Can You Be a Hypnotist?

Can You Be a Hypnotist?

(clock ticking) – That’s not hypnosis. (clock ticking) The primary questions
I get about hypnosis, “Are you gonna make me bark like a dog? “Are you going to make
me cluck like a chicken? “Are ya gonna make me do
those things that I see on TV “or I see at the fair?” And the answer is, no. – To say that we have control over people is a complete fallacy. – You’re fully conscious,
you’re fully aware. You are just in a state
of bliss, of comfort. – We can’t make anyone do
anything that they don’t wanna do. – A lot of people have a
lot of misperceptions about what hypnosis is. A lot of existing, maybe
coaches, or massage therapists, nurses, people that are
already helping people. And so the reason I’m
teaching this free class is because it’s sad that they don’t realize how helpful hypnosis
could be in their practice or in their life. That is the power of hypnosis. We can help change the meaning that gets applied to those
stressful situations, so now our clients are no
longer eating too much, smoking too much, or drinking too much. And this course is all about
understanding the new, modern, and professional style of hypnosis, so that you can understand
if you want to incorporate it into your practice or become
a professional hypnotist. – I didn’t know anything about
hypnosis when I came up here. I was like, “I need to
see this to believe it. “I need to experience it.” And so, day one, I’m like,
“You need to hypnotize me, “so I can see what this is all about.” And end of day one, I’m
like, “This is it for me. “This is everything I’ve needed.” – So, I was in corporate America. I was a software engineer
for almost 15 years, and it was a great job, but I was unfulfilled to a large extent. I really wanted something more in my life. Wondered if there was
something more in my life. One of the things I like
to share with my clients is that hypnosis works, even when
everything else has failed. So, even when they’ve been
unsuccessful to do things in the past, hypnosis can
help them achieve that result. And I get emails all the time, “Erika, you’ve changed my life.” And of course, I used to say to them, “No, you changed your own life.” You have the power inside of
you, so it’s super empowering. – I helped a guy who
had smoked for 72 years. And he quit smoking. He started when he was 10, he was 82. – When I’ve got a client who comes to me, and he’s getting ready to lose
his wife and his three kids because he’s a drinker,
and he’s beating the dog, and he’s being aggressive. And after four sessions, I get
a call from the wife saying, “Thank you for saving my marriage. My kids have their father back.” What more could I possibly ask for? – My success comes from
my graduate success. I am highly invested in
them being successful. And so a big part of what
I love to do is make sure that they are successful. – I came to class here, with Erika, and within about a month, I put a sign out in West
Seattle where I wanted to be, opened up an office, and started. – To me, it’s priceless. When you’re taught under the best, that just adds credibility to everything. – The free training is a
master class designed to help you understand what hypnosis is all about, the modern state of hypnosis, so that you can make a decision whether you want to be a hypnotist or not. And if you want to incorporate that into your existing training, or maybe you just want to
change careers like I did and become a hypnotist. I’m Erika Flint, and I’ll
teach you how hypnosis works. (clock ticking)

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  1. Erica i am interseted in hypnosis.maybe i could help others ..i suffer from serious abandonment issues can you help

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