Breast tumor ( lump ) is cured by ayurvedic treatment without surgery

Breast tumor ( lump ) is cured by ayurvedic treatment without surgery

Hello sir, Hello ma’am! Welcome to Planet Ayurveda!! First of all, I would like to know your names. I am Omkar Singh Bedi, we are from Nangal. She is my Mrs. and her name is Ravinder Kaur Bedi. Please let us know what made you to visit Planet Ayurveda? My wife had some Breast lump. We consulted 1, 2 doctors at Nangal and they advised us to visit some big cities for our problem. We went Ludhiana and consulted surgeon over there. He said that you have to go for operation as medicines will not be effective in this case. Okay, then how did you come to know about Planet Ayurveda? Doctor from Nangal (with us) asked us not worry, we have 120 percent treatment for this problem. As he advised, we came here and met Dr. Vikram Chauhan. He also assured us not to worry, continue with our medicines and patient will be all right. It was unbelievable!! Surgeon at Ludhiana clearly told us not to go for ayurvedic medicines, condition will get worst. You can say, due to god’s grace we trusted doctor sahib and started medicines though we had no hope. Very first time when this problem occurred? We came here 2nd of February 2015 and before 5-7 days of that problem raised. Madam, please let us know what symptoms you faced in the beginning? I had fever, cold, cough etc. and took medicines for that. Had no fever later but felt knot at my breast. Some said it’s due to phlegm accumulation and some said it may be a tumor. At Ludhiana they suggested to go for operation. When did all this happen? 6 months back, when we visited here. Since 6 months I am having these medicines. Got good results after 1 month only. So you are taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda since 6 months. How do you feel now? All right! Everything is normal now. Do you have reports with you? Yes. Well, you can see previous reports. Okay. Lump was about 1.8cm x 2.5cms x 2.8cms (size of SOL at 12 O’ clock position) on 26 February 2015. Yes, when they came to Planet Ayurveda center – Nangal, they had no hope of getting positive results with our medicines. I assured and they got appointment to consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan. They stared medicines as advised. Okay. Can we see latest reports? Yes, done with ultrasound on 10.4. 2015. There is no lump at all. Doctor has advised to continue same medicines for one more month then there is absolutely no need to take any medicine. It is cured for permanent, doctor said. Madam, please let us know, were there any dietary changes during whole treatment course? Yes, I did not take any kind of fried, sour food item. Did not have tea. Any message to our all viewers? Yes I would like to say these medicines are really effective. Though we had no hope of getting positive results but got belief after taking medicines here. I too want to say that please stay away from allopathic medicines which have lot of side effects and opt for ayurvedic medicines of Planet Ayurveda. One can even avoid surgeries as we have seen how Dr. Vikram Chauhan handles such critical cases. As we are satisfied, we wish same for others also who wish to have ayurvedic medicines from Planet Ayurveda. We thank you to visit us at Planet Ayurveda.

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  1. si meri maa ke breast may ek gad hai humne aaj hi Docotor ko dikhya hai 2 months se humne aaj hi aapka yeh video dekha hume aapka address aur ph no chahiye hume pta nai hai aapka clinic kha hai Meena (Raj)

  2. sir.. meri sister ku bhi yehi problem hai breast lump hai doctor NE kaha ke operation karna padta plz solve my problem aur me Hyderabad me rehti hu

  3. Dr. my name is Rupali. I am also having a big lump in my breast and abdomen which doesnt pain please suggest me a proper diet and medicine. biosps is done from Tata Hospital and it is fibromotosis.

  4. Dr ji my aunty has lumps in brest and doctors told them that she has cancer stag 4 what should we do?please please please tell me something please tell me herbs medicine

  5. sir mujhe dono brest me tumor h to plz mujhe ku6 treatment bataiye mera ek baar operation hua tha bt koi fayda nhi hua

  6. sir plz help me meri mom ke breast pe ek ghav hai phele WO chota sa tha par ab thoda bada hai aur bhar ko aa RHA hai usme kabhi kabhi pus aur blood bhi nikalta hai plzz batiye use kaise heal kre

  7. Sir mujhe tumor Pleomorphic adenoma hua hai on my paratoid gland . Doctor advised me for a surgery what would i do sir. Please reply.

  8. my name is raj I am suffering from Brest lump . when I touch my brest it gives pain otherwise no pain what I do p

  9. Sir meri mummy ko breast cancer hai 4th stage or lungs tak pahuch gya hai brain tak hlka sa pahuch gya hai cancer or kam nhi ho raha hai toh sir iska treatment hai apke pass thik hone ka plzz sir help kariye bahut pareshaan hai ?

  10. Thank you super helpful!! I have two (that I know for sure) in my breast but I think I may have 4 now. I have an ultrasound in December. I know by then they will not be there! I will definitely buy this and try to remember to update on my lumps. Last time I checked in February I had a 2 cm and a 3 cm right next to each other ? I feel like I may have two 1 cm but that wasn’t confirmed by an ultrasound.

  11. Sir i am 18 now aur mujhe breast lump hai 2
    Sal se koi pain nahi hai aur move bhi karta hai doctor ke pas gayi to mujhe operation ke liye bola gaya .kya ap meri help kar sakte hain koi medicine dekar …sir please reply kigiye please ??

  12. Sir mere chest mein gaanth hai dard nahi hai koee upaye batayein pleaze pleaze pleaze mohd shakeel mere age 25 years hai

  13. Sir mere gale mei tumer h mei cencer pesent hu per avi cancer nahi h khane pine mei dikat hoti h dr opreson nahi karege kiki hamara gala rendition ka side effect h kachnar gugul khate hu ussay thik nahi hoga

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