7 Replies to “Calm Safe Place: EMDR Therapy Preparation Demonstration”

  1. I would love a chance to reach out to Jamie Marich and ask a few questions as I work with Tortured Refugees and have just started using EMDR after being trained. the cultural ramifications, boundaries, overcoming language, etc…

  2. Dear Jamie

    These videos of yours are so informative and really deepen my understanding of the EMDR techniques and processes! Thank you very much!

    I was wondering: When a client comes up with a somatic cue (e.g. hand touching chest or something like that) for his/her safe place, would it make sense to do another BLS set with that cue added to the cognitive/verbal cue?

  3. A therapist attempted EMDR with me a few years ago, but every time she asked me "how are you feeling", "what are you feeling?" My response was "I dont know. How am I supposed to feel?" I don't remember "feeling" anything- except maybe a little confused about the process. Anyway she stopped trying it after a couple of times and then I stopped therapy all together. Just wanted to point out that I like how you say "what are you noticing?"

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