CDC: Kelly’s Story, Let’s Stop HIV Together

CDC: Kelly’s Story, Let’s Stop HIV Together

[ Soft music plays ] I was diagnosed on October 25, 2010. I had noticed, you know, there was something off about my body. There was something weird going on, so I took my boyfriend at the time in to Planned Parenthood to get tested. And he came out 15 minutes later with his face white, and he was holding papers that had information about HIV on it. And we were in the waiting room, and there was a bunch of people. And he said that he tested positive for HIV. I-I knew. I took my diagnosis at that time. My first reaction was “I’m gonna get through this. “I’m not gonna let this define me. I’m gonna be okay.” I was just determined to make that happen. Yeah. And I have. And the positive attitude is definitely — it goes a long way because she could have just — there are people who don’t fight and give up and decide, “This is my fate, and I’m just gonna let it control me and let it be.” And she was like — I love that, that the story when she first got diagnosed, the first thing she said is, “This will not defeat me. This is not something that I’m gonna let control me.” I was so proud of myself. Yeah, and it’s — I don’t even know where it came from. It came like, “Mlah! I’m not gonna –” [ Both laugh ] I chose to support this campaign because I agree with the message. I want to decrease stigma and increase awareness. If I could say something to people who don’t know anything about HIV, I just — especially people our age, in our 20s and 30s, like, it’s really about time to really do our research, because if I didn’t know Kelly, I would still be ignorant to HIV. She was just, like, an average person, and I guess I just had stereotyped the idea of people who have HIV. And I felt — I felt very enlightened. To be a positive support, you need to understand that you will never know exactly what the other person is feeling, but you need to always be there for them. My best friend has HIV, but that does not define who she is.

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  1. The way to prevent HIV is abstinence and not to have multiple partners. Too bad she did not have as much will power with her infected boy friend.

  2. What about the doctors with HIV? Do the other doctors pay them to die? All these doctors are letting their loved ones with HIV die for money? If they're so greedy, why don't they betray each other? You'll make a lot more as the guy that cured HIV than you would treating a small subset of the patients. And what happened to all the good people that decided to be doctors? Also, people that rip off HIV patients with phony cures care about money, too.

  3. lies -_-
    not nice.
    tetrasilver tetroxide has shown promising clinical studies… in preventing bacteria from growing on fabric. it's not a secret conspiracy cure. sorry guys.

  4. I heard something on the news recently about a guy who had the HIV virus flushed out of his blood completely somehow, but it's probably still experimental.

  5. The way to prevent HIV is to use a condom when having sex. Thats the whole point of this campaign. People are going to have sex whether you think they should or not. You can prevent the spread of HIV through proper condom use and getting tested regularly.

  6. but the condom can still break..i think people should have some patience ask the person that they're dating to produce test results before engaging in sex.

  7. 1) Worldwide informing/education (so many people don't have the knowledge about the origin and effects of this still incurable disease). The same is true with many other venereal diseases.

    2) To abolish/check prostitution, sodomy, pedophilia, etc.

    3) To abolish promiscuity (including adultery).

    The human being's decency and dignity demand that there is no adultery etc.

  8. This is very inspiring I been thru this stage. My partner & I are still on the negative side since we did unprotected sex so many times but I caught 2 stds when he had sex with someone else. Now I finally recover, learned my lesson & got a 2nd chance in life. This experience was a huge wake up call im very blessed!!!

  9. Hey everyone, idk there is just something wrong with the message I think. Lets stop HIV together, yes plz. There just wasn't any thing in this that had anything to do with stoping HIV. What needs to be said is stop having premarital sex. STDs are trasmitted via sex, okay so stop actiing like animals and share your body fluids the only responsible way possible. Marriage Or no sex, everyone do this and HIV along with other STDs would disapear. NO cure needed, no costly research, just gone…

  10. Adorable Women. I am immune to the virus via a protein deficiency. Its terrible that people suffer so much but there is a cure. The simple blocking of the specific protein that the virus bonds with prevents its spread and growth. Simply introducing a specific protein blocker will in fact cure the virus because it dies after the inability to sustain its life and grow.

  11. I like the Hispanic girl but why is the white girl dating a guy who has possible also been with questionable people? Silly!

  12. The body God gave us was meant to experience sexual pleasure within the proper context of a marriage covenant between a Man & a Woman.

    I feel for Kelly, & I feel for a lot of other people who have had the same sad misfortune of being infected by a sexual disease.

    Protection is not always guaranteed, & there's no protection against the emotional trauma that having multiple sexual partners causes. No husband or wife likes to be compared to an old lover. Abstinence before marriage is the answer.

  13. So the problem with all those thousands who wasted away in hospital beds is that they "let it define them". Wow, sometimes solutions are just so simple!

  14. Yes, get tested. I had a close family member who out of nowhere go this virus for having unprotected sex with an easy woman. And he died from it. So get yourself checked regularly if you're unsure just to be safe.

  15. People have sex, its natural. You cant just tell people 'no'. It just does not work like that. Its important to realize this and move from there. If people engage in premarital sex they NEED to wear protection. Period. People need to be aware of this… And just because you're married doesn't mean you cant pass std's to your spouse, for example the hpv virus can lay dormant in a person system, and its impossible to test men for it. Always remember, in the most basest form humans are animals

  16. 30%(15 million) of South Africas population is infected with HIV. Luckily antiviral drugs are given out by gov in South Africa for free(that's if the aid money is not stolen or the drugs smashed up and smoked). Sponsored by Americans of course. I just wonder what chanced does a person in America have in getting these drugs seeing as its so expensive in the USA.

  17. condoms don't actually protect people from STD's or HIV's the virus is smaller then a sperm cell. So the best defense to not getting an STD or HIV is to never have sex or a much more realistic method is to always get tested on a regular basis and make sure the person you are with gets tested too. A simple blood test even given blood will determine if you have any type of STD or HIV as your blood will get rejected if the results come back positive in which they will notify you the reason why.

  18. saliva is something that is being tested for for curing HIV as saliva is made up of ALLL kinds of enzymes and counters to many MANY diseases HIV cannot be stopped but it can be prevented (although i still believe it's something the govt. came up with in the 70's to stop "kids" from having sex so much)

  19. No there is no cure for Hiv only treatment. Hiv is not longer a death sentence anymore. the sooner you get on treatment the better to prolong your life the ones that do pass most likely wait to get tested. till its to late also have complications. not die from HIV itself this includes stroke, heart attack, and that can happen to anyone. Once on meds do not go off.

  20. This is scary bc she looks like she wouldn’t have it, and honestly I’d hit that tbh but I for sure gotta always wear rubber

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