Can Antibiotics Cause Depression and Anxiety – Dr. Minkoff & BodyHealth

Can Antibiotics Cause Depression and Anxiety – Dr. Minkoff & BodyHealth

Hi, Dr. Minkoff here. I ran across something the other day, which is really interesting. Did you know that if you take one course of an antibiotic, that the chances of you developing depression within a year is 23%? Anxiety is 17%? And if you take two courses within a year of an antibiotic, it jumps to 56% for depression and 44% for anxiety? Why is this? The first thing is, I think it’s helpful to know. Because let’s say you had a urinary tract infection, or you had prostatitis, or you got ear infection, or you got strep throat, and your doctor prescribed for you an antibiotic, which you took and you got over the illness. And then within a few weeks to a month, you’re feeling like, “Why am I anxious?” “Why am I…?” “What’s wrong with me?” or “Why do I feel blue?” “Why?” “What’s wrong with me?” It’s helpful to know that if you took an antibiotic prior, chances are it’s from the antibiotic. Now, why does this occur? It turns out that the intestinal flora in our gut, this thing called this “biome” or “microbiome”, these bacteria in there, which number in the hundreds of trillions, there’s a lot of them in there, but they have a lot to do with mood, and a feeling of energy, and well-being. And when an antibiotic is taken so that their numbers are distorted, they can affect how we feel. Now, this is really interesting. In the gut… So, here’s the gut wall of the small intestine. Here’s the lining cells of the small intestine. Every so often there is a cell in there, which is actually what’s called a “neuroendocrine cell”. It’s a cell that makes neurotransmitters. Well, what are neurotransmitters? Llike serotonin, and dopamine, and epinephrine, and GABA? These are the things that neurons use to communicate with each other. Most people would think, “Well gee, these are made in the brain, because most of the neuronal activity is in the brain”, but they’re not. They’re made in the gut. And it turns out that this neuroendocrine cell, 90% of the serotonin that’s made in the body is made by that cell. 50% of the dopamine is made in that cell. But that cell only makes it if the right bacteria is here, that gives it something that it needs so it can do that. And if you take the antibiotic and you kill off that bacteria, this cell can’t make the dopamine or the serotonin. And then you’re going to feel one of these things. Now, that’s fascinating. Because what does the average person do? Well, “I’m anxious”, or “I’m blue”, and they go to the doctor and they say, “Well, you’re just menopausal”, or “You’re stressed out at work”, or, “Here, take this Prozac.” You know, “Take this drug. It’ll help you.” When the real reason is, “Oh! Maybe I need some good gut bacteria to fix my gut.” So, I’m not saying that if you’re really sick and you get an antibiotic that you should never take the antibiotic. No! Maybe you need it. But then you got to fix the damage. You got to know that this can be one of the effects of it and then you got to fix the damage. So, eat some fermented foods. Have some sauerkraut or kimchi. Drink some kombucha. Get some pickles. Get some good bacteria going in your body if you had to do something that was harmful. So you can replenish these guys and you can fix it yourself. Now the other thing that does this is glyphosate–Roundup. Non-organic foods. If you’re eating glyphosate, it does the same thing. It kills your own microbiome. And, it opens up the junctions between the cells so that you get a leaky gut and you get stuff in there. We’ll talk about that in another one. But, these are insults which lead to this and we have major problems now with depression and anxiety. Tens of millions of people are on Xanax and Prozac, and drugs to treat this stuff. And in many of them, if they got it right away they could fix it. So there’s two easy things for this. Never take an antibiotic unless you absolutely have to. If you can get by with some vitamin C, and some zinc, and some vitamin A, and some silver, and gut it out, do it! Because they won’t cause this effect. If you’re really sick and you have to do it, okay do it, but then fix it. So, avoiding drugs is one thing. The second thing is, is eat as organic as you can. Because if you’re avoiding glyphosate and pesticides, you’re going to not have that effect coming in all the time. And if you do that, you won’t fall prey to this stuff. You won’t be depressed and you won’t be anxious and your life will be better. Okay? Hope this helps.

