By the way, Are You a Sociopath?

Daniel: This video is sponsored by Dragon City. D: Thanks Dragon City for sponsoring this video. D: If you wanted to play a game where you can grow dragons, you can click the link in the description to download the game which will support us D: And it’s free to play on iOS and Android. D: Today, we are gonna be playing… D: ARE YOU A SOCIOPATH? Stephen: Wait, we did this one before! D: That was a psychopath. ???: What- What’s the difference again? D: Uh- I don’t know. D: Look. Listen. None of this- None of what we do is scientific. D: This is just for fun. D: Honestly, you could call this Psychopath Part 2. D: We’re just calling it a sociopath cuz everybody likes talking about sociopaths nowadays… D: It’s just for fun… D: Today, we have a special guest. D: Our OG of OG in DanPlan… D: Jay. (Kids: Yay!) D: Say hi, Jay.
Jay: Hello! Hosuh: It’s been a while, Jay.
J: Ah, yeah, it actually has been, yeah. It’s been a very long time. Hosuh: How are you? J: Oh… I can’t really answer that question in a happy tone… D: Oh my God- *laughs*
HJS: *laugh* J: *still laughing…* J: *sobbing* D: Alright, okay Jay. Stop- stop it. You can cry after the recording. D: I was thinking to myself… D: “Who could contest in a sociopathic test with Steven?” D: And I could only come up with one person… S: A second Steven!
J: *pff* D: That was Jay.
S: Oh, okay. D: Whoever wins gets bragging rights and a mental disorder! J: Alright. *pff*
S: Okay.
D: Ready?
H: Wow… D: Question #1 D: A serial killer was chasing you down, but suddenly stops and makes a phone call to you. D: Why did he make a phone call? H: “Stop running.” DHJS: *laugh* J: Actually, yeah!
D: “Stahp eet.” J: It would- It would make me slow down…
H: Cuz you are hiding and they wanted to find you. S: I have no clue why they would call someone. S: I just thought-
D: What’s up with the monotone, Stephen? S: I do not why the sociopath decided to do this and I do not want to comment further.
DHJ: *laugh* J: Are- Are you feeling okay, Stephen? S: I am feeling great S: There is no one behind me. J: If I’m running away and I’m hiding… J: I’m bound to slow down or the serial killer can essentially just pinpoint my location. D: So, the answer is… D: “To listen to the sound of [a] bell ringing so he can locate the victim.” D: Congratulations, Hosuh and Jay. You guys get one point. J: Yay…
H: Yay! S: Good job, you two. J: I’m- I’m actually worried about Steven… D: It’s alright, he’ll die probably.
S: *laughs* D: Question #2 D: A man wants to kill his own boss. D: He rushes into the store and there he sees a $5 knife and $50 knife. D: He buys the $5 knife and he rushes out. D: Why did he pick the five dollar knife? H: Okay, I have an answer. H: Because, with the $50 knife…
J: Yes…? H: $50, right?
J: Yeah? H: Do you have 50 bucks in your wallet right now? J: Yeah, no. I don’t- I don’t have any cash. H: You’re gonna have to use a debit card or a credit card H: For you to not have an alibi… H: You need to buy a cheap knife that you can pay with the cash. S: Yes, I agree with Hosuh. Everything he said is right.
H: *laughs* S: But I actually think it’s because he wants to make some food afterwards with the same knife. S: Get rid of the evidence. J: No- No, if you want to make food, then wouldn’t you just buy the $50 one? H: Do you guys really want to cook food with the knife that you used to- to kill people? J: Hey, he’s a sociopath, what he-
S: Hydrogen peroxide takes of blood, Hosuh. S: I don’t know how you don’t know this.
H: Right… J: If I want to kill someone, for the reason being I hate that person, J: My number one instinct is to make it as miserable as possible. DH: Oh my God… *laugh* J: If I’m going to actually murder someone out of pure hatred I might as well make it living hell for the other person, right? J: Am- Am I the only one thinking that way?
D: Uh… DHS: Yes… DHS: *laugh*
J: I don’t know… D: Okay, so the answer is… D: “To kill the boss more painfully with the dull knife.” J: Oh! See? I told you, you wanna make it miserable. D: I don’t know if I want to give him the point…
H: *laughs* D: A man who owns a business goes bankrupt, so he started to work somewhere else. D: The man hides this fact from his wife. D: One day, she finds out but she acts as if she doesn’t know for his own sake. D: But soon, the husband finds out, and once he does D: He locks her in the house and burns the house down. Why? S: Typical reaction.
