Can I heal my eczema if I just quit worrying about diet and believe?

Can I heal my eczema if I just quit worrying about diet and believe?

– Is just to quit
worrying and just believe, really enough to heal? – Yes and no, we’re gonna
touch more on that here. (upbeat music) – Hey fit soul bosses,
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enjoy these types of videos. – So in today’s video we
are addressing a comment that we received from a
fellow eczema sufferer. And she was messaging me on Instagram, we’ve been going back and forth, I’ve been helping her heal her eczema. And I keep telling her,
keep seeing herself healing. Believe that she can do it. And she said, she thanked me
so much for all the advice I’ve given her. She said, I know I have to heal my gut, but all these different
diets are driving me crazy. Can you relate? I know I did. – Comment down below
saying diets make me crazy! – I can never really tell
what causes my flare ups. You really think I can heal it if I just quit worrying and believe? I know you guys talk about not focusing on the food so much. So that’s what we’re
gonna talk about here. So we’re super excited
because this is a big deal. – It’s opened up a can of
worms for Michelle and I because we’ve talked
about a lot in our videos here on YouTube and we talk
sometimes over on Instagram as well, we talk a lot about this. But we’ve really got into self
love, personal development, law of attraction and manifesting. And so, you hear us talking
about us not putting so much focus on the food. Yes, hands down food is a
part of your healing journey for whatever symptom you’re going through. Whether it’s me with acne,
Michelle’s acne and eczema. But, the key to cure for
Michelle and I was changing the whole mindset around it. And we’re gonna dive
deeper into what we mean by the key things that we personally did. And especially with
Michelle with your eczema. So if you’re suffering again,
if you’re in that midst of like I can’t seem to heal, what are you girls talking about? Just tell me what I need to you. This might be something
that we find surprisingly people might not be doing. It might not be the thing
that works for you to heal. But it definitely, if
you haven’t tried it, we definitely highly recommend
you checking this out. You hear Lori and I talk a lot about, you have to spiritually, you
have to be in your mindset, be healed and see yourself
healing before you can see the results. And that’s pretty much the truth. – And that goes with just
general manifesting, right? – Yeah, yeah. Totally. – You have to see it
in your mind, feel it, and then it becomes your reality. – You have to spiritually
and emotionally be healed believing that you’re on the other side of what, for your case, on eczema. That your eczema is gone, how you feel, you don’t have it anymore. Really live in those
feelings as much as you can. And most importantly,
how are your emotions? What are you thinking and feeling? Because only you know that. Only you know what’s still up in you that you’re not facing, that you keep focusing so much on your eczema, this is what the case was for me, this is why I’m sharing,
I was putting so much attention on the diet I was doing. I did so many different elimination diets, I saw every type of doctor out there. From naturopathic type doctors to traditional dermatologist. And no one really could get me anywhere. No one was really giving me any progress. – And she tried a lot of different diets, and I did the same thing with my eczema. – Your acne? – Sorry. (both laugh) My acne. We’ve been talking about eczema and acne. – So what do I recommend, you
still have to take action. That’s why we said in the
beginning, yes and no. Yes, taking your focus
off it and just believing you can heal is a huge component because again what you’re
focusing on, and if you’re focusing on what you
want, that you’re healed, that you’re on the
side, that you’re living a great life. That’s what your intention
is and it’s gonna follow. – But so the tricky, the
thing that gets tripped up that happened to me and
then it happened to Michelle with her eczema is that we
thought we were focusing on what we wanted, we
thought we were focusing on us healing that things
were working out for us, that we had beautiful
skin, but we weren’t. We still had habits of
doing these other things that we’re gonna get to in here, that were causing us not
to really be on the focus. So again, you have to
be honest with yourself. What truly are you focusing
on majority of the time? – Yeah, so that goes
back you have to address, that’s why its so
important, as I was saying, to address your spirit side
and your emotional side. So that’s your thoughts, your beliefs. What are you dealing
with on a daily basis? The stuff that’s going on on the inside. Nothing outside, the inside stuff. Because there’s so much
chatter going on there, you’re not gonna be led
to what is gonna heal you. And that’s why we say you
have to first focus on that first and that’s gonna then
lead you to the healing. And your body will follow,
your body will heal. But it starts with the inside. And that’s exactly what happened to me. I’ve talked about this before, and I’m gonna dive deeper in here, that I had to make peace
with having eczema. And it happened the Thanksgiving before I was led to the new doctor
which then led me to the following year, so at the end
of that year & start of next year, is when I had three
months where I finally healed. And so that’s what I’m saying here. I had to make internal
peace with having eczema. I had to not make it
mean something about me. I had to make peace that I
wasn’t a bad girl for having it. There was nothing wrong
with me for having it. – So the other thing that
I noticed that she made peace with, because she
talked to me about this, like how she was going about this, we have to make sure we
share this with people because I know you might be like, what does she mean by making peace? And I know the biggest