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  1. I had strep throat in July and was put on Penicillin which made me go psychotic then was put on z-pack which made me very anxious. And the last one I was on I forget the name but I managed to finish the entire dose. But ever since then, my amxiety has been crippling. I can't work and can't even watch TV It's so bad. I need help.

  2. I get insomnia from antibiotics. I already have anxiety and depression so I didn't notice a difference while on antibiotics. :-

  3. I got prescribed Metrodozide after getting my wisdom tooth out. After few days of taking them, I started to hallucinate ( never suffered from any mental illness). My husband took me to emergency, and it turned out that I have to stop using them, because they were the causing it. Scary!

  4. When I was pregnant, I had UTI and midwife told me to drink lots of water to flash bad bacteria out. She said that I wouldn’t want to pass my gut bacteria on baby after antibiotics. So I did drink a lot of water, and fully recovered from it.

  5. I've been on doxycycline for 2 months for acne and doing one more month and I feel terrible but it completely cured my acne , the problem with this is it usually comes back , if it does than I'll try accutane which is even worse for depression

  6. Thank you YouTube, I just stopped taking my antibiotics after seeing this advertisement and I am healthier already.

  7. I was prescribed augmentin for sinusitis, the diagnosis was based on a cat scan and no blood work. My symptoms were just pain on my brow and sensitivity to light. I took the augmentin for 5 days until I went back to the er and the dr determined finally took a blood tests and saw no sign of infection.
    I kept having cold chills and headaches especially at night. I went back to the er, they took blood with no signs of infections. Then they took a chest xray and said they said a very light shade and that is could be walking pnuemonia. Once again I was prescribed (1/2/2018) with an antibiotic called zithromax 5 pack. The anxiousness is becoming stronger and more prevelant ( experiencing during the day as well now). I dont not have a history of poor mental health. I've taken cbd ginger and tumeric. My mother got me renew life extra care ultimate flora probiotic with 100 billion life cultures. I took it for the first time an hour ago along with nibbling a thumb sized piece of tumeric root and feel so much better. I have 2 more days left of my antibiotic and I really dont want to take it anymore.

  8. This makes so much sense to me. I have acute anxiety disorder since I was 13. Before that I took antibiotics 5 times a day with milk then in my teens started getting a once a month antibiotic shot. I only recently started taking gut shots made with sauerkraut. I can’t really tell if it helps yet. But I’m gonna get more and hopefully that helps. What if it can’t be restored? Hopefully it can be.

  9. Just finished a course of amoxicillin and feel like a dark cloud is hanging over me that I can’t shake and that just doesn’t seem like me

  10. Figure this one out, I had a root canal my doctor gave me antibiotics for it, I haven't been able to the feel the top of my right thigh for years. I can stick a pin in it and not feel it but just the right thigh nothing else.

  11. Was given antibiotics third day in wasn't feeling my self very dark thoughts and hallucinations panic attacks and so on i quit them.. three days later felt better but still have episodes it's been two weeks since I quit them

  12. I was to take amoxicillin for 10 days because of a absence tooth. On day 8 i broke out in hives, couldn't breath, called ambulance went to hospital. I decided not to take the remaining dosages for 2 days. The next day i experienced a terrible panic/anxiety attack. Since then i had 4 attacks. I never ever had one before in my life. I am 42 yrs old. Will i ever be normal again ? Is this a short term thing ? My life feels forever changed. These damn doctors are killing us. Please someone help

  13. I'd like to know who the fools are who gave this a thumbs down. Pharma reps? No one would thumbs-down this video unless they had an agenda.

