Book Trailer: The Illustrated Herbiary

Since ancient times, plants have been
used for scent and beauty, and for food and medicine. They have been part of our
rituals and celebrations reminding us of life and breath and color. My name is
Maia Toll, and The Illustrated Herbiary is my collection of whimsical writings
about the plants paired with age-old wisdom to help you to come into
relationships with them. I’ve always loved old botanical prints
and my partnership with illustrator Kate O’Hara let me reimagine how we see the green world. Using images and symbolism, Kate’s
vibrant illustrations will help you understand the magic of plants and,
through the images, guide you into the unknown spaces of your own heart. The fascination with botanicals is ancient
and universal. Kings and healers, shamans and botanists have spent lifetimes
learning the secrets of the plant kingdom. We have a reciprocal
relationship with the plants and trees. Their inhale is our exhale; our exhale,
their inhale. So perhaps unbeknownst to you, you too
have spent a lifetime in quiet communion with the plants. When we bring consciousness to this relationship we meet the plants in all their diversity
getting to know their quirks and personalities as well as their medicine. This book, both the writing and
illustrations, is a celebration of the mysterious, romantic, and joyful world of
plant magic and a portal to understanding the magic in ourselves. Much like a garden changes through the
seasons, your perception of this book will change through the seasons of your
life. The Illustrated Herbiary will reveal
itself in different ways as you approach it again and again. Welcome to The
Illustrated Herbiary. Your journey into the mystical world of
plants begins here.

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