thing that I saw in Michelle for an outsider, what I
saw for her making peace with the situation, that
I noticed that I did end up doing with my acne, is
that not only did we turn our focus off of it, but
the biggest thing is we made peace with he thoughts of
why this was happening to us and why am I not getting better. So really encourage you to write down those two thoughts because
you’re probably having them too. Why did I get this? I know she said all the time. Lori, why did I get eczema? I’m the only one in our
family who has eczema. Why did I get eczema? Am I being punished? What’s going on? Why can’t I heal? So she, to me, I noticed
that she made peace with those thoughts, you know why? It’s because she never really
talked about them again. She really just let them go. And that’s a big part of making peace. Just that you have to honor
those negativity thoughts. Because if you try to avoid
those negative thoughts, what’re you doing? She was focusing on it. So of course her eczema
was never really healing she wasn’t able to make peace. Making peace is a step of manifesting or getting to what you want. Because it allows you to open yourself up to the healing process. To getting to the other side. And that’s what she did. And that’s what led the
boom boom boom effect of, she made peace, oh she’s
ready, I’m gonna send her this doctor then she’s
gonna do this protocol, and then boom boom boom. – Healing takes time. I wanna get that across but
when you make the decision to make peace and accept
what you’re going through, things can happen quickly. And that’s kinda what happened for me. When I decided, my older sister helped me come to this realization,
just like Michelle, you’ve tried everything, just
start enjoying life again. And that hit me, just
like I had to make peace and stop worrying about why I had it, what was causing it, and that
sounds like what you’re in right now, you’re focusing so much on what foods are triggering you. That’s exactly what I did. Year after year that I
had it, month after month. I can’t tell you how many things I did. I should’ve brought it
out, I have a whole bin of all the notebooks
– I did the same with my acne. – that I kept during that time. Of keeping track of what I
was eating and triggering, and all this stuff and I eventually, you know your own body,
you guys hear Lori and I talk a lot about this. Kind of our personal journey
is eventually realizing that just because that person said
it’d take it out to heal, didn’t mean it was gonna work for me. And that’s what I encourage you to do. It is self awareness and
more of what you done and what you haven’t done. But, what I was gonna get
on here is that I just made peace and stopped worrying
about why I was having it. Just focused on healing it
and being a healed person. So that led me to the doctors. Which, the doctor that opened
my eyes up to one thing that helped me heal,
which was phototherapy. He was a very hard doctor to get in to. And he didn’t really
treat eczema patients. He did other like rare skin conditions. But I got in and he was so nice and it was so understanding
what I was going through. – It all started with
Michelle energetically and spiritually making peace
with that she had eczema and she’s been fighting eczema. Did you get that? Fighting the eczema. She made peace with just having it. – So yeah, once I made peace as Lori said. Spiritually and energetically,
which is why we said, you have to believe and
see it and feel it first because that will lead
you then to the action. That’s again what we were
saying is why that there’s yes and then there’s no,
because you do have to eventually take action. You have to physically
show God that I now believe and know that I’m a healed person. This is what I’m doing to heal. – And I’m not questioning it anymore, I’m just showing up and doing it. Honoring all my parts of me along the way with honoring my emotions,
honoring my feelings, along the way. So now you understand the importance of just generally making peace because it’s energetically. So ask yourself right
now, with your situation, your healing journey,
whether it’s acne, eczema, or whatever it is, just ask yourself, how can I make peace with this? What do I need to look back
in my beliefs and my thoughts to help make me believe
that I am at peace with this to move forward? – And this is highly
related to your emotions. And I did a video and I
interviewed my friend Abby who has the whole eczema program, I’ll give the details down below
and the link to that video. But, this is emotional
healing is highly related to making peace and Lori
and I have done other recent new videos on making peace and when you keep digging and when you just accept stuff happening. So do make sure you
check those videos out. With this is like
emotional healing so much of especially us adults if
you’re experiencing ezcema as adults I feel like a lot of it, because another girl messaged
me about she was sharing her eczema journey with me and things and I noticed a pattern
is she even said she kinda noticed it too. Was that, something very big emotional, I’m not gonna share here, but happened to her,
she shared it with me, and I told her that’s awesome
she opened up about it. That’s the first step to healing. Admit to what you’re allowing
out, not looking at to heal. Because the same thing for me. I had to deal with a lot of
emotional stuff from my past. Things that I did in my past that I was. I thought I was a bad person for having. It was eating me up and it
literally my skin was showing it. There’s many ways to heal your emotions and deal with your emotional healing. But one is that you have to call it out and face, you have to face what
you’re not wanting to face. So if it’s anger, resentment,
you need to face it to allow your body to heal it because your body is
still trapped in your body because you’re not fully