  14. In 2014 I developed sepsis , was in a coma for 8 days and spent the next 251 days in the hospital. Bag after bag, day after day of Vancomycin and Ceftin in my picc line. In the beginning my gfr was 114 . Now I'm at stage 4 of kidney failure and have already declined dialysis when I reach stage 5. I'm actually too sick to be in a hospital now. Looking forward to a quiet, palliative care finale. Thanks modern medicine

  15. Oh my God I stayed on antibiotics for 20 years for acne cuz that's the only choice they gave me and finally at 47 I found a lady who cured my acne with a lotion to put on my face and I've suffered anxiety and depression all my f**** life. God that makes me mad !!!

  16. I probably had around 20 courses as a child. I had strep throat frequently as well as heart surgery. At the time the recommendation was to take antibiotics prior to every dental appointment. Eventually I got akathisia twice, and now my mental health has deteriorated so fast in one year I don’t even recognize myself anymore. ALL medicine (even OTC) should be considered dangerous and only taken when the benefits outweigh the risks. I wish doctors would realize and educate people on the risks. Even my therapist thinks I’m crazy and denies antibiotics can cause any psychological harm.

  17. Some of these medications if doctors knew the side effects 10 or 20 years ago, would have never given them to their patients. Due the benefits out weight the risk? What the persons and doctors need themselves. Life has risk period!

  18. Just had 2 rounds of 10 days of Augmentin now im suffering from panic attacks, dizziness, depersonalization, derealization.. brain fog.. had to due to a severe sinusitus infection, and vertigo.. never had anxiety prior in my life, had to take Ativan small doses to not have panic attacks, got off the Ativan 3 weeks ago but still have mild anxiety, depersonalization, dream like state.. started eating alot of yogurt should I try probiotics also? Especially after 2 rounds of Augmentin? I need this feeling to go away. I have been in this state of feeling for 4 months now.

  19. Ciprofloxacin blinded me…crippled me, , I had muscle wasting, seizures, from two 500 mg. …its toxic , fluoride is used in this poison. I would rather die from an infection than to ever take another antibiotic. Don't take synthetic antibiotics…
    They kill people every day.

  20. Any type of pain killer makes me depress, changes my mode and how i feel. I preffer pain to such a awful feeling after the pain killer.

  21. I thought I was going mad, I took antibiotics three different times within three years, at first I thought 'What the hell is happening to me!' My doctor said it could be depression, come three years later when I took antibiotics for the third time, I thought 'wait…. this is how I felt after I took antibiotics after the first time'. I'll have a bone to pick with the doctor when I go back!!

  22. I have sinusitis very often.Take antibiotics atleast 2 times a year.Although there are other physical issues at play now I have ulcers.Wow I didn't know antibiotics could be a cause of the deppresion and anxiety I have.

  23. Oh my goodness yes. My dad is a paraplegic and when he gets an infection and has to take antibiotics he cries and cries it is so pathetic and heartbreaking he can't even watch a commercial about children getting in a van without crying. So yes I would say

  24. Lyme disease here, I basically slept for 2 months and started suffering from chronic arthritis and restricted blood flow to my heart before being diagnosed. Three rounds of antibiotics and I'm awake and active again but I can't imagine getting anymore depressed than before treatment but then again I'm certainly not looking forward to more depression.

  25. Had to take h pylori treatment after a year of struggling becasue i was not able to eradicate this bacteria without antibiotics. 2 weeks of metronidazole, tetracycline, PPI, bismouth pills. Had duodenum ulcer so i had to do it. Month after i am still feeling brain formg, fatigue, depressed and i do not really know who am i. I am taking good multistrain probiotics(lab one, forever living prob) and it is not enough. I hope this bacteria is gone because i do not wanna take anymore of antibiotics in my life.

  26. Took deoxycyline and metronidazole for 1 week and have been feeling extremely anxious an yesterday I contemplated ending my life at least 5 times. Something is wrong and I KNOW it’s the pills but most likely the deoxycycline. It’s crazy because during a seminar at work I just couldn’t get my heart to stop racing. I was in complete fear. I’m not taking another deoxy.

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