Cancer Testimonial – Cured by Ayurvedic treatment | Real testimonial

Cancer Testimonial – Cured by Ayurvedic treatment | Real testimonial

Greetings, Ms. Kulwinder! I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda. Have come here to meet Dr Vikram for your treatment or someone in your family? I’ve come here for my husband. His condition was very critical last month. My sister-in-law came here last month to get medicines for him. Did you guide him to seek treatment from here? What was he suffering from? He was suffering from Cancer. There was a tumor in his leg and it had to be amputated. We belong to Ludhiana and he was under chemotherapy in DMC, Ludhiana. He had become extremely weak after the chemotherapy. When was the tumor in his leg detected? 1 year ago. He got to know about it a year ago? It wasn’t a serious problem then. He thought it’s just a tumor and he’ll be able to walk with it. He took allopathic treatment. What is his age? 39 years. How did you get to know about Dr. Vikram? We have relatives from Delhi who took treatment from Dr. Vikram. They provided us with the information and asked us to seek treatment. When did you start the treatment? 1 month ago. What was his condition during that time? He was extremely weak. He was unable to get up, speak or eat. Was he through with his chemotherapy? He had got his third chemo done. Third chemo and his leg had also been amputated. What improvement did you see in him after taking medicines given by Dr Vikram? A lot! His appetite has increased, he’s able to sleep, and he get up on his own. There’s a lot of improvement. Please tell us more about his improvement after you started giving him Planet Ayurveda’s medicines Do you have any reports which show a sign of improvement? His condition has improved a lot. Are there any improvements in his reports? We’ll get his tests done next month as Dr. Vikram has asked us to continue the treatment for 1 more month. We feel and the patient feels there is a change in is condition. There is a lot of difference in the symptoms he was facing in one month. How is his condition now? He’s much better now and his will power has increased. He felt that he can be better? Yes. Earlier he was worried if he would be fine or not. But now he himself feels there is a chance of getting better and he is much better now. We have a lot of viewers who follow Dr Vikram’s videos regularly. There might be a cancer patient who’s viewing this video. Would you like to give a message for them? We are staunch believers of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicines are better than allopathic. It’s better to avoid chemotherapy and opt for Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment is the best. Allopath doesn’t take any guarantee. That’s a very nice thing. This will escalate people’s faith in Ayurveda. We have a lot of trust. Thank you very much. Thank you.

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  1. sir mere relative ko mouth or tounge cancer h,, 4rth stage h chemotherapy or radiation therapy k liye kaha h. kya chemo or radiation k Bina wo normal ho sakte h ayurvedic medicine Se…?

  2. dear Sir, my father is suffering from lung cancer. he is 74 years old. Dr. advise for chemotherapy. but by watching your videos I didn't want to go for chemotherapy. I will sent u his pathological report. Sir plz advice me about his treatment.

  3. i m shanawwar ali i m glad to meet dr vikram chohan i m certified i give him certificate of excellent for ayurveda

  4. Sir my wife has stomach cancer.. How can I get your medicine.. Or your treatment. Pls reply me. I'm from Bangladesh.

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