Can Mental illness PHYSICALLY affect you? | Kati Morton

Can Mental illness PHYSICALLY affect you? | Kati Morton

Hey everyone. Happy Thursday. Now today I’m going to just answer a question. I was gonna do coffee and a chat, but it is later in the day and I don’t know if you are like me, but I can’t drink coffee that late, ’cause then I can’t sleep. It gives me the jitters. So today’s question is actually something that I’m surprised I haven’t talked about before, so we’re gonna talk about it. And the question is “Hey Kati. Can mental illness/illnesses physically affect you?” Good question. “I don’t mean behavior. I mean physical illness and pain. More specifically, I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. I wake up almost every morning feeling physically ill. (sick heavy head)” -they say in parentheses- “but more than that, it’s really hard to compare it to any other feeling. I’m pretty sure it’s not an anxious stomach, but it’s only when I wake up, even when I’ve had a really good night sleep. I stay off of school because of it and it’s hard to explain it to my dad so I just refuse to go.” And the truth of it is that this is very very common. Yes, it is completely normal to physically feel what’s going on with us mentally. And I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about how powerful the human mind is, and how powerful it can be. I mean I can get anxious and make my stomach upset likefinger snapif I want to. So we know that it is linked, and those are actually called somatic symptoms. Not to be confused with somatic disorder and all of those different things, but somatic symptoms are the physical manifestation of mental illness, and that is very common. Some of the most common ones that people talk about are stomachaches, headaches, heavy heads kinda like what she talked about. Like a sick, heavy head. Those are very common, and that is why we usually end up, if we’ve never been diagnosed, we haven’t gotten treatment, a lot of people end up in their GP or regular doctor or primary care doctor’s office first. Because we don’t feel well. We think we’re sick, but we don’t have like green snot or other things that tell us we’re sick or a fever. But we just don’t feel well and it keeps going on and persisting so we go to our doctor and we say “What gives? Why do I feel so sick?” And then they usually refer us to a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, something like that. So if you are out there and you are feeling achy- That’s the most common symptom by the way that I’ve heard, is that people who are depressed or anxious have like body aches like ugh kinda like when you’re sick and you ache. We feel that way and so if you have any symptoms like that and you’ve maybe even gone to the doctor and they checked you out and they’re like “Nothing’s wrong but you can take these antibiotics if you want”. This is somethin to think about and consider, because our bodies work as a whole. Right? Healthy mind, healthy body. That is our motto. And that is because they’re so intrinsically linked. If one is off, the other’s off. If the other one’s off, the other one’s off. So you can see that if something is wrong in our brain If we are feeling really down and out, that body aches might be common. We might wanna sleep a lot. A lot of symptoms that we could think of and associate with illness. So get checked out by your doctor first because we all know it could be sickness, but if it’s been going on and you’ve gotten checked out and everything is fine. Ask them for a referral to see a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, someone, some mental health professional, so that you can get properly diagnosed and get the help that you want. And if you have not hopped over to the Shorty awards. I’m gonna put the link in the description. Mental health is finally being recognized, and we as a community are finally on the board! And so you can vote once a day, each day. Once a day until February 18th. And if you put it on your Twitter or Facebook, we get an extra point like another vote that counts twice. So exciting! So if you could share the link. Share it on your Twitter or Facebook. We could really rally the masses and mental health could get an award. That’s so exciting. I used to like beg and plead to try to get us involved in this stuff and I never heard from anybody. And now we’re on it so please vote if you haven’t. Link in the description. Also I wanna give a whole-hearted thank you to all of my patreon patrons. I usually put their names at the end of a Monday video but I had a collab this Monday so everything was off so thank you so much. Here are the people who give and if you are interested in helping the kinion community helping us reach more people and supporting this channel, I’ll put the link in the description for that as well. I love you all and I will see you on Monday. Bye! I think that’s about the only dance I know. Subtitles by the community

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  1. Hey Kati, you say a lot that if your having problems (self harm or thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts) in my case too see a therapist. My parents and friends know and I'm doing better since telling them but I've been close to relapsing back into my self harm a few times now and feel the need to talk to a therapist. So I guess my question is how do you pluck up the courage to actually go and see a therapist I asked my mum if she would get me in contact with the school counselled but she said that I should be the one to contact him as it would be bette coning from me but she is happy if I don't feel the need to get help but I think I should. My parents don't know that I've tried to commit Suicide. Where do you get the motivation and courage to actually go and see someone. Every time I've came close before to seeing one I've always pushed it away and said I can just deal with it by myself but other times I know that I need help. Thanks for any answers!

