Bulky Uterus: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Bulky Uterus: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Hi, I am Dr Richa Sharma, Senior Fertility
Consultant at Medicover Fertility. Today I am going to discuss about bulky uterus, its
symptoms, causes and treatment. What is Bulky Uterus? A bulky uterus is the generalised swelling of the uterine wall. This means the uterine
size is above the normal size of a uterus. If the uterus enlarges because of reasons
other than pregnancy, then it is a serious condition and needs medical attention.
What are the Symptoms of Bulky Uterus? There are several causes of bulky uterus and the
symptoms may differ based on the cause of it. The common symptoms can be
a) Abnormal menstrual cycle b) Pressure on the uterus and the surrounding
region c) Bleeding after menopause
d) Frequent and quick urge to urinate e) Excessive bleeding during periods which
may cause Anaemia f) Gaining weight around the lower abdomen So now we will discuss these causes one by one 1. PREGNANCY: The most common reason for the
uterus to enlarge is pregnancy 2. ADENOMYOSIS: Adenomyosis is the diffuse
thickening of the uterus that happens when the endometrium, i.e. the tissue coating the
uterus, moves into the external muscle mass of the uterus. It is a noncancerous condition but its very painful such that the patient will have symptoms during the periods and it may mimic like fibroids and they may have heavy periods also. 3. FIBROIDS: It is also one of the most commonly known gynaecological
reasons of being a bulky uterus Fibroids are also non-cancerous and they are
like little lumps or bulges which can weigh up to a few pounds. They may have different locations within the cavity in the wall of uterus or it can be outside the uterus So depending upon the location, they may have the different symptoms so as per the age and the indication we have to go for the medical or surgical treatment 4. PERIMENOPAUSE: Perimenopause is a stage before menopause. so what happens that the lady will have the fluctuation in the hormone level that may be one of reasons to have the temporary enlargement of the uterus but generally it settles after menopause 5. PCOS: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS so it can be disease or a syndrome as per the clinical situation of the patient Its a medical condition which can make the uterus grow indirectly because it causes hormonal imbalance and that can lead to the abnormal menstruation cycle
and the shedding of the endometrial lining. 6. OVARIAN CYSTS: Cysts are generally
asymptomatic But sometime they may grow very big and also it depend What kind of cysts they are whether they are simple cyst which is physiological they are endometrial cysts what we called is chocolate cyst or whether it is related to some cancer whether benign or malignant so depending upon the pathology it may be added upon with the some other signs and the symptom and it can indirectly affect the size of the uterus and it can have direct health complications of the female so we have to take care of that situation as per the symptoms the lady presents 7. ENDOMETRIAL CANCER i.e. CARCINOMA: Uterine cancers can also cause the uterine enlargement and that can lead to the bulky uterus. Now we’ll discuss what are the various treatment methods which are available for the bulky uterus that will actually depend depending upon the what is the underlined causative factor Suppose if the patient has Adenomyosis so in those cases it can be medically managed with drugs like brufen or combined contraception method pills can be given which not only help in decrease the pain but also the excessive bleeding Which patients have in such cases In complicated cases, may be patient has the last resort go for the hysterectomy second comes if patient has a fibroid so fibroids can be managed in a better way as compared to the adenomyosis they are generally large and can expand the uterus which may need some corrective surgeries regarding medical management in fibroids there is not much role but symptoms can be managed like if patient has the heavy periods or irregular periods then they can be put on certain contraception pills the pill may stop the development of the fibroid and reduce the bleeding during periods.
Now comes if patient has the endometrial cancers Cancers or tumours of the uterus and endometrium are regularly treated by the radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery or sometime combination of these. so the purpose of this video to tell about the bulky uterus is that because sometime due to this bulky uterus due to any of these reasons other than the pregnancy the patient may have the infertility so problem comes in those patients so based on the which ever is the pathology we have to rectify that suppose if patient has fibroids with recurrent failure or recurrent abortions then first we have to rectify that and accordingly we have to proceed for the treatment in the form of IUI or IVF as per the indication How can Medicover Fertility helps women to deal with Bulky Uterus?
Medicover fertility clinics are among the top fertility clinics in Europe now in India.
With state-of-the-art technology and technical expertise of doctors, we have been helping
patients dealing with fertility issues. You can contact Medicover Fertility where
you will get the best advice from experienced Infertility Specialists who will suggest the
best possible treatment for a bulky uterus. If you are unable to get pregnant after several
attempts, you should consult us and find a solution for your problem.
Thank you for watching this video, if you have any questions or concerns regarding bulky
uterus, you can drop your questions in the comment section or call us on 7862800700.

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  15. Hlo dr.mam
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  21. . No calculus. Bath VUJ are clear Uterus is anteverted with normal size, shape, contours and outline. Myometrial echotexture is normal. Multiple echogcnic material seen in endometrial cavity ? RPOC. Endometrium is about 15 mm. Uterine size 7.8 x 3.0 x 4.7 cm mam iska mtlb kya hua bata skte hai ap

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    bulky uterus it is major causes to female
    I do not understand cancer part can you explain to me on your answer

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  26. Uterus 6.20 &5.12 c. m
    Bulky adenomyosies
    Riat ovary 3.86 &2.14 c.m
    Adhereut uterus
    Laft ovary 3 &2.59 c. m
    Medicine nogestol 3 manth

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