CDC: ‘Superbugs Out-Evolved Our Best Antibiotics’

CDC: ‘Superbugs Out-Evolved Our Best Antibiotics’

there’s a comprehensive report released
by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week about antibiotic resistance in the United
States and long story short it’s really bad news quote
anti-microbial resistance is one of our most serious health
threats that’s the first line in the report the
report highlights the growing pandemic of superbugs that have out evolved our
best antibiotics in fact antibiotic use in the meat and
poultry industry has skyrocketed over the past decade
nearly thirty million pounds were sold for livestock alone in the US in 2011 that’s almost
four times the amount used by humans so that means that 73 percent overall antibiotics sold in america go
specifically to meet production and then the question arises what
happens when you over use antibiotics like that well the
result is that the bugs eve of its basic survival
of the fittest so the antibiotics will kill off the
weaker boggs and the superior ones are the only ones left so they may and their offspring are just
disappear your is a they are which means the antibiotics
don’t kill that superior breed a minute evolution
happening right from our office and eventually your antibiotics just
simply don’t work anymore in fact the CDC’s conservative estimates
say more than two million people get sick due to resistant bacteria every
year and more than 23,000 people die 23,000 people die every year because
I’ve are drug-resistant up bacteria cuz it
evolved and I love how they’re still like half a
country like album evolution I are you talking about
I copied right in front of view are also how do we fix the problem this
is the crux of the issue to think number
one quote antibiotic should be used in
food-producing animals only under veterinary oversight so
specialist oversight and only to manage entry infectious
diseases not to promote growth so they’re hinting
at the fact that some the antibiotic usage is to promote growth for the at
all so they can someone meet and make more money G to profit motive again gets in the way
of common sense far and just having somebody use it
expert there but having veterinary oversight again
that seems like common sense if you play a basketball
game anytime a referee there to say hey that’s a fail hey that’s
about stop it well few are creating me and you have the potential spread man’s
disease by how you’re creating it well maybe you should have a special is
there who says you can use the antibiotics in that way to make the
problem worse and the second thing is the FDA has laid out recommend recommended
guidelines as the keyword recommended guidelines on proper use of antibiotics to which I
say: yeah make those law I love how they
think recommended as if some massive multinational
corporation is going to give a fuck about recommended guidelines I get you
know I know the way you’re doing that is is saving us up about three million
dollars and making us an extra $10 million but you should probably follow the
recommended FDA guidelines %uh because even though it’ll cost us
money might be better in the long run yeah it’s a conversation is happening
right now to make me corporation sure oh and yet again this is another
example passing these laws to fix the problem should be incredibly easy if our politicians warrant bought by the
Meat Company is this is the same thing I work the
lobby sodomy companies give money to the politicians Republicans and Democrats and then those guys never crack down into actual
stiff regulation and mandatory regulation they do a goofy
it i mean is that the FDA so it’s ever been a you goofy all recommended
guidelines know yet the fucking tell them what to do self regulation doesn’t
work you learn nothing from the Great
Recession 2008 n/a a stock market crash in 1929 it’s the same lesson markets can
self-regulate you’re saying self-regulate and the reason why they’re saying
self-regulate again it has nothing to do with what they actually believe in
principle as to do with the fact that they are
paid to say that they are paid to look the other way let
these companies do whatever they want

25 Replies to “CDC: ‘Superbugs Out-Evolved Our Best Antibiotics’”

  1. This will become a huge issue in the future. Too many people are unenlightened for this to be stopped while it's too late.

  2. I don't want Ray Comfort or Kirk Cameron to die, but if they happen to both kick off from a mutated super bug wouldn't that be poetic justice?

  3. Bacteria do reproduce sexually they leave plasmids and other rna for other bacteria to ingest and instead of ingesting them they just pick up those genes and recombine it with their own.

    Then u got people shutting down small poultry farms cause they r to dirty, and we got this. Well I'll have to say this, one governmental institution that is of actual use.

  4. God created these "superbugs" to test our faith! It's in the Bible. I am looking right now to find the passage that I can interpret to prove this! Checkmate Atheist/Agnostics!

  5. Those superbugs didn't "out-evolve" our best antibiotics, that's liberal propaganda. These superbugs were intelligently designed by the God of the Bible to punish mankind for our sin!

  6. I know ranchers who aren't big corporations who give new born calves antibiotics using the"just in case" mentality. A dose of antibiotics is a lot cheaper than the income they loose if the calf otherwise survives to go to market. Even if the ranchers start dying from ilness that the previously not resistant antibiotics could have cred they aren't going to change They also have the better mediation will become available mentality as well.

  7. To be fair to the rancher part of the problem is those people who take antibiotics until they feel better & save the rest to self medicate when they get sick again.

  8. Β  How is restricting use going to stop the current generation of resistant bacteria, half of all S. aureus infections in the US are resistant to penicillin, methicillin, tetracycline and erythromycin. In the past when resistant strains became a problem pharmaceutical manufacturers came up with the fix, in the US all pharmaceutical manufacturers have left the field of antibiotics, restricted use means a billion dollar investment becomes a loss. The community agitator has to decide, is it going to be 500 billion to phony electric car and solar cos. run by campaign bundlers or subsidizing those greedy white drug guys that will benefit all mankind,…. bacteria mutate faster than community agitators, he'll stick with solyndra.

  9. Superbugs outperformed the best antibiotics but not and never has with colloidal silver, no I'm not blue I use sovereign silver you won't turn blue. I've cured ear infections, eye infections, phnemonia sinus infections in friends and loved ones, family members etc. You can cure malaria,hpv, proven too as well without a shadow of a doubt. Many of you probably never heard of this substance because big pharma can't patent it so that means they can't suggest using it or use it on you period. When you talk about money it's a big hurt on there wallet.

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