  2. Can Major Depression disorder can be fixed/healed within a short period of time? Meaning, maybe 14days? So if you can; is it possible to 100% get rid of it? Or will it come back within short period of time again? Please answer…

  3. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Migraine with aura. Does that have anything to do with depression, or is it really just a physical illness?

  4. Hey Katie. Love your videos. I was wondering if certain people can be triggering. Some people make my anxiety really bad and make me want to self harm more than usual. And I don't know if it's because I want attention from them or what. What do you think?

  5. Short version of my question: I feel like my parents are punishing me for self harming. They say if I can't get it together I will have to stop doing some of my favorite activities. Is this moral? How do I explain to them that this isn't a good way to handle everything?

    Hi Kati! My parents recently found out about me self harming and a bunch of other stuff. They sent me to a therapist and they have been keeping a close watch on me. The issue is this: I'm a figure skater and I love it so much. My mom, however, has recently said that if I don't "get" my "shit together" (in reference to the self harming) then she will make me stop skating. I feel like I'm being punished for finally telling them about my problems. Is this moral? How can I explain to them that punishing me isn't a good way to handle this?

  6. Along the same lines of this video, I wanted to ask you if you know anything about fibromyalgia and it's link to depression. I've heard conflicting info, some say it's a nerve problem, some say it's purely psychological, some say it's a combination. Do you have any thoughts?

  7. #KatiFAQ
    Hey Kati,
    So I know you did a video on Mental Health and Chronic Illness's a while ago, but could you please do another one. Can you please include ways of dealing with being absent from school for a long time. I am 16, I have a chronic illness, and man it's lonely. It's really hard when no one can see how sick you are, so they think you're making it up and then you even start to believe that yourself eventually. How do I learn to accept that I'm sick?
    Thanks so much. Alyssa xxx

  8. In my case, anxiety due to problems I had at school, caused me may problems cramps, colics, etc… Then, later, anxiety plus stress used to lead me to have migrane constantly till one day I went blind for around 10 minutes, during my work shift…

  9. Oh my gosh. Thank you for this video. I'm so glad you answered this. I always wake up like that and I never thought my depression and anxiety was the main cause of it.

  10. i relate. i feel sick everyday.. even thou i now see a therapist. i had for like 3 years a pain in my leg. i would not notice that it actually was driven by my mental health before doctors finally said we can't find out whats wrong..

  11. I have depression and anxiety among other things. I am always sore, in pain, get tendinitis in my ankles, feel dizzy, get nausea (to the point I've lost weight) and often need a 2-3 hour sleep after work before I can function to do dinner etc. I then need 8-10 hours at night or I'm a zombie.

  12. When my depression was at it worst I had body pain every single day. Somedays it was just aching and a lot of days it would bring me to tears and I couldn't move. It lasted 2 years and it was terrible. I still sometimes get it but not nearly as often.
    I also frequently get chest pain that makes it hard to breathe, from my anxiety.

  13. This is how I actually got diagnosed with depression, I went to my doctor because I was always exhausted, achy and headachy. Glad you made a video on this 🙂 thanks for all you do Kati, you gave me hope not to give up on therapy, I started with a new therapist about a month ago and I feel really hopeful this time around! <3

  14. The worst symptom I experienced from my depression was fatigue. I didn't have insurance or any way to get medical care for years, and I just though I had CFS or something. It didn't help that my depression didn't manifest and sadness. Depression is as much physical as it is mental. I still have psychological problems like feelings of hopelessness and low self-worth though. I didn't know it was depression causing all of that until recently.

  15. Hi kati,Can I feel depressed due to ugliness?  For a very very long time now, I have felt ugly because I am half African –  half white. I have encountered many forms of racism throughout my life which have made me incredibly insecure and have made me feel hopeless. I even came to the point where I seriously wanted to die just because of my looks. I have felt this way for 2 years now. (ever since puberty struck) I have wanted to discuss this issue with my therapist, but I feel ashamed since I don't know if my problem is genuine. Would it actually be possible that my feelings of depression have been caused by life-long shame due to ugliness?

  16. A bit off topic, I had a question about cyclothymia. I think I might have it as it would explain my last couple of years, but I never thought I had MDD or BPD. I am going to go talk to someone asnd check it out – but I was wondering if the fluctuation period between hypomania and dysthymia can last a couple of months each, or are the periods usually short lived to a few weeks? Is there a standard for how long episodes last, or is it only a minimum of a week/two? Thanks for your videos, theyre great!

