Cataclysm: Alchemy Gold Making Guide Elixir/Flask Spec by Tarou

Cataclysm: Alchemy Gold Making Guide Elixir/Flask Spec by Tarou

What’s up guy and girl players of World of
Warcraft. This is Ryutarou AkA Tarou bringing you an Alchemy Gold Making Guide! For more
FREE WoW guides, check out my channel at RyutaroAkaTarou In this Alchemy Gold Making Guide, I’ll be
focusing on the Elixir Spec side of Alchemy. To get started you’ll need to have Alchemy
leveled up decently and if you need help with that, I have all 1-525 leveling guides on
my website at It will also teach you how to get the Elixir Spec
if you’re unsure. A good profession to go with Alchemy Elixir Spec is Herbalism. Alright, now that the initial prep is out
of the way, you can start banking with Elixir Alchemy. I like to start the day off getting
mats for whichever CD I plan to do. Today, I’m going with Living Elements but you could
also do Truegold or sell your cooldown in trade. As for which is better, take the sale
price minus the mats and do the one with the highest profit. Next, I start buying up mats for making flasks.
The best time to get mats is early morning to afternoon or on the weekends. This is usually
when they are the cheapest but monitor your server’s Auction House to find out the best
time for you. It’s also a good idea to watch trade chat for bulk sellers and to setup some
sort of CoD or direct trade deal with farmers if you can. Of course, if you already have
Herbalism, farm the mats yourself. Now that you’ve got some mats, you can start
making flasks and elixirs. The current proc rate is semi-low and the max is four extra
flasks or elixirs which will look like x5 but you’re already making one so it’s really
four extra. The key to selling flasks and elixirs is timing.
6-8pm is peak time and as you can see here, sales started at around 5:30pm and were fairly
slow but by 6:50pm things started to pick up fast. By 7:22pm I started to run out of
flasks and looks like I also pissed someone off. Called a nerd by someone with the name,
“Knowledge”, rofl. Oh noes. Alright, so it’s been it’s been a day and
time to see what sold, what didn’t, and what the total profit was. Grand total for Flasks of:
+ 30,231g in net sales – 26,365.56g in mats
—————————-=3,865.44g in net profit for the day ____________________________________ Grand total for Elixirs of:
+ 900g in net sales – 418.8g in mats
—————————-=481.2g in net profit for the day Add Flasks and Elixirs together and the grand
total is: + 31,131g in net sales
– 26,784.36g in mats —————————-
=4,346.64g in net profit for the day For the full break down of what sold, for
how much, and what it cost to make, check this guide on my website at 4,346.64g in profit isn’t bad but when you
see it took over 31k gold it’ll make you rethink if the risk is worth it or not. Elixirs are
good for players without a lot of gold to sink into Flasks. Just be careful as you saw
some didn’t net a profit at all and were a waste of time as well as some Flasks were
too. To make sure you don’t make these mistakes. Try getting mats for the same price or cheaper
than you can sell the item for and don’t count procs. That way you should always net a profit. Finally, Elixir spec so far in Cataclysm is
harder to have success with than it was in Wrath so tread lightly and be careful you
aren’t wasting your time and losing gold. If you have any questions at all, write them
in the comments on my website or below and I’ll go over them in a follow up FAQ video
for Alchemy elixir spec. That’s it for this Alchemy Gold Making Guide
– Elixir Spec and I hope you liked it. Please subscribe and visit
for FREE 1-525 leveling, gold making guides, and news! Thanks for watching^^! “Now Go Piss Off a Nerd for Being a Nerd or

100 Replies to “Cataclysm: Alchemy Gold Making Guide Elixir/Flask Spec by Tarou”

  1. Hey Tarou, I'm sure you already know but i was wondering if you are thinking about re making this guide once 4.0.6 hits as the mats for flasks will drop so the profit could potencially jump.
    Great job on all the guides!!

