Chronic Pancreatitis

>>Chronic pancreatitis. Chronic pancreatitis is caused
by long-term inflammation of the pancreas… which eventually leads to
the irreversible destruction of pancreatic tissue. Chronic pancreatitis
develops slowly over time and is predominantly triggered
by lifestyle factors in predisposed
patients, such as long-standing, heavy
alcohol or tobacco use, although this is
not always the case. Other less common causes are
medications that puts stress on the pancreas, elevated triglycerides,
some autoimmune conditions, and some inherited or
genetic conditions, notably cystic fibrosis and
hereditary pancreatitis. In some people, the cause
of chronic pancreatitis is never discovered
and remains a mystery. The pancreas is a
digestive system organ that has two
important functions. It produces hormones that
regulate blood sugar as well as enzymes to break down
food in the digestive tract. When the pancreas
doesn’t work properly, it affects the body’s ability
to properly digest food. This means that some people
with chronic pancreatitis are unable to get the
nutrients they need from the food
they eat. They can have trouble
digesting food properly or maintaining their blood sugar
in a healthy range. This can lead to
nutrition-related disease, such as weak bones
and vision loss. Some people may also
have difficulty gaining or maintaining their weight,
and persistent pain. The hallmark symptom of
chronic pancreatitis is abdominal pain. The pain may be
intermittent or chronic, and is frequently
very severe with stabbing pains localized in
the upper part of the abdomen between the belly button
and the chest. The pain may radiate
to the back and may be triggered
by eating, especially
high-fat foods. As the disease progresses, the
pain may become more severe and debilitating, and often it
becomes constant. In some cases, surgery
or endoscopic treatment may be required. Oily, foul-smelling
bowel movements and weight loss may be seen
in the advanced stages of the disease and usually signals exocrine
pancreatic insufficiency. As well, depending on
the severity and extent of the damage
to the pancreas, some people
develop diabetes. A combination
of tests are used to diagnose
chronic pancreatitis. In some people,
diagnosis is challenging due to the course
of the disease. However, in others, it is
relatively straightforward. A CT scan of the abdomen is
the most commonly used test. An MRI or endoscopic
ultrasound may also be used to confirm
the diagnosis. In some
difficult-to-diagnose cases, pancreatic stimulation
testing can be useful. This test artificially
stimulates the pancreas using secretin. This test is expensive
and invasive, so it is not
frequently performed. Blood tests are not
useful for diagnosing chronic pancreatitis. Although there is no cure
for chronic pancreatitis, early diagnosis
and treatment can help slow the progression
of the disease. Treatment involves
avoiding triggers, such as heavy alcohol use,
smoking, and high-fat foods. Other treatment interventions
involve pain management, medication such as pancreas
enzyme replacement therapy– PERT– and supporting a healthy
diet with multivitamin and mineral

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  1. Hi, I got my first extremely painful episode of pancreatitis back in 2004. I have dealt with the disease since then, but fortunately I was able to make a significant breakthrough in 2010 that most pancreatitis patients can try for themselves. My breakthrough has nothing to do with surgeries, special vitamins, or medicine like #Creon. No, my breakthrough actually came from logging every single episode myself, and learning more about how pancreatitis generates in me. I have written dozens of how-to guides on my old blog which I linked below. Thousands of pancreatitis patients have tried my methods, many have made the same discoveries I did. Many have realized that patients know more about the disease than most gastroenterolgists. Check out my blog post and do yourself the biggest favor of your life, and actually read the posts I made on there. I cannot guarantee that you'll have the same exact positive experiences I started having, but I can guarantee that the information will make PERFECT SENSE to you. I tried to make my website popular, but realized that it's hard to battle big companies with massive wallets, they practically took me off the map, even though thousands of people have benefited. Check it out and remember you can always reach me through YouTube, Facebook, or email. I have a YouTube Channel called Proven Helper, but don't look for #pancreatitis content there, I only have it on my blog the Pancreatitis Forum.

  2. i have been feeling a mild dull pain in my pancreas for the past 2 days. it seems to come and go. i think my pancreas is slightly swollen.

    i drink a lot of alcohol, so do you think that if I stop drinking it will go away? Or should I see a doctor? i have no insurance, so…

  3. Metrinizadol caused mine 3 years ago. My doctor has sent me for blood tests for diagnosis. I thought elevated lipase, protase and anzyme provided evidence of the problem?

  4. Could lots of meat do it (I ate lots of beef jerky and chicken cord on bleu as a child, I mean lots like all meals)

  5. Really need to start adding congenital conditions such as Pancreatic Divisum to education regarding the pancreas as I know its not-I have a RN background and have PD so severely I had to have mine removed almost died. I have known of a handful of people who have passed from PD being missed because doctors and x-ray techs missed it.

  6. Lord Jesus I pray that you ease pain that my friend is experiencing . Bring healing to all his body in Jesus name I pray.

  7. I kept telling the doctors of this inglamed under right rib from the mid right front. I geel something swelling. I am in pain.. anyone with the native background even one fourth will have problems with the pancreas. You have to keep a strict diet know what to eat and not to eat to keep a good eye on your own pancreas more like a good knowledge of your pancreas. Cuz you'll have trait through your pancreas will get older faster than normal people. I stayed on a diet to stay off of heavyweight but sometimes you get off of that diet you may not gain a lot but it matters stay on your strict diet eats what's good for you

  8. My mom suffering from chronic pancreatitis since 3 years and diabetes also very high…. So what should I do for her…??? Any one pls reply for me…..

  9. Has anyone had major sweating along with a attack I am almost certain I had a attack last night I almost called a ambulance for myself, call me 303-598-3969

  10. My brother had an acute attack last night, along with kidney failure. So now he's on opiates for pain and needs dialysis. He said he won't stop drinking and smoking. He's 38 with two little girls. All we can do now is pray for his soul.

  11. Found you by accident but subbed straight away. I got chronic pancreatitis since 2010, its Fukin,' shit. Got another surgery in a month this one will be the third time that they will cut me open right across my upper abdomen, then drain the cyst on my pancreas, cut away the dead pancreas tissue which has gone necrotic due to the a!most complete blockage of my pancreatic and bile ducts which are having stents put in to held them open then they are going to attach some small intestine to the cyst somehow so when it leaks it drains into my bowel instead of my stomach and I should be less nauseous .also 3 keyhole surgery's on my panc and loads of tubes shoved into various holes. I used to be 16 stone before I got I'll I'm now 11 stone 2 pounds can't work, can't sleep eat or even have a normal shit in the fkn morning.. To steal someone else's words, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Just realised that this is my wife's tablet I'm not her I'm her husband on her account by mistakes I'm word play, check out the great playlists iv got on my channel so basicly life's a bit shit right now but if your at rock bottom the only way to go is up from there. Peace and love be to all of you all.

  12. Damn, I hope you don't have this chronic pancreatitis love, maybe it's just IBS lol Either way try to minimize the drinking crazy ass!!! And cut back on the ? I worry about you believe it or not I do.

  13. irreversible.. HAHAHAHA Starts off like real moronic MD talk!
    Just fast without water and food 16 hours 75 days (yes in a row! and sleep is not inc the 16 hours) and when you eat make sure its proper food pref soups – NO BS, you know all the things that are bad for you alcohol cigg etc.
    pH is very important meaning only water with and after food and free of industrial made foods also veggies that are wild grown.
    Coffee and te if you must – before you eat and WATER (with a pinch of bicarbonate) THIS TYPE OF WATER ONLY HOUR AFTER MEALS!
    Then see the magic and CURE!

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