Cara Brotman picks Silk Tassel, great for Pain Relief, Cramps

Cara Brotman picks Silk Tassel, great for Pain Relief, Cramps

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  1. So when are you going to begin to sell that? That is one of my meds I can not go without after my foot surgery did not heal and my back injury. Let me know I have been gathering my plantain and other goodies and this fall will work on my burdock root. Bless you both.

  2. Thank u Cara n Markus. We dont hv it here in my country but am sure we hv similar plants that can do good to people. I love because u share…

  3. I found a website where you can purchase the shrub. I'm just wondering if it would survive during the winter where I live…it can get to wind chills of below zero at times.

  4. I have the book Free Food and Medicine and I love it. I've been studying it for a couple of years now. THANK YOU MARKUS AND CARA.

  5. Haha – I love your excitement here, I know exactly how you feel about finding something of a gem out in nature. Those poor people in that church it's such a shame that the vicar can't tell these people about what nature provides.

  6. I have pain in my tailbone as well due to prolong sitting…I have converted my PC table from seating to standing table and I have no pain while standing or laying. But when I seat on it even with a cushion it gets painfull,numbing dull pain. What Cara does for tailbone pain besides doing this plant? Some beneficial yoga postures maybe?!

  7. I took a wilderness first aid class not to long ago and they told us to make a first aid kit for a specific scenario. I put that book in my kit in a plastic ziplock bag. They asked me why would you bring that book. I told them that i may not have enough medicine or I may need food or medicine. before I can get out if i were lost. That book could save my life or someone else's.

  8. Two minutes in and I've just spent twenty minutes reading about Silk Tassel. It has a male and a female plant just like cannabis. That's rare in the plant kingdom.

  9. Boy do I love harvesting wild edibles. Thanks to your wild edible guide, I discovered that all the 'weeds' in my backyard were actually the medicines I was searching for. I don't mow the lawn or kill the weeds… I juice my grass and eat my weeds. Btw, thanks and love you Cara and Markus!

  10. whats the latin name of it Markus plse ? the translator makes "seidenquaste" out of it, but that is no plant here in germany 😉
    Cara is so gorgeous. i love her enthusiasm 🙂

  11. Yea, great medicine! But if everyone starts picking stuff from nature directly and then sell it (there are always greedy people who start doing damage), then nothing will be left…

  12. Just ordered a bush from the garden center! You can take cuttings in the Summer to grow more plants. The botanical name is Garrya elliptica.  Thank you both so much.

  13. Love you Cara. THANK YOU Markus. Do you know of a specific Hawaiian plant guide? I'm moving there on wed and would love to learn about the wild edible plants out there.

  14. thanks Markus and Cara – I love that book – free food and medicine – I just looked up silk tassle – unfortunately for me it is a desert plant and I live in Canada….but will continue to read and memorize the great plants around here – my friends think I am nuts picking dandelions and weeds and eating them ( when I know they have not been sprayed)…your knowledge is fantastic – you are Dr. Mark to me!! and beautiful nurse Cara – haha – would make another awesome video – like your pilot/stewardess videio


  16. Hi Markus! 🙂 Do you think it would work externally also? I'm a massage therapist and was wondering if I put the silk tassle in an oil like coconut oil and let it sit and be absorbed by the oil,it would work for helping muscles,tendons and joints? With gratitude,Jena

  17. Perhaps we should grow our own so we all have it in our community…ideas how one could propagate them if we find a wild bush?? Ordering your book!

  18. Ok hun
    I sent u pm to cara bee
    If u click on Cathy galeotti
    On Facebook on message button
    U will see it
    I can email u too

  19. Thank you M & C. That mountain, and all mountains, are tree stumps from ancient Silicon Trees that used to be up to 100km – 60 miles high. re: youtube "There are no forest on Earth". Namaste.

  20. Ahhhhh I got CHILLS watching you Cara Someone posted this link .. which one is the best Cara or Markus?

  21. Markus – Why don't you add Silk Tassle powder or caps to your line of Wild Force products? Love you and Cara. Keep the videos coming!

  22. That's why Everybody loves you and him, Cara cuz he's sooo knowledageble! I love how you said "God thought of everything." Yes, please do go and talk to the people in the church they really need your help, Markus!

  23. my friend has hepatitis c and HIV and kidney problem non stop. Can i give her this plant for her hip pain from replacing her hips

  24. i know man was cured of bladder cancer after taking a plant found only in the Levant
    This man spent six years in a bad health condition using chemotherapy and was in pain day and night
    It is incredible that this plant spent on cancer
    Ephedra is a plant that was the cause of his recovery when he presented one to his sheep and the sick healed because of the plant
    To come to him the idea of taketing the plant for five months after the boil 350 grams per 7 liter of water 2 hours on low heat
    take 2 liters per day.

  25. Thanks Markus. Also have that plant book that I bought a few years ago. It's a little beat up from constantly being use. It's the best and the most detailed one that I ever seen.

