Cancer Cure with the help of Magnet & Ayurveda II चुम्बक और आयुर्वेदा से कैंसर का इलाज II

Hello friends. I am Dr. Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt In this series i will share information about cancer.. Many of us become worried listening word Cancer. If somebody got to know that he’s suffering from cancer. then he/she feels like almost facing the death but its not true, there are various types of cancer. And if it is initial stage of cancer then its completely curable. I know several people who lost their tongue in cancer disease 15 years back but he is still alive. And they living happy life, yes they are surviving on food tubes or pipes. Those who have throat cancer then hole in throat got done And they are living from the last 15-20 years with this process of eating. Cancer doesn’t mean death. If you got the treatment on right time then after operation you can be healthy. Cancers are two types of , one is like cyst and another one is in blood, that means blood cancer. There is only one way for the blood cancer patients and that’s blood changing. Either you go to big hospital like TATA or any other one. That’s curable provided you got to know in first stage Similarly, cyst also is seen in various types in different parts of our body. Now, if we talk about head then there are possibilities that somebody is having small cyst near brain. Such cysts of caners are normally tough to cure. either with great difficulties Now, if we move further Tongue cancer Then throat caner, slowly patient doesn’t get anything to eat. And cysts takes place in throat small boils got appear on tongue & become to increase. if the treatment begins on right time then its easily curable . Further to this, even down the breath pipe around lungs too cysts of cancer is seen. Such patients feels difficulties in breathing Slowly when it becomes to increase then they go for medical check up . And then only they came to know that the cyst is enlarged and completely around the lungs. Similarly, if its stomach cysts Initially its tough to find out unless its become large and got stable place in the body. then its operation becomes tough because the medical practitioner even declare it might possible that during operation due to germs reached to heart it get difficult to ruled out it might possible that heart defect occurs and lead to death. similarly, in females uterus cancer. and breast cancer one thing you should understand is that you should get yourself treated in case of any problem. nothing happens to a healthy body but , any cysts is seen somewhere then you shouldn’t neglect that cyst at least to get it check it necessary. With check up at least you will came to know what is it? people usually scared of check up ? Why ?? they are scared of cysts so, what if then you won’t go for check up? what if its cancer cyst then won’t you go for check up? you think it won’t increase. No.. Instead its better to go for check up with strong heart. if this cysts is keep on increasing then that operation becomes difficult & lead to death as well. Hence, don’t be scared of cancer Its important to get the cyst and blood check up done and if you came to know about uterus cancer, Then, i personally know lots of women who have taken this cancer for granted. They bleed like anything but still not ready to go for operation, which is absolutely wrong. if you are aware that you got cancer cyst in your body. get your treatment done in emergency if dr ask you to go for check up then it will be passed by multiple procedures. its time taking too but, if in the initially stage if you are ware of that this cyst can be cured. then then , cow’s urine is the best remedy in that case. Fresh and urine of a healthy cow is beneficial & that you can drink thrice a time in a day. Apart from that Triphala juice is also available n the market & that also you can take 3 times in a day. Due to the cyst your body will become weak slowly first of all its important to be healthy means you may eat energy tablets Just like Shatavari, Ashwagangha to be consumed. if you will start following this general medicine then it will easier for you to get it operate as your body is healthy. and prior to that keep your mind healthy. that every cancer is not life taking. Now, we will talk about magnet to cure cancer so, unfortunately in our country we still haven’t accepted magnet therapy so far. However in Foreign counties many doctors has treated several cancer patients. even we have done , but for those who contact us if you have magnet & someone near you is suffering from cancer then help them out. Look at this magnet set Even much more bigger sets are available For cancer, bigger or double to this size of magnets are available and you should take 2 sets at least. Even in foreign counties they have researched that magnet is called holy water of the earth. there must be some reason for this meaning full line ? Because its able to cure acute and chronic types of diseases. Now, let us see that since the magnet has its range of power and within its power range none of the germs of any disease can survive at any cost and this has been researched in foreign countries . with the usage of magnet the increment and the branches of cysts very slowly magnet kill all those germs if the cysts is under control then it can be operate too. and with the usage of magnet that cyst become smaller as per foreign researches. And we have many doctors who only practice of magnet therapy. Now, magnet water Those who want to treat cancer they can drink magnet water 2 times in a day So, this way if you will use magnet then the cyst won’t increase further. then as in you are taking other and magnet treatment too so, with the two types of treatment you can recover from cancer. Don’t ever think that cancer is always a reason to death. There are 1000 of people who have fight with cancer & surviving gracefully from the last 15-20 years. But, yes have a positive mind and immediately begin the treatment. Just now we told you if you have stomach or uterus cancer then you have to take double size of magnet and in total you have to have 2 pairs, if you have got stomach cancer. in case you have cancer around lever or in lever then, magnet belts are also available with the same power but they are lying in the line, just like i have this belt so, for the throat disease, as in its balanced with plus and minus magnet . wear it 24 x7 as there is no side effects and it also works to kill the germs of throat cancer. Similarly, for different body part , different magnet is used. since we can’t use magnet or wear belt in case of tongue cancer. then we have to prepare good amount of powerful magnet water and keep on doing gargle with the magnet water. and from the outer side you should use this type of small magnets it comes in two pieces plus and minus so you should do massage with it. in case you don’t want to go for properallopathic medicine or, you have been told that your disease it not curable then you can completely go for ayurveda , magnet treatment. and one more thing that naturopathy too is a part of ayurveda. which we have already explained to you. that if you will have tuning with nature then you won’t suffer from any disease. naturopathy means live your life peacefully with natural way. eat the food , prescribed by the nature In ancient time we had pure clarified butter, curd, milk & chapati, instead of now a days spicy food. In almost every small village still have the same diet to eat. so, you must eat healthy food, use magnet therapy or go for the complete and dedicated magnet medical practitioner. and then definitely you will be healthy. So, now we came to know that how can cancer can be cured with the help of magnet and ayurveda Let me share again, Triphala, Cow’s urine, Shatavari, Ashwagandha With their usage you can increase your eternal strength you can fight with cancer or can make it stop to increase in your body. and then as a treatment magnet too works to stop cancer to get increased. So, we would wish that you do this remedy like the way we are telling you. Stay happy, healthy and be with us.

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