Cholesterol & Thyroid Treatment in Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

Cholesterol & Thyroid Treatment in Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

Hello sir, I welcome you in Planet Ayurveda Centre. Hello First of all, i want to know your name? My name is Amandeep Singh And from where did you come? I came from village Nawa nagar, Distt. Panchkula. Thanks sir. Kindly tell me what was your health issue so that you contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I had the problem of cholesterol and thyroid. Sir, what was the issue? Did you have the increased thyroid levels? I had the increased levels of thyroid so I was taking allopathic medicines. Though even after taking the allopathic medicines my problem was not resolved. But now my thyroid levels are in the controlled condition. You mean to say that you didn’t get long lasting relief from allopathic medicines. Yes Sir, please show your old medical reports when your thyroid levels were imbalanced and had impaired lipid profile too. Okay, your total cholesterol level was 482.80 mg, which should be in between 125.00 mg to 200.00 mg Serum Triglycerides was 1252.10 mg, which should be in between 130.00 mg to 150.00 mg and Total serum Lipids was 1808.90 mg, which should be in the range of 400.00 mg to 700.00 mg Thanks sir. Please Show your thyroid report too. T3 is 0.10 ng/ml, T4 is 0.30ug/dl and TSH is>150.0 Uu/ml. Sir, please let us know, from where you got your treatment before this? First of all, i was taking the homeopathy medicines from Sector- 16, Chandigarh. After that for long duration I have been on allopathic medicines. I took the allopathic treatment from Dr. Suman and Dr. Malik in Panchkula. Okay, but you didn’t get permanent relief from anywhere? Yes, I didn’t get permanent relief from anywhere. Sir, how long you were suffering from this problem? It had been 7-8 years with my problem. When did you meet Dr. Chauhan? It has been three months only. What kind of medicines, Dr Chauhan prescribed you? In beginning, he told me to take the allopathic medicines along with his prescribed medicines. But now my cholesterol level is controlled. Sir, please show the prescription and let us know what kind of medicines were prescribed. There are medicines like Tab. Swarn Basant Malti Ras, Total Heart Support, Kachnaar Guggul, Kaishore Guggul, Arogyavardhini Vati, Tab. Carditone and Arjun Tea. Sir, well. This is your old prescription. When did you visit 1st time? I think in 5th or 6th month of this year. Sir, do you have still older prescription? Yes.. Arogyavardhini Vati, Sanjeevani Vati, Punarnava mandur, Kachnaar guggul, Syp. Kalmeghasava, Syp. Maharasnadi kwath and Cap. Tribulus power. This is your prescription of 5th month. Yes So during this treatment what is your success rate you have achieved and how much your health has been improved. My treatment is still going on. But from last one month and few days my triglycerides are in the controlled condition. Sir currently have you again gone for any test or reports. Please show them. Well, Total Cholesterol has come down to 128.60 mg, Serum Triglycerides reduced to 187.50 mg and Total Serum Lipids reduced to 380.10 mg. Which is really a miracle. Sir, show your thyroid reports too. Yes Your thyroid is also in very good controlled condition. That means you had very good experience with our ayurvedic treatment which is really great. Yes, that’s true. Sir, what was the contribution of Arjun tea to control your cholesterol levels? Very much contribution. Last time when I came here, Arjun tea was suggested two times in a day. But this time Dr. Chauhan suggested me, Arjun tea once in a day. Okay before this you took Arjun tea twice in day. Have you taken the normal tea along with Arjun tea or was it restricted? No, I don’t take the normal tea from starting. Thank you so much sir. One more thing I want to know that besides this did Dr. Vikram Chauhan guide you to make some dietary changes? Milk products were advised to restrict. Ok milk and milk products were told to avoid. Okay milk and milk products were told to avoid. Thank you so much sir that you came to our Planet Ayurveda center and shared this important information with our viewers. Thanks a lot. Welcome.

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  1. can you tell about hypothyroid and weight loss how to treat hypothyroid ayurvedic way and weight loss please thank you

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