Chemicals gone WRONG! |Contact explosives| छोटा Molecule बड़ा धमाका

Chemicals gone WRONG! |Contact explosives| छोटा Molecule बड़ा धमाका

-Hello Everyone, My name is Sachin
– And am Sahib This is our First Video on youtube. You may have already seen a little blast in the thumbnail Like that, we have some molecules in chemistry which are so unstable that they explode on contact. Out of those, We ll prepare a molecule today having the name NITROGEN TRIIODIDE So, Without any delay, Let’s Start For the Experiment, We’ ll require First, we’ll Convert the Iodine Crystals in powdered form and then put it to Ammonia Solution As you saw that by just touching the chemical, there is a colorful blast So, How and Why does it happen Nitrogen Triiodide, which looks something like this a small Nitrogen atom is surrounded by three large Iodine atoms The Moment we disturb its powdered form two molecules collide and release two gases Out of which, one is nitrogen and the other gas for which you are seeing the color is IODINE If you liked the video, Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE our Channel Thank you, Namaste, Adaab and Sat Sri Akal.

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  1. Tq bro for information.other channels only shows the experiments not the reason behind that experiment but you guys are amezing keep it up

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