allowing yourself to feel it. And it’s scary, I get it. And you don’t wanna look
back because it brings up a lot of it because it’s pain. None of us wants to experience pain again, especially if you have eczema you’re already in a lot of pain. But I promise you it is worth doing. Take your time with it, there’s
a lot of people out there, you can google on the internet, that can help you with emotional healing. If you want a doctor to
kinda walk you through it. But now we’re gonna get
into kinda recapping kinda what we recommend to doing so you can spiritually be healed and so you can get the actions to the physically see the
results that you want. – Comment down below
right now, I am at peace. Comment down below I am at peace. That is you opening up the pathway energetically and spiritually to allow the guidance to follow in. You have to say I am at peace. I’m open to being at
peace with my situation. – Not just say it but actually feel it and put that intent out there that that is the direction
you’re wanting to go. – That’s the first thing you need to do. – Trust and know that the
steps will be provided. Once you’ve made the
commitment to make peace and that’s starting your pathway to heal, you do need to find though
a diet, a way of eating, because food is what’s
going to also nourish your body from the inside. Not only taking care of your emotions and things like that, but your food. Food is healing. So you only know your body
and you might probably, and maybe not given
yourself enough credit, but you probably already know what foods don’t give you any problems
and then what foods kinda you’re not sure about. Maybe you’re not 100% sure
if they’re a trigger food, but you’re not really confident. So focus on the foods that you know that do not cause issues. – Why is this important? I feel like you need to
know why this is important. Why is this important, because A, you’re not stressing
over the food anymore. Because we’re gonna get into stress here. You have to find ways to make
your life less stressful. And if you’re constantly stressing over what you’re eating to heal, I’m sorry, you’re never going to heal. You’re not in the right
energy to be healing. You’re in the fighting
a lack, freak out mode, you’re not in homeostasis,
like I got this. Because that’s what I did with my acne, I had to stop stressing over
what foods were gonna make me break out and just see food
as healing me and helping me. And I would have pep talks before I ate. – For me, and I’ll link
the book down below that I recommend getting,
I kept my diet simple. I pretty much, there was like eight foods that I ate for two months. You see that seems like
really restrictive, and you know Lori and I
believe more about moderation. Yes, but there is a time and place, especially if you’re
dealing with an autoimmune disease which eczema is. You do need to calm your
body down, calm you gut down. And to me, the best way
to do that is to eat very basic simple foods that for
most of us won’t trigger. So i’ll give the link down
below to the book I recommend because she’s also a big believer on your mind and spirit
need to be connected to what you’re eating. That also ties into you
also have to believe in what you’re doing. So whatever way of eating
you decide to go forward with, whatever protocol, believe in it. Believe in it, because there’s multiple diets and ways of healing. You have to know yourself
and what feels is gonna cause the least stress,
the least anxiety in you. And just trust, stick with it, as you’re doing all the spiritual stuff. You have to do both. You have to be physically
taking the action so the diet, what you’re
putting on yourself, the supplements you’re using,
the lotions you’re using. The physical things you can do to heal. But also making sure
you’re doing the mindset, the emotional healing as well. – And if you don’t know where to start, ask your higher self, ask your source. And you can do that when
you get into a nice calm meditative like state and
say what do I need to do? What do I need to overcome? What emotions do I need to let go of? You can always ask your inner self, your higher inner self will always know and lead you the way. You’re completely lost, like
I don’t know what to do. And then ask and then trust. You’ll be guided, you might get am email or overhear a conversation
about something. Or you stumbled across this video that leads to the book that Michelle said and some of these other tips. So, trust that too, when you ask, you ask, He’s there to ask, ask away. And you’re trusting, you’ll
get those steps guided. – Things get a little deeper again, reminding you of the
points of emotional healing which I’ve talked about before. So heal with emotional
healing, you need to truly feel and open yourself and
give yourself permission and know that it’s safe
for you to feel it. You can meditate on it you
can journal out emotions. There’s all different ways
but you need to make sure that you’re feeling. And one thing that can kinda help, that’s gonna lead into my next step, which is also making peace. Is obviously your past and what you’re currently dealing with. You have a lot of emotion around it. You’re probably frustrated, you’re angry, about why this is still happening, why you still have eczema. So you need to write that out. What’re you most frustrated
about having eczema. And then I want you to add on to that, just general things in your life, where else do you feel negative emotion? Any negative emotion. It could be sadness,
frustration, resentment, anger, loneliness, guilt, shame. All those deeper ones
and focus on everything even including your eczema journey. Healing your eczema journey. Maybe you’re so angry that
you’ve done all these things I know for me that’s how I was, I put all these thousands
and thousands of dollars I felt like just wasted
because I didn’t get results. You have to be honest,
you know I can sense that I have a lot of