H: *laughs* J: Okay, so he doesn’t have that much money anymore a-and so he was working really, really hard J: And she pretended to not know J: And when the husband found out, why [she] essentially didn’t help in the financial difficulty, J: Out of pure spite, I would burn someone. D: *laughs* D: Wait, why did it turn from “husband” to “I” would? J: Uh… Uh…
HS: *laugh* J: The husband… Would have the… Incentive…
HS: *laugh* D: What about you, Stephen? S: Why not? It’s fun. J: I can agree with that. It is! S: It’s just delightful knowing that you have some power over someone in your life. D: Okay. Alright, Hosuh? H: I was thinking maybe for insurance or maybe, like, the new job was an illegal job? D: Thank you for the normal answer. Appreciate it.
JS: *laugh* D: The answer is basically… D: “A woman who’s okay with not being a CEO’s wife is not worth keeping.” S: Oh…
J: That was the answer? H: What? D: Both of you have proven that maybe that is not the worst answer? S: Uh…
J: *pff* D: No- No one gets a point.
S: Okay, your face. D: But both of you need help.
J: Wait, me??? D: Hosuh, get over here. Get away from those people. J: Why me??? D: Alright, this one is a bit gross, but hear me out. D: A paralyzed woman was found dead, in pieces. D: The killer was suspected to be her little sister who nursed the woman. D: When they pieced the woman’s body together, 20% of it was missing. D: It turns out that the little sister ate the woman [a] little bit every day. Why did she eat her? J: Okay, my initial gut instinct is just telling me straight up. J: She just wanted the older sister to be part of her. H: That’s so morphed… J: Okay, why would you ever eat someone else other than being delicious? J: A- Am- Am I the weird one here? Why am I getting so many blanks stares?
D: I don’t who you’re [going for?] D: *honk honk honk*
S: Hey, you’re the one that asked the not safe for work question! D: Hosuh, what’s your answer? H: So she ate her, and we know this for sure… H: Why the heck would anyone eat someone? H: What? S: Vitamin deficiency. J: Oh! The- There’s- There’s another reason. There we go. D: Stop! D: Agreeing with him!! DH: *laugh*
S: See, I like Jay.
J: I like you too! D: Ugh! D: Okay, so the answer is… D: “To keep a little bit with her every day.” J: Oh, so it was [the] yandere root… D: Okay. So, Jay, you did get it right. I just didn’t like the fact that you got it right in two seconds. H: Mhm… DHJS: *laugh* D: Jay, listen. Uh… D: Thanks for coming on board… I think this is where we have to say goodbye… S: I don’t know. I like Jay, he kinda thinks like me. D: Kinda? Stephen, kinda??? D: A family–mom, dad and son–were extremely close. D: The neighborhood knew them as a close-knit family who loved each other. D: As the son grew, he started to go to elementary school D: But he got bullied because his parents still brought him to school every day. D: Soon, his parents started killing children from the school every couple of months. Why?
S: Good! S: What do you mean “why”? S: Bullying children get killed and I agree with that justice.
D: Hosuh, why? H: But they’re children! S: Oh no! H: My initial thought was they came to the school with the child so that they can recognize who the bullies are H: And that’s why they killed the bullies, right? Yeah… H: Th- That’s it. Like, there’s no more. D: Wow, what a normal, what a basic answer.
J: *laughs* J: There’s Stephen and then me… J: And then there’s Hosuh. S: Have you never bullied someone, Hosuh? S: So, you don’t bully them with their parents there or any authority figure. J: No, the child can still tattletale who they are. S: No, I’m pretty sure the kid is killing them! J: Oh, the kid is killing them…
H: Oh, so the kid is killing them!
S: Yeah. H: And the parents were kinda taking the blame for it.
S: Yeah! D: Oh… Interesting… What do you think, Jay? J: If I wanna think about the long term process here, rather than the short term just killing off competition, J: If I had a kid who was getting bullied and the bullying reason was because… J: “Oh, look, you’re here with your mom and dad.” J: Imagine you are a parent of a child and there’s a serial killer going around. J: Would you or would you not just let your kid go off on [their] own? H: Oh… I see…
J: Right? D: Oh my God.
J: So, if everybody is now having their parents drop off, why would he be get bullied anymore? H: That creeped me out…
D: Ding, ding, ding… H: That gave me the chills…
D: That’s the answer… H: Oh my God… D: “To make it so that taking kids to school becomes the norm.” J: Yay! *happy clappy* I got it right! D: Um, Jay…
J: Hi, Dan.
D: Buddy… J: I know where you live. D: *laughs* D: O-Okay…
J: Mind if I visit? S: He doesn’t mind, go!