  26. Off topic I'm always in a lot of discomfort and sick feeling after I use an enema. Is that common or is that something that will pass? Thanks. There isn't any silk tassel in New York. Which is a shame.

  27. I went to Mt Charleston and picked out silk tassle but idk if I got the right one. It looks so much like it but somethings make me doubtful like the string leaves that hang in between the regular leaves/branches, I couldn't see those on the ones I got 🙁

  28. Do you sell this? You should have different remedies like you have the Vitamin C tub and night formula. One called pain relief, one called stress, one for the common cold etc.

  29. Where do I buy this plant????? Can you sell the seeds please???? I can't seem to find it. I want to make my property my own garden of Eden.

  30. yes it would be cool if you could sell it, although now that i know how good it is i might try to go there altho i don;t live there or near there. wow you give so much good info….!

  31. Does this grow only in warm climates? We have 8.5 acres and could grow it. (live in Utah) with 18" of snow – lol

  32. Cara, I am a ethno botanist living in Santa Fe–kind of similar to your area–but a little different–and I thought I knew my high desert plants–but not this one! Thank you–will check out when in that area.

  33. I get bad cramps and I have some silk tassel leaves. I grinded it to a powder, but I'm scared to drink it. lol this is absolutely safe?

  34. First time I've seen this video. You know I've been saying it for years to my husband … Every time we've been to a church potluck we see some of the most unhealthy foods there. And most everyone has some type of physical ailment or condition that put them on medication. It's so sad. You know I can barely talk natural remedies to these folks because they are pretty close minded and it frustrates me. There is a paranoia in the church about these things and I think fear keeps them from further investigation. I know a God didn't put us here to live a miserable life in pain with foggy minds and messed up bodies. Anyhow, once again, you both have inspired me!!! ✨?✨

  35. It would be nice for you to market this. The headache's I have from your liver and parasite cleanse are crucial. I need this plant.??????

  36. I don’t even know where to start with this. First of there are tons of herbalists who ETHICALLY harvest this plant and make tinctures from it. Tons! Micheal Cottingham is one person, I am one person. There are lots of clinical herbalists who make medicine from this plant and use it. I even think herb pharm makes a silk tassel tincture you can buy online or find at any health food store. Second off when wildcrafting herbs you need to be ethically wildcrafting. That means you don’t over harvest, you know where the plant stands as far as if it’s endangered or not. You use proper equipment like pruners. Also you need to know basic botany when wildcrafting to make sure you know your gathering the right plant. Telling people to go out and pick it is very irresponsible. This is also a reflection on the herbal community. when people with a lot of followers like yourself talk about a herb and it gains popularity then it can become endangered. Also stating that it is like "morphine" is just crazy. this plant doesnt come close to that, no plant does! Saying claims like that can also lead the FDA to crack down on certain herbs. Please be concious when talking about plants, and if you want to know more perhaps reach out to a qualified clinical herbalist. not trying to troll but just want people to know these things.

  37. Yes amazing pharmacy. Now I am amped about picking my own herbs… buying is too much.
    Can't wait to get Markus book on herbs. THANKS for the inspiration.

  38. I've seen this video a few times before but I just now watched it again and Cara is so adorable in this video and so are you watching her. You both have such sweet and wonderful souls! Thank you so tremendously for everything you share with us! So much love for you both!!??

  39. Thanks Markus your edible plant app rules. Came from oregon to arizona so need to learn my plants again and this helped so much keep up the great work!

  40. Marcus just answered my question about this video! I rember seeing this a while back! So thankful about this! Love u Cara! Your Amazing!

  41. That's SO IRONIC. It really frustrated me that God's people are walking right pass this medicine! And, you know that the Bible says that healing is in the leaves of the trees. So it's not like God hid it from us. We perish from lack of knowledge. Knowledge that's right on our faces. Wow! Just WOW!

  42. I use several weeds that grow in my backyard, purslane, dandelion, chickweed, mallow, wild mustard, wild garlic, and common plantain. And I know of other ones but never ever had heard of silk tassel. Sadly, I live on Long Island, NY, with no access to it.

  43. I use several weeds that grow in my backyard, purslane, dandelion, chickweed, mallow, wild mustard, wild garlic, and common plantain. And I know of other ones but never ever had heard of silk tassel. Sadly, I live on Long Island, NY, with no access to it. I’ve been having neck, hip, and knee pain for 3 weeks now. Ugh! Maybe Markus and Cara should make it available on line? You guys are so industrious. Actually you two should build an empire and bring down those who are doing harm to others, animals, and the planet. I’d jump on board so fast to subscribe to it. This just reminds me I need to order more Irish moss.

  44. Hi guys here's Silk Tassel Tincture >>>>

  45. I live in the Texas panhandle and I havent heard of this before and know several people that could benefit from this if you find out about a online store that you could suggest where one could buy some silk tassel powder ? Would you let me know thanks

  46. Someone borrowed my book, so I just ordered another one. How can we grown our own silk tassel so we always have our own? #Goals

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