anger that I am not happy with my healing journey. That I am upset that I put my attention and focus on this protocol
and it didn’t work. You need to clear and honest. Allow yourself to really feel the anger because when you fully
allow yourself to feel, it moves through your body
and moves out of your body. That also when physical
movement could come into play. Other things to help you
physically move it out of you. But that comes into the making peace that I wanted to bring up too. Also, remembering to not
care about why you have it. And just focus on healing it. And break away from, because
that’s what you said you were stressing so much about was triggering it. You need to just focus on, that
you’re doing stuff to heal. You found a way of eating,
you’re focusing on your emotions. Because when you’re making peace and you’re looking at
that list of all stuff you’re kinda like allowing yourself to really have this full
mind body experience. And that means you’re getting
everything into alignment everything is focused on healing. And when you’re doing that,
that’s when the magic happens. Because everything is in alignment you’re no longer resisting something. You’re no longer scared
to talk about something. You’re opening yourself up
to all healing possibilities. – And I would like to add on to that, is that focusing on that you’re healing, not that something is still broken. Making sure you’re not coming
again from that deeper energy like still looking, oh
what’s still broken about me. Versus this is the path
I’m gonna take to heal and you stand by and
you feel good about it. Other things we want you
to encourage you to do along your journey is
continuing to ask yourself of more positive things like what else can I feel more joy today? What can I add to my life to
bring more joy to my life? What can I do to my life to make my life a little bit more simpler? Because what is that doing? Goes back to can I just
change my focus kinds heal me? What is that doing? It’s changing your focus of
like the negativity things and more of the positive abundant things in your life that
help you make your life better and stuff like that. So, it is technically kinda
switching your focus off something different. – Yeah I would, because
there are more studies being done that the state that you’re in, if you’re in joy and gratitude and living a great, feeling good about your life, and feeling good about yourself, good things are gonna be happening to yourself and that’s why
you have to do all of it. Face the negative stuff but
also keeping your focus on majority of time, the best you
can, on things that you want. Joy, love, and as Lorisaid, ask yourself what can you bring into
your life to allow that? And this also brings
us into our next point. Where Lori was saying
beginning with stress. Stress what diet you’re doing, stress over why your still facing this, stress that you’re not fixed yet, you’re not healed yet, stress puts you into a sympathetic state. It truly effects your nervous system. It pretty much shuts it down. – Which that is your
flight of flight response. Which means you’re just
at a very high stress heightened state like survival state. Which you’re not allowing any ability, your body is pretty much saying oh, I’m closed for healing
I’m fighting right now. Versus, I’m open to the healing. – So really truly pay attention
where are you stressed in your life & ne honest,
it will be highly related to your beliefs, your
mindset, what you’re thinking about and your emotions. On top of the daily actions,
that’s why Lori and I are big believers of keeping things simple in your everyday self care routine. And what you eat, do the
best to keep it simple because if all of it’s adding to add more peace in your life, and less stress in your life. So really pay attention, are you in a state of stress all the time? And it could be probably
in an area of your life maybe not really related to your skin, that you’re not facing,
but it’s having so much stress in your life. So again, get clear in
that because like what Lori was saying, when you’re
in that state of panic, every is truly shutting down. So again, when you’re in that
over stressed panic state, sympathetic state, it
puts your immune system, your healing system to shut off. It weakens your organs
in your body so they can’t run how they’re supposed to run. When you’re in this panic stressed state, it literally is shutting
down the part of your brain that allows you
to receive the wisdom and the knowledge of the next step on how to handle what your are facing. When you are in the
lower vibrations of like holding onto anxiety, worry, bitterness, comparison, self-hate,
jealousy, depression, it lowers your body’s frequency to heal. Thoughts and emotions
have the biggest impact on the biochemical reactions
that are happening in your body. Your mind is the most healing
tool you have access to. – To sum it up, can you
really just quit kinda just trying stress over what you’re doing and just really focus on believing and things will magically work for you in your healing journey? Yes and no. Hopefully we got that across for you that you understand, yes
that is a huge part of it. – That’s where it starts. – But no, in terms of
you still have to show up and take action but the
action will only follow if you’ve done the yes
parts of the spiritual parts so stop googling. – What’s wrong with you, why can’t you heal, stop all that. – And just go more inward. Get more in thought in tuned what Michelle addressed a lot all those deeper thoughts and emotions and that’s again through journaling, through talking it out, just sitting quietly with yourself. Because again, you’re gonna allow yourself to open up to the steps that
are necessary for you to heal. – We did another video we
highly recommend you checking out as well. We shared two things that helped us overcome our body image issues. But it also helped us
overcome a lot of our other health and skin issues. (upbeat music)