D: Don’t, I do! D: Basically what Jay just said was that the parents killed a couple kids D: So that no parent would let their children walk people to school D: So taking people to school becomes the norm and, therefore, their kid won’t be bullied anymore. D: That’s… D: Such a creepy answer and… I… D: Congratulations, Jay, another point! (Kids: Yay!)
HJS: *laugh* D: G- Great- Great job… D: Last Question D: You, a serial killer, was released from prison. J: Oh, yay!
S: Thank God. DHJS: *laugh* D: You get yourself a job, a house and, you know what? D: You got a stable life now. D: You then paint the floor of your house black. Why? S: Well, cuz it gets cold in the winter and black absorbs light better. (cause he was black)
D: *laughs* J: That is such a scientific answer.
D: Clearly. D: Yeah, that’s the answer.
S: That’s it. D: Remember the game we were playing? “Are You A Sociopath?” S: No! Well, I..
D: You remember?
J: “Are You A Scientist?” S: Yeah, “Are You A Scientist?” so…
D: Hosuh? H: My initial thought was maybe he missed prison…? H: I really don’t… *laughs*
DJS: *laugh* J: Okay, Hosuh? H: Yeah? D: He’s so cute.
J: I want you to keep your innocence.
H: Thanks? J: Like, the level of innocence that you have… S: Unacceptable, Jay. He has to be corrupted just like… S: me. H: What about you, Jay? What do you think the answer is?
S: Yeah, Jay. Give us the answers! J: Okay, so if I’m a serial killer…
H: Okay…
D: Here he goes again… J: Once you’re a serial killer, how- what do you think the percentage of serial killers actually reform and not be a serial killer? S: All of them. Let all the serial killers out of jail, they don’t deserve it. J: Right?
DHS: *laugh* J: I can’t think of a pure reason why you would paint the floor black, J: But I can only assume that it’s used to prep the room for more killing. H: Okay, since this game is “Are You A Sociopath?”, like, there should be a more… H: Complicated reason, behind it? I don’t think it’s just…
S: I think it’s because black is the new color of the season. S: So by painting the floor b…
J: *pff-* S: Hey shSHSHsHuT UP S: Shut up. S: So I think that, because painting the floor black will invite more guests into the house. S: More guests means more bodies to stab. J: eheHeEEyyy! D: Um…
S: Look. I think I think my logic is infallible, Daniel.
D: Clearly it is. D: The answer is because… D: “Dried up blood is less visible in black.” D: So it’s kind of a scientific answer!
J: Yeah, it is! D: Okay. D: Well. D: Uh, Jay, I guess you win. D: Congratulations, I hope you’re happy… (Kids: Yay!) J: I am happy. Oh very happily. D: Alright Stephen, give me the throne. S: Oh, okay- I shall pass it to you, but I shall remain behind it. J: Oh, don’t worry, I’ll gladly take on the challenge.
S: *laughs* S: Daniel, I thought the moral of the story was sociopaths don’t want to be revealed as sociopaths S: So they would get everything wrong on a test to lure people into a false sense of security…
J: *laughs* D: You know, or they could just be too stupid to get the answer, right? S: Wow, is that a massive shade? Oh, hey Daniel, sit on this throne for a sec before Jay does.
DHJ: *laugh* D: Aw, okay! D: Hosuh?
H: Yes? D: Come on, y- you wanna get a… Grub? Let those two just chill here for a second? H: I’m kind of afraid what would happen if we leave those two alone DH: *laughs* J: Hey, only good things! Why are you doubting us?
H: I don’t know, you guys might plot something. I have no clue… J: We wouldn’t do anything, right Stephen?
S: Of course. J: You have our word. D: Ooh, before we forget, today’s video is sponsored by Dragon City. I said that before. D: You can collect hundreds of different cool dragons. You can breed different species of dragons as well and you get cool new ones to add to your collection. D: It’s like a sys tem where dragons generate gold that helps you buy food to make them stronger also train them to improve their attacks. D: There’s also different PvP modes you can play in. You can put your strongest dragons in a league or in an arena to fight. D: You can also connect it to your Facebook to play with your friends and fight them easily. D: What’s also great is that there are new events every week, which you can participate and earn a bunch of gold. D: There’s also an auto-battle mode again. I love auto-mode anything. I can just click in and start working and watch TV while it happens. D: Listen. These guys were nice enough to sponsor our video. It’s honestly a pretty cool game. Give it a go, it’s free-to-play, link in the description. Thanks. D: Bye-bye!

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