Bubble Gang: Kim Domingo sa Touch Therapy (with English subtitles)

Bubble Gang: Kim Domingo sa Touch Therapy (with English subtitles)

Three times. Okay? Here’s your prescription. You drink your medicine, or else I’ll have to inject them. Doc, it’ll hurt. Eh you know I’ll be gentle, as always. Trust me! You said it, Doc. Of course! Thank you, Doc! Okay. Sure, sure. Make sure, I’ll see you next week? Yes. Okay. Doc, here’s your next patient. Okay, sure. Thank you. – Okay, sure. Thank you.
– Thank you. Okay. Sit down. What’s the problem? Uh, Doc, my tonsils hurt. I have a slight fever and cough. Really? Can I check? You are a bit hot. Actually, I feel it all over me. Huh? No, I mean I feel you are hot. Your body temperature is high. Can I see your mouth? Can you open it? Open it please. Say ‘ah’. Wider. Oh no. It looks infected. Take your jacket off. Why? You said, uh, you have a cough? Uh, I can check it better with my stethoscope. Go ahead. Can’t you check it with my jacket on? No. I’ll hear it better without the jacket. Go ahead. I have to see it. But I’m shy! Don’t be. I’m a doctor. This is normal. Please remove your jacket. (whispering) Okay, fine. It’s swelling! What is it, Doc? Your tonsils! It’s swelling! There. I have to check your breathing, okay? We need to do it. Is it okay? Okay. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Wait. This looks broken. No, no. It’s fine. It’s working. Okay. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale! Exhale! Doc, are you alright? I think you’re exhaling too much. Oh no. Doc? Doc? Oh no! Doc? Nurse! Help! – Oh my!
– Doc, what happened? Help! Help! The doctor is ill! Oh no! Doc? Doc? I need to breathe. I need to breathe. Inhale! Inhale! – Exhale.
– Exhale. Inhale! Exhale! You can do it, doc! What happened here? Life… is… good.

100 Replies to “Bubble Gang: Kim Domingo sa Touch Therapy (with English subtitles)”

  1. Paolo: eto reseta mo a drink your medicine or hnd injection na kita
    Sam: Wag doc masakit yun e
    hahaha nakakagreenminded

  2. galing tlga ni Paolo contis, pag comedy grabe tawa ko pag action magaling, pag contra bida nkuuu, kagigil sa galing mang api.

  3. kahit malungkot ako eto lang ang kailan ko para suma-saya na ko, hayup ka Paolo wahahaha. Kim isa ka pa 😀 The Best talaga BG! Life is Good! 😀

  4. Mamatay matay ako sa katatawa ne2,,grabi as-N,,,,panalo kana,ikaw na ag bida at supper IDOL ko….hahahaaaah??????????????????

  5. yung tinanggal ni kim yung jacket sumigaw si paolo ng namamaga namamaga yung tonsils mo namamaga hahahaha??????????????????????

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