  17. Can you do a video about what to do if you don't like your therapist? I just can't open up to her can you help on that also. I don't know if its because I afraid to or what. Please help.

  18. one time my whole body was itching. i was convinced i had a rash or something. but the dr couldn't see anything. it felt like needles under my skin. i went to the er in pain and he asked me if anything made me anxious lately and it hit me, my childhood attacker was coming out of prison anyti e soon and i had been acting like it didnt bother me because i didnt want people to know.l and when i let it out, the itching stopped. now i try my best when something painful happens to my body like that, i make wen sure im not overlooking something traumatic im trying to ignore.

  19. Hey Kati, could you eventually talk about phobias? I have several that I personally consider severe, and I used to freak out pretty much all the time even just from the topics crossing my mind (it's been slightly betterish lately). I used to get like 2 hours of sleep staying up freaking out about them. I almost find it offensive when they describe phobias as "irrational" because they are so INCOMPLETELY horrifying to me, and then someone goes and calls it irrational or disproportional. I'm just wondering what your thoughts on phobias are, and is exposure therapy ever a bad thing to use to treat them? I'm pretty sure trying to get me to think or look at or watch anything would just give me more horrible disgusting images to pop up in my head and freak me out at random times. P.S. I'm glad I found your channel; it's been really informative.

  20. A long time ago my stomach bothered me everyday. I had all the tests done and they said nothing is wrong. I heard the nurse talk to my mom saying that it's psychosomatic or something.

  21. Can you do a video on death phobias, and/or the fear of loved ones dying? Had the worst flare up of my life with anxiety and depression and became terrified of someone I love dying or me dying… asking myself all of these existential questions and trying to understand if there is an afterlife. Really heavy questions… how does someone with depression and anxiety make peace with the unknown?

  22. hi, could you maybe make a video in which you'd talk about the differences between schizophrenia/usual psychosis and psychotic depression? thanks! xx

  23. kati im sorry to even bother you but i was wondering how can i ask my phycatrist that i just started seeing if i have depression and or anxiety.

  24. I'm so pleased you have made this video Kati 🙂 I've been excessively tired and achy for 6months now and everything but my type one diabetes control was ruled out. I kept saying it's not my diabetes causing it but no one listened. I know it's not this because it's a different tiredness. Finally we've discussed that it could be due to my PTSD and bpd and everything with that. However I have no idea what to do now.

  25. they have done studies and yes the human brain affects you physically
    i think we will find more ways the mind affects the body personally though

  26. #katifaq Hi Kati, I wondered if you know what can cause people to be emotionally abusive? My mum is emotionally abusive and I really want to understand why she is this way… Thank you 🙂

  27. This question was great! Suffering from anxiety and depression disorder myself, I can really relate to this video. Every morning I wake up I feel physically sick to the point I think I'm going to vomit and sometimes it's hard to tell if it's just my anxiety and depression or if I am actually sick! I also get really bad with the shakes physically and I was told that was my anxiety coming out in "physical form" it's not nice but i know now to get up in the mornings a bit earlier so I can have half an hour to myself to calm down and ground myself before getting ready for work or school 🙂 glasses of water help too x

  28. Hi Kati! I just read a book called Cure, and it's about the same topic. I thought you might enjoy it–

  29. can EDNOS cause you to have headaches and stomach aches? I've been experiencing both headaches and stomach aches. It's a coping skill due to my experience with sexual and emotional abuse. I've been really struggling with my eating disorder a lot and it has caused me to feel really alone.

  30. Every single time I wake up to an alarm clock I get a nasty stomach ache. It's been like this for 2+ years which is about how long my anxiety has been the worst.

  31. you have talked about this a little bit thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid and if they have depression and anxiety its probably autism and i had that same problem but how i was feeling never mattered

  32. What about heart rate? When I'm reeaally low due to depression my heart beats differently..i cant really explain feels kinda skippy or as if it was beating faster or just harder

  33. I have been going to an osteopath for about a year now thinking that my aching back, neck and shoulders was due to a sports injury. I would go to my appointment and my back wouldn't ache for a couple of days but then it would come back worse. My osteopath could never find anything that was out of the ordinary to explain why I was in so much pain even after my sports season had finished. I have never thought about it being linked to my anxiety. I get the usual heavy nausea feeling when I wake up in the morning but have never thought about my aching back as also being another physical attribute that comes with anxiety. Thanks Kati xx

  34. I can totally relate to all of this!!

    Back in school, I used to become physically sick a lot from my mental health issues (I got headaches, stomachaches, dizziness, even fevers), so I stayed home from school quite a lot – which obviously got me into trouble countless of times.