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  1. Thank you for watching are video about is believing really enough to heal my eczema and not worry about diet? Please share this video to anyone you know suffering.

  2. You both are sooo beautiful thanks for the advices please could you tell is turmeric water good gor eczema and how about eating tomatoes are they…bad???

  3. I am at peace. I agree with what you are saying.Its been a difficult year but I am coming around to realizing it is not my fault .Finally got in to see a dermatologist and he has helped a lot. I guess feeling supported has helped me.

  4. Eczema is a serious problem that can cause physical discomfort and mental stress, my son had eczema from 1 year old to about 7 years old and it was a stressful situation for my entire family. There were days when I just wanted to cry when I saw my sons body. The medication just did not work. It was so raw with eczema sores.I believed that I could heal my son eczema even after the doctors said he had chronic eczema. I definitely agree with you all , its a spiritual thing when it comes to healing.At our lowest point, I decided to stop the medications and the cremes and come up with my own formulations.I took a year to research natural plant base meds and I came up with handmade creams, soaps and products to heal my son skin.Today he is eczema free and our family is so happy. I am using my discoveries to help people heal from Eczema.I also must say that diet have a lot to do with it too, but there is a combination of factors that cause eczema. so many things have too be looked into also to heal eczema.

    If any one is interested to learn more or try some of my products .Check us out here and lets get the healing started….

  5. I actually sort of healed my constipation problems by breathing properly on the toilet then a bad eczema blocking my nose omfg, and my lips has been swollen, nose red and swollen too for 6 months almost!!! used anti-fungal and antibacterial oppointments, got better but now they are back FULL FORCE. with the candida gut infection that i am so bloated my body start to hurt!!!

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