  2. @wylieboy1997 you'll be fine to level, but some things can take up to 3 days to be lifted properly. Just wait it out 🙂

  3. @hapyhatb – It will be redone in the future as an update but I try really to give gold making ideas which this will still work at that time and be better of course.

  4. @WookiePlaysWoW flask of majo is droped by heaps of trolls mainly in that tanaris dungeon (i forget the name) i normally get like 10 or 20 at least by going there

  5. Now I play the real WoW and not on private servers, I even enjoy watching these vids more!
    Retail WoW player since… ehm, almost 2 months. 😛

  6. Hold on, i know you dont cheat or hack or anything ( i hope )
    but did they raise gold cap per char? because your at like 600k at one point.

  7. Elixir mastery has probably been the least profitable on my server, flasks often ended up cheaper than materials and for some reason people decided not to make more profit then they could. Guess I wasn't being paranoid when I felt the procc rate was somewhat extremely low.

  8. @quickscopebeast77 – I could have done that but they wouldn't have been realistic with the insane inflation. My Mining and Herb guides start to release next week (^_-)v

  9. Any tips for enchanting? It's so expensive to level I'm currently broke from enchanting and it seems just like a bottomless pit for my gold. I'm currently at 492 enchanting and hating it because no one buys my enchants and I make the good ones too.

  10. Okay…Did any one else see that he has like 600k gold?Ii thought the cap was like 215k or so. Can anyone clear this up for me?

  11. Okay…Did any one else see that he has like 600k gold?I thought the cap was like 215k or so. Can anyone clear this up for me?

  12. @blabladude007 i think its auctionator, it adds 3 new tabs to the auction house ui and is usefull for buying and selling

  13. I dont realy know why ppl give bad comments for him he is a 100% genius he cold start selling alot of real gold on his own realm

  14. Can you make a guide for enchanting gold making,, with maelstroms being so expensive its hard to make money off of it as tips arent reliable :/

  15. @lang0800001066 Well if you buy 15 volatiles and give them to crafter your being bit stupid as truegold transmute requires only 10 volatiles and 3 pyrium bars.

  16. tarou how do you get so many volitile life do you buy in bulk off the trade, get them off the AH early morning or do you farm them yourself. they are going for around 10-17g each on my server witch is to expencive for me to make any money in alc would like some advise im on darth'remar horde faction

  17. does anyone know a addon that makes it that ur able to buy more than 1 item at a time instead of clicking it and buying out everytime

  18. @RyutaroAkaTarou I got a question, is it usefull for me to go spend a few hours farming herbs? Or is it better to buy the herbs?

  19. main thing people dont realise about these videos is a lot is based upon your server, do your research before choosing a spec, if the herbs and flasks are going for a cubic ton then thats what you should farm. if not, sell the herbs and transmute gems. There is always a way to make a profit, just got to find it.

  20. @iUnitedpk On my server it was like 15k overall for everything. I had to faction change just because my server is so bad on the ally side. I'm still not making money with enchanting horde side. Good thing I have mining :/

  21. @Ihatemelee Start small, only buy mats for 3 or 4 items and sell them, next time you'll be able to make 5 or 6, this will hopefully carry on and build up. Probably not a good idea to try this in the glyph or gem market because you can, and i've learnt from experience, start buying too many mats and then not be able to sell them because there aren't enough people interested, a good place to start is food + flasks. These are a steady seller because people need to replace their stocks regularly.

  22. I have Alchemy and Herbalism But i dont know why i cant get so much moeny like you.Any ideas for helping me out ? 🙂

  23. Im elixer speced but i didnt get any more than one flask when making them… How can you tell if the proc rate is high or low or what?

  24. Im elixer speced but i didnt get any more than one flask when making them… How can you tell if the proc rate is high or low or what?

  25. Dear Tarou, when you're refering to another guide on your website please INCLUDE A FUCKING LINK! Been looking for half an hour, no fucking joke… THIRTY MINUTES and no luck.

  26. Is there an add-on which calculates the total price of mats needed and the selling price of the product or do you always do the maths yourself?

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