    Same with the job I recently quit: I had a terrible phase of depression (which according to my therapist had a lot to do with the job) and therefore I collected a large number of sick days (always with a doctor's note of course). Well, my boss thought I faked the doctor's notes. He didn't believe I was actually ill. So he bullied me into quitting and I received an awful report. -.-

  35. I experienced a high level of that, when my horse was not feeling good and I got (severe) angina from it and the high stress level. As soon as he got better I did too. I love him more than people love their children and if he would get sick for "real" I would probably get an actual heart attack.

  36. What is Peter Pan syndrome? Just wanted to know what it is since a friend mentioned it to me. Is this something you are allowed to treat?

  37. Hi Katie, I'm hoping you can help me. My neurologist has recently diagnosed me with pseudo-seizures. It's basically a grand mal seizure but I know it's not epileptic. I get a seizure the day after an argument or something that hurt my feelings very deeply. I'm currently looking for a therapist to talk to. But I don't know what exactly a pseudo-seizure is or where they come from or why I even have them?

  38. So does this explain my cold/hot flashes stomach pains Doctors could never explain, waking up sweating, headaches it all makes so much more sense now

  39. when my anxiety levels are high, i feel like im on a boat. like slight dizziness and nausea in my head. if that makes sense. its so hard to make it go awat cause i soon as i wake up i think about it and when i go to sleep i think about it and THAT makes me panicky.

  40. I'm 23 years old and I've had sever anxiety disorder since I was around 17. I noticed that whenever I drink I began to feel kinda sick. Usually it goes away in a month or two and it's consistent it doesn't go away till you began to lower your anxiety levels, but anxiety and alcohol should not go together. My symptoms are sometimes chest pain and muscle aches, heavy head, dizzy, hyperventilation, feeling of terror coming over me sharp pains back pains nausea, weak, depressed, lost of touch to reality. Easily irritated. I use to have a lot of thoughts about suicide and it would feel like no one understands me or people like us. I had to drop out of college because of that and I have to quit my job. Life is pretty hard but in still trying. Watching this video helped me understand it more. Thank you

  41. I went to the hospital three times this month I got cat scan X-rays blood drawn and urine and told me nothing is wrong it's all in my head. /-;

  42. the last couple of days I havent been feeling good, and been wanting to call off work, but cant i know I have siactic nerve, and chronic pain but still have to work ugg

  43. I'm diagnosed with depression b p d traits and self harm and bipolar 2 I have good days and bad days I live alone my kids were taken to live with my mum and dad they got me to sign them over when I was in mental hosp by social w I don't like them my self harm can get bad but ever boy should treat the same as physical illness its you just can't see ours

  44. I have mild cerebral palsy n mental health disorder also cause with mental health disorder from i see lot arguments at moms and dads and between them n they put me middle of it

  45. i never choose sickness uselessness oppression

    i choose freedom health usefulness friendships fun independence

    but sure as PEOPLE overruled me both as child & adult as in degrade beat violate imprison , falsely accused unjustly punished etc,,,,

    Sometimes despite my best efforts;;;; my choosing health usefulness happiness are OVERRULED by sickness etc,,,

    & fact you are sick (& people saw you sick suffer etc) does NOT prove to doctors hospitals nurses etc you are sick

    & can get pretty unfair heartless

    & doctors gynecologists who do forced gynocologic exams on women & girls as they cry scream in AGONY pain humiliate torture etc

    & horrible physical/mental misery uselessness weakness sickness caused by many drugs/medications etc

    (& even when they KNOW;;; claim not to or claim you are helped benefiting etc,,,,( nurse rachet dr mengle ;;;;::; )

  46. What’s the extent psychosomatic symptoms can manifest? In August I had an episode with visual disturbances (double vision and tunnel vision), then became completely paralyzed. Since then it happens about once a week, though usually without the vision problems now. I’ve been to neurologists, but they keep telling me it’s psychosomatic (I’m bipolar I.) I don’t really buy it though. Mainly because I’m the most stable I’ve been in my life, no mood episodes for nearly a year. I tell them this and they claim I’m in denial. I’ve been praised multiple times by mental health professionals about my emotional insight and understanding of my relationship with my bipolar. I don’t think I’d be in denial about it suddenly. But, I’m not a doctor. Can emotional distress actually cause full body paralysis? Can you really be that much in denial about your state of well being? Or do I just have lazy and/or prejudiced doctors?

