42 Replies to “Children At Risk: Kids And Sedation At The Dentist’s Office | NBC News”

  1. Why are these dentists even doing procedures on baby teeth at all? Even if the adult teeth come through crooked then most can be corrected later at the orthodontists without major surgery. Yet again, it seems to be another money-spinner by the healthcare insurers & providers putting profits before people. So sad for the families involved.

  2. i don't understand why a toddler would need such drastic medication for a dental procedure… i have never needed sedation once for the dentists even as a kid a local anasthetic was fine

  3. The interview seems disingenuous like the news lady was smiling and the mother not being truly upset or choking up. Very Strange. Maybe because the mother lot of money from suing.
    pretty sick

  4. It's an insurance SCAM people. Kids will lose their teeth anyway, the more teeth they "work" on, the more they get paid from the insurance companies

  5. This is insane bulls-t. Dentists have been anesthetizing and treating children forever – why? Because children often cannot tolerate dental care otherwise! (See: https://youtu.be/OxtX9bROWyk) Money? Please. Ridiculous. Many adults cannot tolerate invasive dental procedures and these people think that children can handle it better? Surgery and anesthesia have inherent risks. Don't want the surgery, fine, don't have it done, but don't blame the practice of sedating patients as a whole.

  6. I’m so glad I found this video before I decided to have my 4 year old worked on. God is always showing me the truth! People do your research before following what the dentist/doctor say. Is all a money making scam. Poor kids 🙁

  7. yep see this is why i do not alow any kind of doctor including dentist to put my kids to sleep unless it absalutly has to be done other than that i dont allow them to do it

  8. My 14 month old has a lot of tartar build up from breastfeeding. He has not been to the dentist as of yet. Simply because I am petrified that they will have to sedate him for teeth cleaning. He gets extremely rowdy and cries when I brush his teeth, so I can only imagine how he will behave at the dentist. 😓

  9. I would find this video after my daughters appointment 😔
    To all the parents wondering about how these appointments go, my 2 year old just had hers about a week ago. It actually went good but tbh I would NEVER do that again. I cried as soon as they took her away & gave her back to me. My poor child ended up having 6 cavities & had to have 1 teeth pulled out because it was too decayed. The whole procedure itself was about $1,200 (sedation, white fillers/crowns etc)
    I did a lot of research, read reviews, asked PLENTY of questions.
    In the room is the dentist, dentist assistant, RN, & anesthesiologist. They all had years of experience and had NO deaths under their belts.
    Still with all that, it took my half a year to go through with her appointment. Unfortunately my daughter started to have a lot of teeth pain, where it would interfere with her eating, mood etc. All they would recommend is to give her Tylenol (which honestly didn’t do much). My poor baby was in pain. So I set up the appointment.
    I thank GOD it all went well & smooth but it’s the scariest thing & I would honestly never do that again.
    Parents: do your research. Ask ALL the questions you want. Go in & speak with all the staff in person. Ask for their names & licenses. At the end of the day its YOUR child that is at stake.
    God bless ❤️

  10. Parents do not put your kids in danger!do not agree with the surgery and with general anesthesia,its just a teeth,my advice is take your daughter to dentist,talk to the dentist on 1st day to just play with the teeth maybe clean it then go home,that way your kid will trust the dentist is they are terrified,or scared,then next session,do 1 tooth then so on..this is what i did to my daughter and it works well..the life of your kids are in your hands..dont give it to them.ryan maniquez is the name..proud filipino!

  11. I was going to have this one but not now! Surgery is not the dentist danger. My children were abused and tortured by a dental office. Went there since they were babies. Thought they was just scared until i found out they was strapping my kids down and had 4 150 plus adults on top of a 40 pound 5 year old! They also was pinching her nose making her open her mouth! My daughter came out with bruises. She is now 7 and has several cavities but she is SO scared she wont go back to the dentist

  12. My 2.9 months old have 2 cavities on molar teeth they plan on using versed and vistaril to sedate him is this a safer way? I mean I've thought of letting it go due to its temporary teeth but there's also risk of letting it go, any suggestions please?

  13. They do make tons of money they want to do it to my 2 year old and after insurance my cost for anesthesia alon is $1600 before insurance it was close to $3500. I wont have it.

  14. Both my kids were diagnosed with cavities- 6 yo has 2, 8 yo has 5. Dentist said they cannot work on them unless put under. I refuse. I’m taking them elsewhere . Give them a local if necessary. It’s insane to sedate a child for dental work. Think about it: my kids are smart & old enough to talk to and explain if a doctor TAKES THE TIME to do this, and not treat their patients as if they’re on a factory belt: knock en out, scrape, drill, spackle, here ya go mom they’ll wake up soon they might vomit just an fyi, Gotta keep the patients moving through. If this second place pushes for sedation I will refuse. Their dad is trying to talk me into it – paranoid mom, over worry, etc. whatever – they’re mine and we BOTH need to agree what is the best for their healthcare.

  15. This is why I am adamant about brushing my kids teeth at a young age 2 times a day. My kids would be extremely tired from a long day and I still wake them up to brush their teeth.

  16. I am from the Philippines and i am having thoughts of doing this to my son..he suffers dental pain a lot and he is autistic…now i am afraid to do sedation for him…

  17. My brother was four and needed work on five of his teeth. The dentist wasn’t paying attention and he vomited and began choking after they gave him twilight sedation. My mother caught it and grabbed him and all the dentist said was “my new carpet”. She found a new dentist.

  18. My 3 year old has a appointment tomorrow I’m scared now!!! I’m not taking him no more rather brush his teeth at home… there going to fall out anyway!!

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