Boost Your Immune System with Ayurveda

Boost Your Immune System with Ayurveda

So to me, having a healthy immune system, is really just that abundance of vibrancy, vitality, and health and it’s
important to me because I lead a really busy life. I have a lot going on between
work and following my passions and being with the people I love and I don’t want
to miss any of it. Wondering how to boost your immune system? You might be
interested in Ayurveda. It’s a holistic approach to health and healing that
originated in India about 5000 years ago. It utilizes the laws of nature in all
its many forms to create a unique path to your most ideal state of Health. The
Ayurvedic perspective on achieving strong immune health might surprise you.
According to Ayurveda the first thing to do is strengthen your digestion by
eating meals at regular times and choosing foods that are easy to digest.
In Ayurveda a strong digestive fire is the key to year-round health. How do you
know if you’re digesting well? Well for me it’s pretty simple, I just feel really
good. Rather than feeling uncomfortable in my body with bloating or gas or
tiredness or a heavy mind I just feel really good. I feel
comfortable, I feel at ease, I feel energized and excited to meet the day. Also be sure to include immune boosting foods in your diet. You can think of foods that
boost the immune system in two ways: foods that are easy to digest and foods
that offer support. The former are things like Kitchari, a traditional Indian dish
made of rice, mung beans and spices it’s so easy to digest that it’s often given
to the elderly, to the ill and even to babies. The reason that easy to digest
foods are so important is because it gives your body a break. Rather than
using energy to break down foods, your body can use that energy to build
and strengthen healthy immune function. In general basmati rice and mung dal
can also be enjoyed individually. Soups stews and broths are other great easy to
digest foods foods that offers support include things
that are rich in vitamins and minerals such as tumeric ginger, echinacea,
vegetables and fruits. Just be sure to avoid foods that are cold oily and heavy
things like cheese, ice cream, yogurt, potato chips and fried foods. According
to Ayurveda these foods have the qualities of cold heavy and wet which
bog down the immune system and keep it from proper function. Next get good
quality sleep by going to bed and rising at the same time daily aiming for eight
hours of quality sleep per night. Sleep is so important it should not be
overlooked. For me, if I’m not getting enough sleep, I notice immediately a
snowball effect of just feeling more and more and tired and rundown.
On the other hand if I am getting enough sleep,
I feel consistently energized replenished and refreshed I feel like I
can handle whatever stress may come my way I feel excited about the day. Finally
have a daily supportive routine this is way more important than you would
think you know how when you travel and you end up needing and days to recover? well it’s not just because the airplane was dirty
but it’s also often because you’re totally stressed out, you’re staying up
too late, you’re waking up too early, you’re eating weird foods and your body
is totally thrown off whack. Creating stability with predictable self-care
behaviors can make all the difference and keep your body from getting off
balance. Ayurvedic things to include in a daily
routine are things like scraping your tongue, oil swishing, daily self
massage with oil etc just think about giving your body little anchor points of
stability and familiarity. So, start there. If you can nail these simple basics,
you’re likely to see a huge difference in the function of your immune system.
If you want bonus points you can try these too. Minimize stress, give yourself
permission to slow down, to nourish yourself and to take care of yourself.
Take bitter herbs like immune strong liquid extract or tabs. Herbs can be a
huge ally in bringing strength and balance to the body which in turn
bolsters and strengthens the immune system. Bitter herbs help to cleanse and
detoxify the body which help to boost the immune system. Even if you have a
sweet tooth you can still get your herbs in. Chyavanprash is perfect for this.
It’s a traditional Ayurvedic jam that is made with immune boosting herbs and
mixed with cane sugar, honey and ghee, which carry the herbs deeper into the
tissues of the body. It’s delicious! I eat it by the spoonful. lastly use Nasya oil
to soothe and cleanse the nasal passages and sinuses.
Proper use of Nasya oil helps to relieve congested breathing and boost
proper immune function. So go forth and be healthy!

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  1. I love how Ayurveda is so accessible, and one can start with a few simple steps, and then add on as one feels comfortable. It never feels overwhelming when you looked at in this way.

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