  47. Thank you Kati, really. You have convinced me to talk to a mental heath person. I JUST picked up my 4th different anti-depression med and seen "Life Noggin"s video that brought me here and i'm thankful it did. I was stabbed about 3 years ago now and have night terrors, wake up screaming, everyone tells me i have PTSD, i hardly ever leave the house and have panic attacks / anxiety attacks all the time. Your video convinced me to ask my normal Dr. to send me to see someone. So really THANK YOU <3 …. I hope you get to see this and get my thanks 🙂

  48. I had this point where my depression and anxiety took a crazy spiral when I moved out of state and changed schools. It caused me so much stress everyday, I started to lose my eyesight. I saw lights and patterns, I had to wear sunglasses indoors because even the slightest light would give me a headache and make my sight just go white. I never had vision problems. I don't even wear glasses. Following my sight issues, I would also get many panic attacks at random, and splitting headaches that could make me faint.
    I have a lot of mental issues, and it took a long time for the stress to fade. With it, my light sensitivity also got better, and I didn't need the glasses, and I still use a crutch for helping me with panic attacks, but the headaches are just about completely gone.

  49. Hi kati. Im suffering from high functioning depression. Im actually having medication but I still feel the same. I always have the desire of wanting to die. Im tired kati.

  50. Should i be worried because I'm getting headaches after school is it just the bus its same on the weekend?

  51. Two years ago my entire body was in excruciating pain and locked up it started slowly but eventually I couldn’t do anything by myself anymore I need help to do everything. I couldn’t sit or lie down or get up on my own I needed help with everything I was taken out of school and no one on my family believed I was in pain they all thought that I was making it up and just wanted to get out of school and work and what not. It wasn’t until I went to my osteopath who could see how much pain I was in. I was constantly crying not being able to cope with the pain. My osteopath made my mom take me to the hospital and after multiple trips of no clue what was wrong with me they finally diagnosed me with severe anxiety disorder and severe depression. After going on medication for it it finally started to go away it’s still constantly faintly there but not as bad. But when I start to get really bad again ( I’ve since gotten more diagnoses) the pain come back again and at a higher level.

  52. Interesting. When I was teen I also got very nauseous in the mornings.. only on days before school. It'd get to the point that's right before leaving or close to I'd actually throw up! And then I was fine. I figure it was anxiety, I definitely had social anxiety then it's just I didn't feel anxious, or at least didn't notice so I didn't understand it for a long time why that was happening.

  53. For the past 7 years i have being constantly tired no energy even after good sleep cant think properly cant make decisions loss of short term memory and lots of negative thoughts my whole body is a mess but still everything shows up ok in blood tests maybe i have mental ilness? Deppression?anxiety disorder?

  54. I haven't been diagnosed with anything like depression or anxiety disorder, but I feel stressed usually every day. Specifically when I go to school or in any public area. I would get random stomach pains regularly and I asked my mother about it. She said it wasn't a normal thing for her unless she was actually sick. Is it possible to get things like that even though you aren't exactly feeling down at the moment?

  55. ive been having nausea everyday all day for two years now and Ive been to so many doctors and they keep telling me it most be stress or something, but i reallly dont think im constantly stressed or sad, like nothing in my life is constant enough to be causing something so constant (nausea), i really need help its exhausting.

  56. I have just made subtitled the video! Hope it will help others to know and understand what she is saying, even if they are either deaf or non-engish speaking! ( I made it to Swedish! ) Jag har just lagt till en översättning till videon! Hoppas att det hjälper er att förstå vad hon säger, även om ni är döva eller inte pratar engelska! ( jag gjorde den till svenska! )

  57. There is high chance that they have misdiagnosed you with mental illness. You have a physical illness and doctors have failed to diagnose you. I v seen many examples of ppl with thyroid disorders for example where doctors misdiagnose them with bipolar.

  58. Hi Kati, i recently subscribed to your channel your videos are great they have a lot of info! I've got a school project about mental health and i was wondering if you have done a video about the stigma attached to mental health and its impact on people?

  59. I have a mixture between invisible rare illnesses and depression, anxiety, and conversion disorder. My mental health with my conversion disorder is ruling my life because I physically can’t walk. I have muscle spasms that looks like Tourette’s. I have a terrible time validating any of my physical symptoms because I think it’s just in my head if it’s a psychogenic illness. And I get confused if my symptoms are from my genetic condition or from my conversion disorder. It’s really discouraging and difficult

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