‘Boy Erased’ Author Garrard Conley On Conversion Therapy Horrors | TODAY

‘Boy Erased’ Author Garrard Conley On Conversion Therapy Horrors | TODAY

26 Replies to “‘Boy Erased’ Author Garrard Conley On Conversion Therapy Horrors | TODAY”

  1. Oh the histrionics. People endure much much worse in the world than this. You were mistreated and bullied. Join the club.

  2. For all the outrage and sadness this film engenders, feel free to laugh at the irony of this:
    The real-life Victor Sykes (played by director Joel Edgerton) also left the program and is now living happily ever after….with his husband…in Texas. 🙂

  3. I watched the trailer…Made me very upset…How can you do this to your own blood…How can you do this to someone who can't help who they love…it's so sad…x

  4. Made a comment earlier today wanted to add mentally torturing somone to convert them is horrifying after concluding the situation is not an addiction you need to except that individual for who they are and offer any councel they can to ensure that individual is happy healthy and ok with who they are.

  5. I wonder if Garrard has a good relationship with his dad now? Or is his dad's mind still being controlled by primitive religious delusions?

  6. The use of religious "therapy" to cure you of paedophilia is terrifying. It's what the Catholic church did with child molesting priests and it doesn't work. If there knew a man was molesting children they should've called the cops not tried to pray it away.

  7. I love this movie. The actors are great and good looking! I just want that the next time you do it cast people that are true to what they look like be it skinny, fat or whatnot and stop coating it with good looking men to play the role. Show the realness

  8. Is Jenna stupid? In my experience, very few churches are about love. Most reject homosexuality. Most divide us, judge us. Organized religion is medieval, and I wish we'd evolve already.

  9. I am watching Boy Erased and am halfway through this movie and I had to take a break… Unfortunately these people who run these communities and churches are hypocrites they are so fearful homophobic… These poor kids my heart goes out to them !

  10. 6:27 "It does more damage than good I would imagine, right?" Any manipulation that tells a person who is neither thinking nor doing anything harmful that he is flawed until he embraces a new identity does NO GOOD WHATSOEVER! This isn't a matter of weighing advantages against disadvantages!

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