying it and if it is abused it could be dangerous as with any form of medication.

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