Can You Do A Candida Cleanse While Taking Antibiotics?

Can You Do A Candida Cleanse While Taking Antibiotics?

Eric Bakker: Greetings, Eric Bakker. Thank you for coming back. A question I get asked regularly from people,
particularly people who take antibiotics, if they can do a candida cleanse at the same
time as taking antibiotics. Well, it’s a pretty silly thing, isn’t it? Why would you wanna do that? Why would you wanna take something to eradicate
candida? The antibiotics is wiping out stuff and allowing
candida to thrive at the same time. It’s a dumb idea. It’s not gonna work. A lot of the times when I see people, I try
and talk them out of antibiotics. I really have a pet hate for antibiotics. Probably like I have a pet hate for other
types of things in life. People that come around and hassle me about
things at the door. People who try and convert me to different
belief systems, whether they’re dietary belief systems or religious belief systems. Those sort of people are like flies. They just annoy me. I just wanna swat them kind of thing. But, this candida cleanse while taking antibiotics
concerns me. If you are on antibiotic, you need to finish
the course and don’t straightaway do a candida cleanse. Finish the course. Let the tummy on its own for 14 days. Did you hear me? 14 days. Two weeks. You leave the gut alone. Don’t disturb it. Let it try and come back on its own balance. You’ve got trillions of bacteria in the gut. You’ve just come in there with flame throwers
and bombs and guns and you’ve shot the hell out of everything. No point coming in the following day trying
to redecorate everything. It doesn’t work like that. Leave the bacteria alone. Give them some breathing space. Take a bit of time out and rest up, especially
if you’re feeling unwell, with loose bowels or vaginal thrush. Allow your body to recover. Try and see antibiotics that you’ve taken
like you’ve just had a really bad relationship with someone. Are you gonna jump straightaway the following
day on Tinder? Probably not. You’re probably gonna wait several weeks or
months before you get a bit of emotional breathing space back. Now, think about the breathing space the bacteria
need. They need a lot more than that. Ideally, you would leave the gut alone for
a good two to three weeks, if not more. I’d say it’s a 50/50. 50% of people I see recover reasonably well. The other 50% I see, they don’t recover well
at all. In that 50% that don’t recover, there’s a
percentage that never recover. Even after seven days. It could take 10 years before they recover. Now, you may be one of those people watching
now, so dang. That guy really knows me. That’s because I’ve seen so many people who’ve
had their tummies trashed by antibiotics. I’ve got at least 10 patients I’m working
with right now, follow up patients, because I’m not taking on any new cases anymore, at
least 10 follow ups that have got a gut that’s almost irreversibly damaged from antibiotics. Some of those cases, they only went on antibiotics
for a week. In other cases, for a full 12 months. I’ve got one patient I keep talking about,
Israel, my classic case, which I’m going to be doing a video with him conjoined to show
you guys what can be done to repair the gut. He was on antibiotics for 12 months, and he’s
recovering now quite nicely. So, you can get someone who’s in the fires
of hell and pull them out of there. That can be possible. It depends on you as a person. How strong you are and how much therapy you’re
willing to take. Wait, wait, wait. Those are probably the only three words I
would have to say with this video. Just wait. Wait several weeks. See how the tummy goes. And then, start. But, if you’re clever, antibiotics, serious
problems thereafter, wait two or three weeks, do a stool test. Get a comprehensive stool analysis. Three samples, three concurrent days, and
then fix it up. If you fix a small problem now, it’s gonna
save it being a huge problem down the track. Make sense? It does to me. Thanks for the question.

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  1. My mother has had her large colon removed and constantly on antibiotics every 3 months for septicemia for the past 5 years. I have recurring staph infections on my legs and rear area, Lyme disease and systemic yeast infection and Tinea myself. I just got your book & wanted to consult with you but noticed that you’re not taking on any more patients. Is there anyone else you can refer us to who uses the same principles as you? Is there a waitlist to join to consult with you? We are very desperate and have tried everything for the past decade, since 2009. Currently reading your book & looking into the Canxida products. Thank you!
    Adam from Washington DC

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